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The 6 Best (and Cheapest) Destinations for a Stag Do

As your friend’s best man, you’ve got a big responsibility on your shoulders. It’s up to you to make sure that your pal not only makes it down the aisle in one piece but that he also gets the opportunity for one last major blow-out before he “puts a ring on it.” If you’re looking for an opportunity to get out of town for a few days to celebrate those last moments of freedom, there are plenty of fun, low-cost destinations scattered around Europe. Here, we’re going to count down some of the must-visit locations for partying you can visit, without breaking the bank. 1. Albufeira, Portugal Albufeira is probably… read more >>

What Drives Consumer Credit Growth?

Economic balance requires several conditions, simultaneous synched and sustainable, by design. But even with deep analysis and exhaustive planning, the UK economy still generates surprises, catching even the most astute observers off guard. In particular, consumer behavior is often hard to predict, proving inconsistent and subject to unanticipated trends. Add a personal financial component, and the ability to foresee economic conditions with a high degree of accuracy becomes even more tenuous. As economic conditions continue to evolve, the robust run of consumer spending seen in recent years has surprised some observers. But a look at the driving forces sparking consumer credit growth reveals some of the finance factors responsible for… read more >>

University Students Brace for Autumn Spending Demands

Autumn is a harbinger of festive seasonal gatherings and dropping temperatures, but it also signals financial concerns for some university families. The cost of attending uni is not letting up, so each year brings new monetary challenges for students and their parents. Orchestrating a successful university campaign calls not only for tuition finance, but also cash to cover customary costs of living, such as food, housing, and incidentals. Students can also expect additional expense, paying for technology and materials required in classrooms and hands-on learning labs. With so many expenses to consider, students rely on the government to share some of the costs of education, as well as independent sources… read more >>

Should Employers Invest In Workers’ Financial Health?

Effective personal financial management is all about earning and spending. As a result of this relationship, your employer plays a crucial role in your financial health, providing the life blood of your personal economy. Without an earnings source to fuel the fire, your financial flow quickly turns from a balanced equation, to a losing proposition. But as important as it is, your paycheck isn’t the only compensation earned from your employer; you’re also entitled to other perks and benefits, as part of your overall earnings package. From parking accommodation at the workplace to retirement provisions, employee benefits take many forms. Among the many ways companies add value to their employees’… read more >>

What’s So Important About Budgeting?

Making a budget and managing money can be intimidating prospects – particularly for Britons without personal finance experience. Despite the worry, effective budgeting and efficient cash flow management are vital duties, helping UK households meet their financial responsibilities, month after month. If your financial understanding needs a boost, several debt and money charities offer consumer assistance, working out money matters. And while each organisation puts-forth its own unique resources, most financial advisors agree; healthy household finance starts with a well-executed spending budget. Budgeting Basics There’s more than one way to establish a workable budget, but most methods build on the same underlying principle. Consistently spending less than you earn is… read more >>