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Avoid Travel Missteps and Protect Your Holiday Investment

The summer season is in full swing, with countless UK families taking to the skies for holiday travel. Unfortunately, some of them will encounter avoidable travel difficulties, while on summer break. Although holiday nuisances are common, and air travel isn’t what it used to be, most minor issues are easily overcome. However, significant travel snags can interfere with your holiday itinerary and add unnecessary expense. If you’re responsible for a travel disruption, it’s up to you to correct it. But when the problem is the airline’s fault, you may be entitled to compensation. Trusting holidaymakers are at the mercy of travel providers. You’re usually in good hands trusting airlines, hotel… read more >>

What Do Your Spending Habits Say About Your Personality?

The manner in which you tend your money not only foreshadows your financial future, but your spending habits also reveal clues about your personality. That means your head and your heart may be at odds over spending decisions. A recent survey seems to indicate a passion for purchases may override reason in many cases, driving Britons to buy with their hearts, rather than making mindful monetary moves. Are you a calculating shopper, prepared to resist impulse temptations online and in stores? Or does your resolve fall apart when faced with the lure of trendy retail items? More than 9,000 consumers recently shared responses to questions about their shopping habits, helping… read more >>

3 Things That Can Help You Secure Financing

Various types of finance help consumers close deals – both large and small. At one end of the spectrum, credit cards and revolving accounts simplify purchases at the point of sale, facilitating day to day buys. Near the other end of the lending continuum, long-term mortgages stretch-out for decades, funding major purchases, such as houses, commercial buildings, and other structures. Some forms of financing are rarely used – perhaps a few times during a lifetime, while other funding is commonplace in everyday life, as shoppers reach for plastic to pay for goods and services. Though the sources and uses for consumer financing are widespread, all credit relationships are based upon… read more >>

Don’t Let Scams and Travel Slowdowns Interfere With Summer Holiday

You’ve waited all year long for a summer break, and holiday finally looms on the horizon. Anticipating this well-deserved respite from your job and other day to day worries, the last thing you need are travel hiccups. Scams and personal missteps are some of the biggest offenders, so boosting awareness and covering all the possibilities can help you avoid trouble. Travel Fraud Opportunistic scammers target summer travelers. Despite your best efforts to see through illegitimate offers, some sophisticated scams are hard to spot – even by savvy consumers. The high level of competition within the travel industry creates a perfect environment for scam artists. Everyone wants to save money on… read more >>

How to Control Costs without Sacrificing Financial Freedom

Healthy finances have a cushion built-in, allowing you to absorb unexpected expenses and build savings for the future. If you’re unable to manage a minor unanticipated expense without experiencing financial distress, or your savings lag behind expectations; your finances may be fundamentally imbalanced. Until you find a way to consistently spend less than you earn and earmark some of your salary for savings, you’ll continue losing ground and falling further behind. Act now, on the other hand, and adopting a frugal lifestyle can help get you back on track, without making major sacrifices. Manage Credit Choices There’s more than one way to finance your next purchase, and your credit choices… read more >>