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Small Spending Adjustments Can Lead to Big Savings

When you’re skint, the answers to your money problems may be right in front of you. Although frugal strategies are widespread, it can sometimes be hard to see the money saving opportunities that will ease the financial pressure you’re feeling. In order to make effective adjustments, you may need to step back and examine your spending habits. Until you assess your spending, financial waste and unhealthy habits are likely to continue draining your monetary resources. However, once you’re equipped with an accurate breakdown, showing exactly where your money goes, finding financial relief may be easier than you think. Your personal financial flow probably yields plenty of chances to reduce spending… read more >>

Stay Confident Managing Money and Steady Your Financial Flow

There are many different ways to manage your finances. Some Britons are most comfortable micromanaging their cash flow, accounting for each expenditure and bit of income. Other people are more inclined to take a passive approach, reacting to financial dilemmas as they arise, without being overly proactive about money. Each approach has consequences, so it’s important to recognise how your personal money strategies can impact financial outcomes. Even the most thorough planners are vulnerable to financial circumstances beyond their control. From inflationary pressure to interest rate increases, general economic conditions have substantial influence over each person’s monetary conditions. Some would argue that unpredictable economic trends are a good reason not… read more >>

4 Easy Ways to Save Money Without Making Major Changes

If you’re like many Brits, your cost of living is growing at a faster rate than your income. The trend may make it harder for you to put by money and to meet your financial obligations each month. Before you give up the lifestyle you love, consider making savings that won’t interfere with the life you lead. Take a Close Look at TV Spending If your entertainment habits include many hours watching broadcast TV, you may already be getting a good value from your TV licence. On the other hand, if you’re not wrapped-up in live programmed TV, you may be spending more than you need to on your telly… read more >>

How to Teach Children About Saving Money

Education reforms are finally beginning to give early financial instruction the attention it deserves. Without sound financial lessons early in life, teenagers run the risk of transitioning into adulthood without the financial savvy they need to make informed, grown-up decisions when handling money. Although it is important for the national curriculum to recognise the importance of teaching young people about money, and for teachers to follow through with appropriate lessons in their classrooms, parents are also responsible for driving home financial principles. Of all the financial lessons you can teach your children, one of the most important ways to contribute to their lifelong monetary success is to instill good saving… read more >>

Is Your Happiness Tied to Your Personal Income?

There are many ways to measure personal happiness. For some people, fulfillment and joy result from their earnings at work. But many consumers don’t rate their level of happiness strictly based upon the amount of money they bring home. Family, friends, leisure pursuits, and satisfaction derived from helping other people all play a role in individuals’ perceived level of happiness. What are the biggest forces driving how people feel about themselves? British economist Richard Layard has done extensive research on the subject and shared the following surprising results about the mysterious origins of personal happiness. Individual and Cultural Impacts on Happiness You may have someone in your life that seems… read more >>