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3 Household Expenses That May be Ruining Your Budget

If you haven’t recently assessed your personal financial responsibilities, you may be surprised by the breadth of spending obligations on your plate each month. Household spending, insurance costs, credit card payments, and car expenses are only a few of the demands drawing from your earnings, month after month. Entertainment and communications costs add to the tally, along with a host of personal expenses you pay each month. Disciplined discretionary spending is essential for healthy finances, but recurring monthly bills also furnish opportunities for saving. Do you pay too much for insurance? Is your mobile bill out of control? How much interest do you pay on your outstanding credit card balances?… read more >>

Start Making More Money Today

The modern “gig” economy includes several different approaches to making ends meet. For some, traditional full-time employment provides family income, while other earners assemble a series of short-term work engagements, or gigs, comprising full-scale earnings. Still other UK workers blend the strategies, working full-time jobs and also supplementing personal earnings with additional income opportunities. If you’re looking for creative money making opportunities, whether to bolster your full-time earnings or to keep your self-starter workload flush; several accessible earning prospects can help you reach your goal. Earning Opportunities for Extra Income Availability, skills, demand for services, and other individual circumstances all play roles in employment decisions, so it’s up to each… read more >>

Is Early Retirement a Reasonable Financial Priority?

Financial planning isn’t a part-time affair. On the contrary, effective money management is a lifelong concern, calling on Britons of all ages to prioritise their financial goals and ambitions. For some, personal financial priorities include leaving the work force as soon as possible, while still providing for a comfortable retirement. Early retirement is a goal shared by many British workers, but not everyone can turn the dream into reality. Earning limitations and spending demands often eclipse personal preference, leaving workers toiling at their jobs until retirement age. If early retirement is part of your financial plan, or at least a possibility worth pursuing, there are moves you can make to… read more >>

Consumer Travel Protection Schemes Guard Your Holiday Investment

By the time you pay for air travel, accommodation, meals, and entertainment, the total cost of holiday quickly grows to a substantial sum. Multiply these customary travel expenses by the size of your family, and the total tally can become oppressive. When faced with the extraordinary cost of a family getaway, advanced planning and other savvy travel moves can help you dial-back the cost of holiday. And several initiatives are in place, protecting your travel investment, when you experience problems with airlines and travel companies. What’s the Best Way to Pay? Charging holiday expenses can leave you with a credit card balance that’s hard to manage. In fact, many UK… read more >>

The 6 Best (and Cheapest) Destinations for a Stag Do

As your friend’s best man, you’ve got a big responsibility on your shoulders. It’s up to you to make sure that your pal not only makes it down the aisle in one piece but that he also gets the opportunity for one last major blow-out before he “puts a ring on it.” If you’re looking for an opportunity to get out of town for a few days to celebrate those last moments of freedom, there are plenty of fun, low-cost destinations scattered around Europe. Here, we’re going to count down some of the must-visit locations for partying you can visit, without breaking the bank. 1. Albufeira, Portugal Albufeira is probably… read more >>