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How to Evaluate Loans and Lenders

Lending markets are replete with borrowing options, addressing wide-ranging personal funding needs. From short-term alternatives guaranteed by your paycheck, to long-term, secured financing aimed at major purchases, loans and credit opportunities are available for every imaginable purpose. In fact, there are so many financial products to choose from, sorting through finance options can leave you with questions about the borrowing process. What is collateral? Do I need a guarantor? Is revolving credit the same thing as a variable rate loan? Addressing these and other related concerns is a natural part of personal finance, helping you make the best possible borrowing decisions. Essential personal finance understanding includes knowledge about interest rates,… read more >>

Add Value to Your Investment with These House Improvement Tips

Completing major house renovations costs a lot of money, but you needn’t break the bank adding value to your investment. Various affordable updates are not only accessible without a large budget, but can also transform and modernise your living space. Whether you are bringing your house to market for sale or simply reinforcing your own comfort, sticking to these reasonably priced upgrades yields results without compromising your home improvement budget. Choosing the right projects helps you get the best return on your property investment, but your own hard work also plays a key role. Contributing some of the labor to your house projects adds value, building “sweat equity” in your… read more >>

Adjust Personal Planning When Your Life Changes

Life is anything but a series of unrelated events. On the contrary, each action causes a ripple effect, impacting various aspects of your life. Money matters, in particular, are far-reaching, influencing everything from where you work and live to when you retire. With so many things riding on your financial plan, it is essential to adjust your approach when your life changes. Life’s important milestones can have a drastic impact on your finances, changing your direction as well as your monetary outlook. Marriage, divorce, and professional changes, for example, can leave you in good stead or undercut your financial health. The key to managing these significant events is anticipating their… read more >>

UK Savings Lag as Household Emergency Funds Dwindle

The complex web of global economics continues to show mixed signals in the UK. On one hand, employment numbers remain solid, pointing to a well-employed workforce. Yet wages are stagnant and UK consumers have tallied a sizable amount of debt during a decade of recovery from the mortgage meltdown and subsequent economic collapse. UK housing trends are vexing, as house prices remain extremely high, particularly in the UK’s most popular urban areas. And while interest rates remain low for mortgage-seekers with enough deposit money to make a buy, the long period without a rate hike is also partially responsible for a troubling negative trend. Personal savings among UK residents has… read more >>

Recognising the Signs of Healthy Personal Cash Flow

Managing household cash flow is much like small business accounting. As the chief financial officer at home your job shares the same types of budgeting and spending responsibilities as a corporate finance expert. But if you are like many household money managers, balancing the books is not your favorite pastime. In fact, you may be at a downright disadvantage accounting for your family finances, lacking the experience and expertise required to prosper. If you are in over your head or need validation, recognizing the signs of healthy cash flow can help reinforce your confidence. Balance and discretion are at the heart of budgeting success, so your primary responsibility running your… read more >>