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Getting Started is the Hardest Part

Saving and investing are challenging pursuits, because you never know what’s going to happen tomorrow. Whatever takes place, it could dramatically impact today’s financial moves. Though the uncertainty can be discouraging, it is not reason enough to give up. On the contrary, beating the odds for financial success is a challenge many Britons readily accept. The dilemma for some of these well-intentioned novice investors is getting a proper start. Establishing Savings and Investments A recent article shared tips from young entrepreneur, Grant Sabatier, offering advice on how to find money to invest and get established, without an existing stake. He suggests forming a relationship with money, so you’re not intimidated,… read more >>

Save Money Moving House This Summer

Moving house can be an intimidating undertaking. Depending upon the circumstances surrounding your move, you may have new professional responsibilities on your plate, in addition to relocating. And if you have children, working out their school and finding care add another layer of responsibility, during the already hectic period leading up to a move. Despite due diligence, settling on a new house and finding a buyer for your present UK home don’t always go as expected, fueling further uncertainty – when you can least afford it. If you thought the hard work and worry were enough of a challenge, think again; moving house also has a hefty financial price attached…. read more >>

How to Make the Most of Your Summer Holiday Travel Money

You only have one chance to make a memorable holiday this summer. In truth you may have more than one, if you’re lucky enough to get away multiple times. In either case, the last thing you need are travel spoilers, interfering with your summer travel plans. Working out your travel money ahead of time can ease worry and ensure trouble-free travel abroad. Using Travel and Debit Cards Abroad There are many ways to pay for holiday purchases. If you’re unsure which payment method suits your holiday spending needs, answering a few questions can help you work out the best method for making payments whilst travelling this year. Where are you… read more >>

Working Out the UK Consumer Debt Problem

Economists continually study various financial indicators, seeking clues about the future of the UK economy. In the meantime, closer to home, millions of UK families are caught in an unhealthy debt cycle, fueling a national crisis. Spending, borrowing, saving, and other personal finance habits offer insight, so they’re naturally scrutinised by stakeholders predicting economic outcomes. Among the many prevailing phenomena influencing the health of the national economy, personal debt is a private, individual finance concern that impacts analysts’ forecasts. Like the individuals themselves struggling with excessive debt, informed observers cannot ignore the negative effects of problem debt. Many point to even bigger issues that may arise, if UK consumers don’t… read more >>

There’s More Than One Way to Save Money

Evidence suggests many Britons accept that they are “spenders,” rather than “savers.” One poll asking UK consumers about their spending habits found nearly one-third have never even focused on reducing expenses and saving more. The haphazard approach doesn’t adequately account for future spending needs, so it isn’t realistic to think you’ll get by without at least some financial reserves to fall back on. Sadly, however, even if dedicating more of your income to savings is a personal priority, it isn’t always easy to find money in your budget to make it happen. If you wish you had more set aside for the future, yet your saving remains underfunded, it may… read more >>