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Does Unnecessary Spending Undercut Your Financial Health?

Just when you think you’ve mastered personal finance, another monetary challenge arises. If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Countless household money managers have experienced the ups and downs of family finance. If unhealthy spending plays a role undermining your financial health, you may be able to eliminate some of your money worries by making small changes. Although some of the factors influencing your financial status are beyond your control, many aspects of personal finance are easily altered by your actions. A proactive approach can help you reduce spending, increase your earnings, and balance your outgoings. Since each person’s priorities help guide financial decision-making, your customised financial plan may not… read more >>

3 Proven Ways to Earn Extra Money Online

Successfully managing money is like following a recipe. Although there may be more than one way to make a satisfying dish, sticking to proven guidelines ensures a palatable outcome. Similarly, your personal financial stew needs balanced seasoning to nourish your household finances and reinforce your future financial health. Like flavorful concoctions from your kitchen, healthy finances are balanced. With patience, consistency, and commitment to proven practices your finances and your kitchen creations are sure to turn out fine. But without the proper ingredients and tending, cooking failures and personal finance missteps can both leave you with a bad taste in your mouth. Balance Your Cash Flow Until you consistently spend… read more >>

Study Finds Britons Are Thinking About Holidays

Traveling is more than just a hobby. Getting away helps holidaymakers recharge their “batteries” and shed the stress of daily life. The well-known therapeutic effect of travel offsets work worries and other concerns that weigh heavily on modern employees. With the benefits of travel experiences fresh in their minds, it’s not surprising UK travelers returning from leisure breaks are quick to turn their attention toward their next holiday travel opportunity. A recent study highlights how Britons feel about traveling and shows just how fast holidaymakers begin looking ahead, once they’ve returned home from a leisure trip. Maintaining Travel Priorities Some UK residents are satisfied staying home for holiday, enjoying relaxing,… read more >>

3 Ways to Move Your Finances in the Right Direction This Spring

Spring is a season of renewal. As temperatures warm and days grow longer, Britons turn their attention to home DIY projects, gardens, and outdoor recreation opportunities. According to financial professionals, spring is also a good time to take stock of investments and savings, and to review other financial matters. BBC News recently polled experts, asking financial bloggers and other industry professionals to provide recommendations for improving personal finances this spring. Some of their suggestions are featured here, as well as additional things to consider as you address money matters in the coming months. Adjust Your Pension Saving Plan Workers in the UK frequently settle-in to default pension contribution levels. However,… read more >>

Post-Brexit Travel Changes Pose Questions for Britons

Just when Britons thought they’d contemplated all the Brexit possibilities, travel changes associated with leaving the EU have some citizens worried. Whether they are leaving the country for business or for pleasure, post-Brexit policies will undoubtedly impact British travelers. It is yet unclear exactly how conditions will change, but this travel uncertainty has more than a few folks fearing the worst. Ahead of the Brexit shift, Theresa May announced that Britain would return to the old blue colored passports that were issued for decades, up until 1988. She identified the move as a symbolic expression of independence and sovereignty. However, membership in the EU has benefitted British travelers, who currently… read more >>