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Keeping Up With Your Credit Report Can Prevent Unpleasant Surprises

Have you ever tried to buy a car, apply for a mortgage, or rent a flat, only to be turned down because your credit isn’t good enough? It happens to millions of people every year, and for many, the bad news about their credit comes as a complete shock. It doesn’t have to be that way. There’s no excuse for not knowing what is on your credit report. Ignorance is not bliss In a study commissioned by specialist credit card provider Vanquis, released in early 2017, it was revealed that one in five folks in the UK have been declined credit, with one in ten in this group having been… read more >>

Comprehensive Budgeting Can Ease Your Cost of Living

Without firm understanding about the various ways money flows through your personal economy, it is all too easy to slip into costly patterns, leaving money on the table at every turn. For families living close to the edge, the consequences can be devastating, undermining financial health and stability. Financial knowledge is power, giving you the tools needed to make adjustments, rein-in unneeded spending, and even restructure debts to make life more affordable. The first step toward better cash control is gaining a thorough understanding of where your money goes. Tracking and evaluating your personal spending habits is the only reliable way to reconcile your personal income against household spending obligations…. read more >>

Would-Be Buyers are Taking a Realistic Approach to Home Ownership

Owning a home is a goal shared by many Britons, reflecting the values of past generations, who looked upon the milestone with great anticipation. Although it remains an important pursuit for some prospective buyers, modern consumers view home ownership through a different lens, particularly following the massive global mortgage meltdown experienced in 2008. The dire consequences of mismanaged debt and the impacts of unsafe lending practices made an impression on would-be homeowners, prompting many to ask whether or not the benefits of ownership outweigh the risks and perils associated with the major financial commitment. Current trends reflect a challenging housing environment, particularly for young and first-time home buyers. Is Buying… read more >>

Income Mobility Eases Financial Stress

Regardless of your station in life, it isn’t unusual to come face to face with financial challenges. In fact, if there is one thing you can count on over the course of your financial lifetime, it is the likelihood for monetary setbacks of all sorts. Of course it helps to sidestep as many problems as possible along the way. But it is also important to remember that while you may be temporarily down, at times, you can never be counted out, until you give up. Recovering from financial missteps or simply building money momentum calls for financial discipline, but it may also require a larger pool of financial resources, from… read more >>

Managing the High Cost of a Growing Family

All told, the cost of raising a child is staggering. From pre-natal care to post-secondary education, parents are on the hook for substantial sums, before their children transition to financial independence. Even then there are no guarantees – many emancipated adults return home due to economic pressure and other financial setbacks. And the tally rises quickly, raising even a single child, so when you multiply the cost of child-rearing by your family size, the financial burden soars off the charts. The cost of raising children in London averages at least 10% higher than other UK cities, making it the most expensive region for parents. The cost of rearing a child… read more >>