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Buy Right and Then Add Value to Your House

Buying a house is a momentous occasion. Not only is it one of the most expensive things you’ll ever buy, but your house also represents a substantial commitment that is sure to present challenges. You should expect occasional bouts of unplanned spending – it comes with ownership. But you can keep repair and maintenance costs low by passing over houses with major defects. A thorough pre-sale inspection of each property will help you steer clear of problems and guide you to a house worthy of your investment. Once you’ve settled on a home and closed the sale, it’s up to you to make the most of your property. Updates and… read more >>

4 Ways to Get Your Hands on Quick Cash

When your paycheck doesn’t keep pace with your financial responsibilities, you may need an additional source of income to steady your financial flow. From part-time work to short-term loans, there are many ways to get your hands on quick cash when it’s needed. For results you can bank on, identify your financial goal and turn to these methods to generate the funds you need. Sell on the Side EBay and other online selling venues provide prime money-making opportunities for would-be retailers who don’t plan to give up their day jobs. If you have unwanted possessions you’re ready to part with or produce salable hobby and craft items, selling online is… read more >>

Money-Saving Hacks for British Buyers

Thrifty hacks are popping up everywhere, helping UK consumers make ends meet. While some of the ways people save cash are common, creative money-saving methods are also emerging. In fact, you may have your own go-to savings strategies that other frugal families haven’t even heard of. If you don’t already benefit from the reduced spending hacks listed here, add them to your repertoire and start saving money today. Spend Less on Clothes Clothing serves a dual purpose for most wearers. In addition to protection from the elements, clothes fuel people’s sense of fashion. Unfortunately, even if you don’t buy the most expensive designer labels, it’s easy to spend a lot… read more >>

Recently Released Figures Highlight Gender Pay Gap in the UK

Household income is a key piece of your financial puzzle. Recent research showing how much UK men and women earn directly relates to your financial health. It has long been thought a pay equity gap exists between genders. The findings shared by thousands of large UK companies illustrate how wide the divide is between men’s and women’s salaries. As UK families piece together their household budgets, data shows working women may not have the same earning potential as men, on average. If you and your partner are not bringing in the same amount of money, the figures suggest it’s due to a national trend, rather than personal performance. Large UK… read more >>

Does Unnecessary Spending Undercut Your Financial Health?

Just when you think you’ve mastered personal finance, another monetary challenge arises. If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Countless household money managers have experienced the ups and downs of family finance. If unhealthy spending plays a role undermining your financial health, you may be able to eliminate some of your money worries by making small changes. Although some of the factors influencing your financial status are beyond your control, many aspects of personal finance are easily altered by your actions. A proactive approach can help you reduce spending, increase your earnings, and balance your outgoings. Since each person’s priorities help guide financial decision-making, your customised financial plan may not… read more >>