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State Pension Age is on the Move Again

Effective financial planning provides for your present monetary needs, but the process also accounts for retirement finance. One big piece of the financial puzzle is in play this month, as the state pension age continues its upward trajectory, impacting Britons nearing the much anticipated milestone. The state pension age once stood at 65 for men and 60 for women. The march to parity, set in motion by past governments, was reached last November, when the state pension age leveled out at 65 years of age for both men and women. In another cost-saving measure deigned to stabilise future payment obligations, the state pension age has now climbed to 66. The… read more >>

Take These Steps to Relieve Finance Anxiety

Financial pressure can build to a fever pitch, so it’s not surprising money worries are a source of personal anxiety. Did an unexpected expense interfere with your budget this month? Is your family holiday on the horizon, without enough money saved? Are you running into trouble putting aside a house deposit? Financial pressures such as these can leave you reeling, wondering how you’ll weather the financial storm. Fortunately, several top UK lenders offer fast loans for various household spending needs. Good and bad credit applicants use the flexible short-term financing to keep worries at bay, applying loan proceeds to household expenses, emergency repairs, and other pressing financial demands. Short-term bridge… read more >>

It’s Never Too Late to Save Money on Your Upcoming Wedding

The wedding season is in high gear, as UK couples flock to the altar, the park, and other meaningful location for summer nuptials. If you’ve recently been through the experience or you’re currently elbow deep in wedding planning, the cost of putting together a memorable wedding day is not a mystery to you. From feeding friends and family to keeping everyone entertained on your special day, wedding costs quickly shoot through the roof for couples with high expectations. Some cynical observers refer to the wedding business as a racket. Although the pessimistic viewpoint casts shade on a cherished tradition, working out wedding costs is enough to make some couples rethink… read more >>

How to Get a Better Deal When You Buy a Car

Buying a car is major expense, so you don’t want to leave money on the table, when purchasing such a significant item. Similar to life’s other purchasing milestones, conducting advance research and identifying must-haves can help you navigate the process, without spending more than you should. Are you sticking to a strict spending budget? Is your search for a car locked-in on a certain type or a specific model? How do you plan to cover the cost of your new car? Addressing these and other relevant questions is a good start, guiding your quest for a suitable set of wheels. If your buying budget needs a boost on your way… read more >>

Personal Finance Podcasts Entertain and Inform

Knowledge and information are assets you can use to strengthen your financial life and set the stage for long-term prosperity. From books to trusted confidence shared between friends and family members, financial lessons come from diverse sources. Among them, several noted personal finance podcasts keep UK families on track, offering advice about saving and investing, as well as practical money management tips for daily life. Whether you are double-checking your algebra or comparing online loans without credit checks, finance reference books and web resources provide places to conduct research and answer specific questions about money and finance. Podcasts provide an entertaining alternative for digesting financial facts and philosophies. The format… read more >>