Adopt These Frugal Habits for Consistent Savings

There’s no limit to money-saving possibilities, but it’s up to you to make the most of deals and freebies. You may need a push getting started, but once you’ve committed to frugal living, cutting costs becomes second nature. From family fun to everyday purchases, small steps can lead to big savings. Use these cost-conscious suggestions to reduce spending and restore your financial health.

Enjoy Free Fun

The price of admission doesn’t always guarantee a good time for your family. On the contrary, some attractions and events are a major disappointment – with a pricey toll to pay, just to find out they’re not what you’d hoped for.

Rather than risking your summer entertainment budget on unknowns, it makes sense to mix in free fun, which helps balance your overall spending. One blogger recently shared these and other recommendations for free summer fun.

Talk a Walk – The benefits of exercise are well-known, so why not combine family fun with healthy activities? Even city-dwellers have access to green space, so you needn’t travel far from home to explore nature. Be as ambitious as you dare, leading your family on summer walks, but pack drinks and snacks to keep kids happy during the trek.

Learn Something at a Free Museum – Summer holiday provides a break from school, but that doesn’t mean learning’s off limits. Free museums furnish hours of entertainment, exposing your family to interesting, informative sights and sounds. Whatever your interests are, museums such as London’s Science Museum and Natural History Museum will keep your family entertained. The capital has several noted free museums, but you’ll also find complimentary admission at many regional museums, which may be closer to your home.

Spend Time in the Kitchen – If you’re looking for in-home entertainment, that’s productive and cheap; bake a cake with your kids, or work out another style of cooking lesson that’s age-appropriate. Young children are easily distracted, so the little ones might not have a long attention span in the kitchen. Even so, stirring, kneading, mixing, and other hands-on baking tasks will keep kids of all ages occupied for a time.

Attend Community Events – Locals band together, offering free family entertainment during summer holiday. Churches, libraries, and children’s centres commonly sponsor these events; a quick online search shows all the free recreation available near you.

Switch to Packed Lunches

Summer holiday eventually comes to an end each year, but savings doesn’t need to stop with the start of a new school year. In fact, the change of seasons may present additional saving opportunities. If your family relies on daily meals out and paid lunches at school, you can reduce food spending by packing your own lunch. Savings aren’t reserved for just the kids – mum and dad can save on workday lunches, too. A few pounds may not seem like big savings, but when you consider the total saved each day and multiply it by the number of members in your family, you can cut a substantial amount of spending during the year.

Mind Energy Use

Household spending includes the cost of energy for lighting, heating, and cooling your home, but energy use doesn’t stop there. Powering electronic devices also costs money, as well as heating water for your showers.

When targeting energy savings, it’s important to consider all of the sources of energy spending within your home. You should also factor-in the cost of petrol burned getting about. In all, it’s a massive expense, taking a big bite out of your monthly budget. But because it’s such a prominent piece of personal spending, energy expenses also furnish opportunities for you to save money, by changing your usage habits and reducing your bills.

Unchecked spending can quickly rise to a level you may not be able to manage, sending your finances into a negative cash flow cycle. Committing to these and other frugal measure can help you restrain spending and avoid a financial backslide.

Paul graduated in 2001 with a degree in Finance. Since then he has gone on to work for several of the UK's most well-known financial institutions.

An avid blogger and a huge football fan, Paul is here to guide you through the ins and outs of personal finance and perhaps save you some money in the process!

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