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The Cost of Running a Car Goes Beyond Its Sales Price

Very few things in life cost more than a new car, so buying a set of wheels shouldn’t be taken lightly. From reviewing makes and models to selecting affordable financing, doing a little advanced research ensures reliable, affordable motoring. If you jump in without the knowledge and resources to follow-through, however, costly car commitments can quickly sour your financial flow. The key to avoiding trouble with your car loan is looking beyond the cost of closing your new car deal. The true cost of running a car includes its purchase price and the associated interest charges, but there is additional spending to account for when setting your motoring budget. Before… read more >>

Does Your Bank Account Make You Happy?

There are a number of adages imparting lessons about money, including the mother of all financial sayings: “Money can’t buy happiness”. The sentiment helps temper expectations and projects a proper set of personal priorities, but is it true? Recent research returned interesting results about the different ways financial status impacts personalities and perceptions – some to be expected and others you might not see coming. At least one study’s findings seem to support the notion that while money may not actually be able to buy happiness, it does indeed shape the thoughts and behavior that make us each happy. Distinct Differences Each individual harbours personal idiosyncrasies, emerging from long-formed value… read more >>

Start the New Year with a Close Look at Your Finances

Professional advisors stress the importance of undergoing periodic financial review. Checking-in on various aspects of your finances can help you respond timely, when changes are needed, and to make the most of your investments and holdings. When interest rates favor a mortgage move, for instance, conducting regular financial assessments gives you the knowledge needed to act in your best interest. And when economic trends call for a shift in your investment strategy, it is periodic financial review that guides you to the best saving, pension, and securities strategies. Timing your strategic financial review is a matter of convenience. But what better time than the beginning of a new calendar year… read more >>

Spend Too Much On Christmas Again? Tips to Save Money Next Year

Christmas spending demands seem to attack from every direction. With so many costs to cover, managing money is particularly challenging during this annual period of celebration. In fact, as seasonal spending ramps-up it can be hard to keep outgoings within your means. If you’re unable to cover expenses as you make purchases, the price to be paid for overindulging over Christmas is debt carried-over into the new year, which might take months to clear. Do you really want to flip that final calendar page with a mountain of debt waiting for you in the new year? If you’re committed to coasting through Christmas without building avoidable debt; use the following… read more >>

Move Toward Open Banking Raises Questions For Consumers

Personal privacy is an important issue for families and individuals operating in the information age. While the temptation to share personal details is strong and technology now makes it easier than ever to transmit personal data, a cautious approach protects facts and figures, ensuring your vital information remains private. From an early age we’re taught to protect ourselves from the unfamiliar, so most of us have a built-in sense for self-preservation. But the nature of modern communication can make it difficult to stay atop security concerns. Online banking and other automated financial services, for instance, offer greater convenience than in-person alternatives do. But using electronic financial tools can put the… read more >>