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Where Are You Going to Get That Kind of Money?

Some financial demands are expected, giving UK families time to work out payments. However, many spending mandates seemingly rise-up from nowhere, catching Britons off-guard and sparking a need for fast cash. From unexpected repair bills to medical expenses you didn’t see coming, unanticipated spending demands can have a dramatic impact on your household cash flow. These stressful bouts of unforeseen spending pressure can leave you wondering where you’ll find the money to cover costs. Fortunately, several finance sources are available, providing funds for short-term spending needs. Friends and Family Finance When you need cash, above and beyond your earnings, family members can sometimes provide the help you need. Friends and… read more >>

Credit Card Super Users Shake-Up Lending Markets

Credit and lending markets are increasingly competitive, as financial providers jockey for attention from UK consumers. The growing competition has led to never-before-seen credit opportunities for users, but it has also sparked a downside for credit card companies. As credit providers compete, many companies have turned to aggressive promotions and incentives to lure and retain customers. The trend has given birth to a wave of credit users focused not on the convenience of card accounts, but rather, concerned almost entirely with “gaming” the lending industry to maximize their own financial gain. This group of super users, skilled at exploiting rewards and offers from credit companies, has swelled in numbers, and… read more >>

Solving Debt Dilemmas

Lots of different spending commitments place demands on your personal earnings, so finding funds for all your bills and expenses can be challenging. In practice, most UK families lean on loans, credit cards, and other forms of financing to keep up with spending demands. As cash flow ebbs and expands, over time, successful household money managers find balance, keeping debt levels within affordable limits. At times, however, financial pressure builds, leading to excess debt, which can be hard to sort out. If you’re experiencing a bout with problem debt, timely action can help you bring the burden under control, before matters get worse. Whether you’re on the cusp of a… read more >>

Mastering Your Finances When You are in Your 30s

Keeping track of your finances is an important concern at any age, but certain periods of your life involve substantial financial transitions. One of these stretches is the time spent in your 30s. For many UK workers, career and earnings mobility are on the rise during this period, and lifestyle changes are also afoot, leading to financial shifts. Marriage, property ownership, and building families are common concerns for Britons in their 30s, so as income potential climbs, domestic financial responsibilities usually do too. Navigating unfamiliar financial territory can be intimidating. People in their thirties often face new finance relationships, and enter into financial arrangements that will impact the rest of… read more >>

Salvage Your Holiday When Travel Plans Fall Apart

Long gone are the days of breezing through airports and traveling on your own terms. The experience has grown more complicated, due in part to increased security challenges and airline policy shifts. As a result of these changes, worry-free travel may now require pre-planning, flexibility, and a little bit of luck on your side. Despite you best efforts to orchestrate a smooth experience, travel hiccups are common. From weather delays to over-booked flights, there are plenty of things that can interfere with your travel flow. Unfortunately, many of these disruptions are beyond your control, and there isn’t always ample time to set things right, when your holiday starts unraveling. Despite… read more >>