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From Packaging to Laundry – Reduce Waste and Save Money

The consumer supply chain is laden with substantial packaging waste. Boxes, bottles, cartons, and plastic wraps are obvious examples, but there are many other sources of waste hidden within our daily habits. Food waste, for example, not only has an impact on the environment, but also places a strain on family budgets. Showers, wash cycles, and inefficient transportation also contribute to the problem. In practice, the pervasive effects of household waste cannot be separated from personal spending, so sustainability solutions go hand in hand with money-saving moves. Whether you are motivated by compassion for Mother Earth or simply seek ways to cut spending, turning your attention to reducing waste produces… read more >>

Consumer Credit Creeps Higher as UK Households Carry-on Trend

Understanding the motivation behind financial decisions isn’t always possible, but a close look at trends often shines a light on general economic conditions. UK borrowers continue leaning on unsecured credit, prompting alarm among some analysts. Is stagnant wage growth to blame? Or are Britons simply racking-up charges with abandon? Inflationary pressure has recently pushed the cost of living higher, reflected in the price of consumer goods and services. So it is reasonable to assume people are making changes to their spending habits – just to keep pace with rising costs. However, there is also evidence households are tightening their belts as a result of stubborn inflation. The Bank of England… read more >>

Save Your Way to a Festive and Affordable Holiday Season

Fall brings with it back to school spending concerns and a weather wake-up call, but it also marks the prelude to holiday spending. With Christmas on the horizon (less than two months away), now is the time to set the stage for affordable holidays – or risk running-up charges you’ll regret in 2018. The good news? There’s no reason to skimp on holiday festivities, as long as you stretch your budget and sidestep unnecessary spending. Sure, you may have to alter your plans to stay within your means, but you won’t lose out on festive fun, with the help of these money saving tips for a joyous holiday season. Use… read more >>

Tracking Personal and National Economic Health Using 4 Key Indicators

Individual financial outcomes are closely tied to the health of the national economy, on the whole. Looking at broad trends and indicators helps explain how your financial situation ended up where it is and where your money concerns might be headed in the future. Of course each person’s circumstances are unique, so your own position might not exactly reflect general news from the overall economy. But the information is helpful, nonetheless, furnishing insight you can use to guide financial decision-making and bolster personal financial stability. A few key economic indicators focus on growth, highlighting past and present trends within the entire economy and by extension individual UK households. G20 Growth… read more >>

Personal Finance Trends From Which You Might Benefit

Managing money – and coming out on top – is a complex process, coloured by financial savvy, economic influences, personal goals, and a host of other factors. In order to get the job done, household money managers draw on all the tools at their disposal, increasing their chances of succeeding and reaching their financial goals. Knowledge and information are two key components of effective personal financial management, enabling families to make prudent steps toward their monetary priorities. Studying money management trends and adopting the most effective strategies can help circumvent missteps and accelerate your progress toward financial stability and security. Recent leanings highlight a few noteworthy approaches, which you can… read more >>