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Facing the Rising Cost of Getting Married in the UK

Some of life’s most noted milestones are also among the most expensive challenges people face. Completing your education, buying a house, raising a child, and other rewarding experiences call for large sums of money. And though you can share some of these expenses with your spouse, getting married is itself an expensive proposition. There are lots of ways to approach nuptials, from low-key events for close family and friends, to high-profile affairs that draw hundreds of guests. In practice, most weddings fall somewhere in the middle, reflecting the values and preferences of the bride and groom. Wedding Costs on the Rise Whether or not you host a large number of… read more >>

Holidays Don’t Have to Be Expensive

It can be hard finding cash for breaks, but you don’t need to spend a lot of money making a holiday. If you start with realistic expectations, a sound holiday budget, and an open mind, affordable relaxation is within your grasp. Taking advantage of cheap attractions, creative travel solutions, and advanced money saving travel planning are three proven ways to trim holiday spending, without sacrificing fulfilling family entertainment. Research Travel Options Last minute travel planning is exciting and adventurous, but you can’t always count on getting the best deal when you make arrangements near to your departure date. When your travel budget is limited, advanced research can help you uncover… read more >>

5 Common Reasons People Borrow Money

Personal financial motivation is highly individualised. Some household cash handlers are tuned-in to long-term saving strategies, while others are preoccupied with keeping up with the latest spending trends. Whichever category you fall into, or if your finance habits lie somewhere between the two extremes, you’ll no doubt find good reasons to borrow money during your lifetime. From mortgages to credit cards, consumers use many different types of loans to manage their financial needs. Though each borrower has a unique spending plan, the following examples represent some of the common reasons people borrow money. Stretch Monthly Budgets Cash flow isn’t always even, so some months may not provide enough income to… read more >>

3 Ways to Save Money on Summer Holiday

Highly anticipated summer holidays only come around once a year, so families want to make the most of the warm-weather holiday travel season. However, if you think you’re the only holidaymaker eager to enjoy a summer excursion, you’re due for a wake-up call. The fact is making holiday just after schools let out for the summer season is a goal shared by countless UK families, each poised to travel at the same time of year. Like most other industries, travel businesses set their prices based on supply and demand. During summer months, when people are most likely to travel, related goods and services are typically priced higher than other times… read more >>

Method of Payment Influences the Price You Pay for Consumer Goods

When buying things in stores and from online vendors, you usually have a few different payment options to choose from. Whether you’re on High Street or connecting with sellers on the internet, major credit cards, direct debits, and store-issued cards are among the most common ways to pay. Various electronic wallets are also available, which can help expedite payments by way of your mobile phone. When you spend money at brick-and-mortar locations, cash is another easy payment alternative, but modern shoppers often forgo using actual currency. With several ways to proceed, there really isn’t a single best way to pay for goods – it comes down to your personal preferences…. read more >>