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Do Your Part for the Planet and You’ll Save Money Too

During the month of July, environmentally conscious Britons strive to use less plastic, in a focused month-long effort to reduce their dependence on single use consumer materials. The move exhibits their commitment to sustainability and responsible environmental practices, and these dedicated individuals have found that reducing the use of plastic can also save money. Plastic-Free July is an initiative supporting the growing belief the nation needs to cut down on the amount of single-use plastic being introduced into the consumer supply chain. As the tide swells, drawing more and more UK consumers into the movement to conserve materials, reuse packaging, and reduce their overall impact on the planet, ecologically sound… read more >>

Why Not Adopt the Financial Habits of Successful People?

If you tried to follow every bit of financial advice you’ve received during your lifetime, there’s a good chance you’d run out of time before acting on every money-saving tip. That’s not to say you should give up on potential savings or turn your back on financial opportunities. Every incremental cost-cutting measure indeed helps stretch your earnings, but you may be able to generate even better results by adjusting your underlying financial habits. Each individual manages money according to his or her goals, values, resources, and level of financial understanding. Though some financial decisions are more productive than others, people pursue their own monetary priorities, so there isn’t a single… read more >>

Can You Count on Property Wealth During Retirement?

Preparing for retirement has grown more complex. As increased pension freedoms settle in, UK workers face a number of looming questions about their retirement finances. Some of the savings and pension strategies adopted by their parents and grandparents are no longer viable for members of subsequent generations, so young people are weighing alternative approaches to retirement planning. Owning a house has several advantages. Among them, property owners could once bank on their home’s value during retirement, tapping their equity pot or selling outright to generate cash flow in their golden years. With all of the economic changes impacting property wealth, and more to come, is it still possible for British… read more >>

Londoners Use These Budget Hacks to Save Money

Customary costs of living add-up no matter where you live, but Londoners face unique financial pressures. The city is one of the world’s most expensive places to live, so residents of the Capital are eager to cut spending, whenever possible. Fortunately for the cash-conscious Britons calling London home, there are a number of ways to shed unnecessary spending. Study Outlines How Capital City Residents Spend Cash A recent study conducted by Carphone Warehouse shines a spotlight on Britons spending habits – particularly Londoners facing the high cost of living in the Capital. According to responses gathered by the company, London’s residents are paying more attention to saving opportunities than they… read more >>

Summer Planning Should Include a Financial Check-up

The blistering pace of summer activities sometimes makes it hard to keep up with all your responsibilities. However, letting your finances get away from you during the summer months can have costly consequences. Though summer holiday is a British staple, it’s also important to find time for personal financial review. A comprehensive financial check-up not only helps you stay tuned-in to your finance status, but periodic review also provides opportunities to make necessary adjustments. Are you saving for a house, but having a hard time putting by a deposit? Has your cash flow changed, resulting in a monthly surplus or shortfall? Are your ISA and pension needs covered, setting the… read more >>