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How Many Credit Cards Do You Really Need?

Personal credit opportunities are widespread, tempting UK credit card customers to utilise a wide array of alternatives. As a result, it’s not uncommon for individuals to maintain several open credit card accounts. Convenience, ready access to financing, and other advantages fuel the brisk credit card business, but are UK consumers juggling too many credit cards, per person? Discretionary credit use has been under scrutiny in the UK in recent years, as card holders lean heavily on revolving finance opportunities. But the metrics used evaluating individual debt and the overall scope of national personal debt typically focus on figures representing what’s owed and whether or not UK card users are in… read more >>

Approachable Ways to Make Some Extra Money

Financial balance is an elusive pursuit. If yours is like many UK households, much of your income is spoken for, covering monthly outgoings. And when there is money left over at the end of the month, paying down debt and addressing one-off spending demands is enough to make it vanish. Though budgeting and spending discipline are effective measures, creating a better financial outlook at home, cost-cutting isn’t always enough to balance your household cash flow. When your spend is under control, yet there still isn’t quite enough cash available to pay bills today and plan for tomorrow; generating some extra income may be the best way to get on track…. read more >>

New Tax Year Expected to Bring Higher Prices in Key Spending Areas

A new tax year typically brings a number of changes, so the transition provides a good time to evaluate your finances and get a grip on your upcoming budget. This year, like many others, you can expect price hikes in key areas, as the cost of living rises for British families. While settling their taxes and looking ahead toward the new year, sellers and service providers commonly raise prices, according to the annual rate of inflation. You can’t always side-step higher costs, but a proactive approach at tax time can help you prepare for new household expenses and make necessary spending adjustments. Some recent analysis suggests price hikes could strike… read more >>

DIY Projects to Improve Your House This Spring

Getting on the property ladder is a significant milestone, especially with today’s pricey house market making it harder to climb aboard. Once you own a house, if you’re fortunate enough to put by a deposit and close on an affordable property, you want to protect your investment. House improvement projects not only protect your stake, but making renovations and updates can also add value to your property. DIY efforts, in particular, can transform interior spaces without substantial spending, and also increase kerb appeal at your home address. With much to gain, spring welcomes house owners eager to conduct repairs and update their properties. Among the many projects slated for the… read more >>

Are You Ready to Rent Out Your Property for Extra Income?

Ambitious UK earners are always looking for ways to add to their household incomes. Whether it’s a part-time side hustle or starting a full-scale business, supplemental earning opportunities can make the difference between a smooth financial flow and a rocky road, struggling to make ends meet. Among the many creative ways to boost earnings, renting out a spare room or an entire property can be a worthwhile source of extra income. If you have a spare room to rent on a short-term basis or you’re looking to let your whole property, there are a few things to think about, before setting out as a host or landlord. Certain restrictions and… read more >>