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Plot Your Way to Debt Free Living

Money sometimes flows out of your budget faster than it is replenished by your income. The condition is a normal part of money management, reflecting the ebb and flow of healthy finances. As long as you eventually make-up the difference, you’ll personal finances will ultimately balance. On the other hand, if the shortfalls arise again and again, never allowing you to catch up, you may have a hard time finding equilibrium. When the scales tip too far toward excessive personal debt, making substantial changes may be the only way to restore your financial health. Spending often traces a regular pattern, with spikes occurring during the year-end and summer holiday seasons…. read more >>

Britons Continue Feeling Optimistic About Their Finances

Assessing the health of the economy takes many factors into consideration. Domestic production, import and export figures, employment rates, and a host of additional factors indeed play important roles identifying economic strengths and weaknesses. Although it isn’t wholly based on statistics and strict empirical data, public opinion matters too. Despite mixed signals from the overall economy, it appears Britons remain optimistic about their own personal finances. Recent Reports Point to Upbeat Consumers Each person reconciles their finances according to personal values and priorities. Outside influences interfere along the way, posing unexpected challenges, which can leave consumers feeling pessimistic and defeated. According to a recent survey conducted by Lloyd’s Bank, UK… read more >>

How to Take the Bite Out of Climbing Car Costs

Aside from your house, if you’re fortunate enough to own one, your car probably represents your most expensive personal investment. Its purchase price and auxiliary car costs, like insurance, petrol, and repairs no doubt make motoring a consistent expense in your family budget. And if your modern lifestyle depends upon immediate, personal transportation, rising car costs are not going to vanish any time soon. With spending on the way up, what can you do to lower the cost of staying on the road? Do Without? Keeping a car has been reported as one of the biggest personal financial drains, resulting in frequent unexpected expenses. Price increases for necessities like insurance… read more >>

Urban Brits Struggle to Cover Costs

Economic analysts put-forth wide-ranging theories about national finance. Although their input paints a useful picture for regulators and economic stakeholders, UK citizens are most concerned with what happens closer to home. For many urban Britons, personal financial conditions could be a lot better. It is thought around half of UK families are embroiled in a balancing act, struggling to keep their finances on track each month. Rising costs and unexpected monthly bills are partially to blame for the economic insecurity, but these aren’t the only things holding back UK earners. Instead, it is a combination of factors stretching family finances across the UK. Just Getting By According to recent research… read more >>

How to Fight Rising Energy Costs without Being Left in the Cold

The cost of living continues to climb for UK residents, including energy price spikes. One of the nation’s leading energy providers recently announced a price hike, resulting in an increase of 12.5 per cent in the cost of electricity. Some observers blame Brexit for the climbing rates, but the cause is less important to consumers footing the growing tab for energy. Already saddled with inflation, rising insurance costs, and diminished spending power, Britons must now find a way to pay for the electricity increase, as well as other cost of living increases. As the heating season approaches, money saving moves can help trim energy spending. For help fighting rising rates,… read more >>