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Earn Side Money Without Up-front Investment

The rise of the gig economy has changed employment trends for many UK families. Gigs are sometimes one-off jobs people complete to earn extra money, but the term also refers to earning opportunities with longer lasting power, such as term employment or project work. Some UK workers string together a series of gigs, until they constitute full-time work. Other Britons maintain regular career employment and then supplement their earnings with side jobs, adding to their regular salaries with extra earnings. However you approach it, one-off gigs and other side money opportunities may be just what you need to reinforce your financial flow. Depending upon your skill set and availability, your… read more >>

Put These Books to Work Improving Your Finances

With a full stable of personal finance concerns to manage, most Britons welcome help, working out financial issues. From online resources to professional consultation, various forms of financial guidance take the guess work out of money concerns, pointing UK families toward workable solutions for their common cash concerns. In addition to digital material and in-person assistance, money management books serve as valuable sources of finance information. If you’re playing from behind, catching-up after credit missteps, bad credit loans from UK lenders can help you span cash flow shortfalls. If you expect to maintain future financial flexibility, opening doors to diverse credit resources, it pays to build a healthy financial base,… read more >>

Money Predictions That Could Impact Your Finances This Year

The dawn of a new calendar year provides an opportunity to evaluate economic trends, personal financial responsibilities, and other money matters that may impact your household in coming months. It isn’t always easy to precisely predict potential outcomes, but contemplating expert opinions and taking stock of financial conditions at home can help you set out in the right direction, early in the year. A recent Independent article shared expert opinions, outlining a series of financial prospects that could become realities in 2019. The team weighed-in on big events and key issues that could directly affect financial lives in the months ahead, in both subtle and sweeping ways. Their insight includes… read more >>

Consumer Credit Growth Drags to Its Slowest Pace in Years

UK consumer credit trends interest economic analysts, because they provide clues about the future of the larger economy, as well as credit markets themselves. More importantly, however, and closer to home, the way British consumers use credit is a direct indicator of what’s going on with individual household finances. Consumer borrowing across Great Britain has been on a roll for dozens of months. Though slowing recently, growth has continued, amidst mixed messages from other areas of the economy. Despite the sustained trend, new information from the Bank of England suggests a noted slowdown in December, putting the brakes on a long period of booming consumer credit growth. According to the… read more >>

Have You Lost Control of Your Food Spend?

Keeping family food costs at a reasonable level can be a challenge, particularly for mums and dads on the go, without proper time for budgeting. Supermarket shops, meals out, and even treats at the cafĂ© are all part of your total tally, so it’s relatively easy to lose track of what you devote to food costs each month. Unfortunately, carrying on without a grip on spending can push your food totals beyond what you can actually afford. In fact, turning a blind eye to food costs can actually interfere with other aspects of your budget, leaving you short in other, unrelated, spending areas. If unhealthy cash flow patterns have emerged… read more >>