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Welcome to Readies, the go-to website for impartial advice on choosing a lender. We are a credit broker, not a lender. Whether you’re looking for a loan for a Ferrari or a payday loan to tide you over, we’ve got you covered. Our site aims to be both comprehensive and unbiased, giving you the honest truth – warts and all – on most lenders in the UK, so you can pick the star from the sharks.

Lenders you use, reviewed by you

Many ‘review’ websites are written by website owners who simply decide if they like a lender or not based on their website. We believe that the only honest form of lender review comes from genuine borrowers like you, hence our site is based around the contributions you and others like you make. Almost every lender has good and bad reviews, but we’ve tabulated scores based on average experiences to make it easy to select.

We still recommend you dive into the nitty-gritty of the actual reviews though to ensure that the lender is right for you, after all everyone has different circumstances. While you’re under no obligation to leave a review of lenders you’ve used, but we’d be incredibly grateful if you do. Our site really does rely on them, and your contribution will help ensure others avoid the bad eggs.

How to use Readies

Getting the right information to make an informed borrowing decision is easy with Readies. We’ve categorised our reviews based on loan types, for example no credit check payday loans are one of the most popular loan types people search for. So simply select what type of loan you need from the boxes at the top of our site. You’ll then be presented with a table of lenders and a filtering system that allows you to exclude lenders who won’t lend the amount you want over your preferred time period.

Click ‘Read Reviews’ to get more in-depth information about the lender’s product and what others like you think of their offering, or simply visit the websites of all those that match your criteria. Only when you’re satisfied you’ve made the right choice – after reading our users impartial reviews and ensuring the product is suitable for your circumstances – should you take out the product. We’ll hope you’ll stop back to leave a review afterwards, but this step is entirely optional.

We’ve got you covered

Many other comparison sites are selective in what type of financial products they compare. Many stick to the most popular or ‘respectable’ financial products to avoid the work involved in reviewing niche services. Others simply compare up front costs without looking behind the headline figures to how lenders really behave after you’ve signed a contract with them. Some even exclude lenders who refuse to offer them a commission for referrals, meaning that many of their users won’t find the lender that’s right for them.

We’re different. No one comes close to the comprehensiveness and impartiality of Readies – we cover a large selection of reputable lenders, offer unbiased and uncensored customer reviews, and allow you to compare the full smorgasbord of financial products. If you want to avoid the sharks, save money and borrow successfully, you won’t go far wrong with Readies.