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Personal Finance Resolutions for the New Year

The New Year brings with it a series of pledges and promises, made by well-meaning Britons, hoping for better days ahead. Among them, resolutions to overhaul household finances are popular with individual money managers who know they can do a better job tending to family finances. If you’re committed to improving your outlook in 2019, money resolutions may be in the mix. For the best results, set the bar at an attainable level, preventing your resolutions from failing or fizzling-out within weeks or months. Resolutions emphasising the larger issues within your personal finances can lead to positive outcomes, but you can also make a difference to your bottom line by… read more >>

4 Things to Consider When Buying a Car

Motoring expenses rank highly among personal spending obligations. Beyond the price you pay for a car, you’re also on the hook for related expenses, such as car cover, maintenance, parking fees, and a number of other motoring costs. Despite the substantial price of personal transportation, most busy British families are willing to trade the expense for the convenience of having cars at their disposal. The alternatives, public transport and sharing rides, aren’t good matches for hectic modern lifestyles, so keeping a car becomes a financial priority in most households. If you plan to keep a car, you can’t sidestep motoring costs – the price of petrol doesn’t bend to your… read more >>

Pension Pot – How Much Do You Need?

There’s more to managing money than simply paying the bills and putting food on the table. Of course those are key ingredients, but your financial stew also includes matters such as investing, debt management, controlling credit, and other important money concerns. Among this group of finance concerns, retirement looms large on your future financial landscape. Though you may have many years left in the work force, it’s never too early to plan and execute an effective strategy for achieving your retirement goals. Saving for retirement is only one piece of your financial puzzle, so it competes with other money concerns. While you’re focused on day to day money handling responsibilities,… read more >>

Growth Staged to Slow Following a Brisk Consumer Spending Cycle

Economic conditions weigh heavily on household finances, so keeping up with events is an important part of managing money. Brexit throws a whole new wrinkle in the process, creating never before seen economic conditions. As a result of the pending divorce, there is widespread uncertainty about the future – despite the progress that has been made, working out the details. Some recent indicators reflect the unusual economic circumstances unfolding in the UK, due to Brexit and other factors. Mixed Messages Leading Up to Brexit From the time the vote was taken to leave the EU, through the present day, the process leading to Brexit has been punctuated with unanticipated outcomes… read more >>

Survive the Season with a Lean Holiday Budget

The holiday season represents a year-end opportunity to treat yourself and loved-ones to posh annual rewards. For many UK families, the season includes presents, holiday travel, entertaining, and nights out for special seasonal events. With each outing, festive families bear the financial burden of the season, sometimes spending more money during holiday months than their budgets can handle. Spending freely during the holiday stretch can lead to months paying down burgeoning credit balances. Annual reports consistently show many Britons carry seasonal debt well into the following year, before wiping balances. Even worse for some brisk spenders, holiday zeal creates problem debt that lingers even longer. If you’re feeling the festive… read more >>