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Live Beneath Your Means or Risk a Rocky Road

If there’s one overreaching rule governing effective personal financial management, it’s to live below your means. The straightforward concept simply mandates that you earn at least enough money to cover your customary monthly outgoings and any additional expenses incurred during a particular span of time. Evaluating your income and spending as seldom as once a year will tell you whether or not you’re living beneath your means, but families living close to the financial balance point need to keep nearly constant tabs on cash flow, or risk falling behind. For the purpose of personal budgeting, it’s a good idea to track cash flow in monthly increments. Most credit accounts are… read more >>

It’s No Surprise: Generations Hold Different Attitudes About Money

Personal finance is a highly individualised experience. No one knows more about your financial goals, resources, and habits than you do, so you’ll always be the leading authority on individual financial matters. However, as personal as money management is for each individual, members of the same generation sometimes share similar finance tendencies and attitudes toward money. When members of different age groups’ points of view are examined, it highlights the distinct ways each generation thinks about money. Common Financial Ground For British Contemporaries Whether you’re talking about fashion, dance moves, or investment strategies, each generation leaves a distinct legacy. Individualism aside, generational trends are easy to spot. To understand the… read more >>

Financial Scams Pose a Real Threat

As if you don’t already have enough financial worries to grapple with, illegitimate money schemes present another concern, which can interfere with your financial health. Financial scams are nothing new, but as monetary relationships grow more complex and automated systems pose security flaws, creative criminals are only one step behind the latest technology, devising new methods to steal data and cash. If you don’t think your personal information and money are at risk, there are plenty of examples from recent history, which tell another story. From exploiting credit card processing glitches to orchestrating massive data security breaches, financial scammers are diligent, exposing consumers to an ever-changing array of underhanded financial… read more >>

Easy Ways to Start Saving Today

Financial pressure can make it hard to meet financial obligations; overspending only makes the situation more challenging. Fortunately for families committed to reducing expenses, there’s no reason to overspend on consumer goods and services. Armed with creative thinking and frugal dedication, you can turn around troubled finances and set the stage for financial stability. Every small bit of savings contributes to your overall financial good health. For results you can bank on, again and again, don’t dismiss even the most minor savings opportunities; they add up. And look for ways to change your unhealthy financial habits, so the savings keep rolling in. Make Smart Buys While it’s important to compare… read more >>

Lagging Financial Understanding Poses Problems for UK Families

Financial savvy is an important feature of adult understanding, because so many things relate to money. Not only that, but personal finance and budgeting concerns seem to be growing more complex, as financial relationships evolve in the UK. Effective household money managers must now contend with big-picture financial matters, such as pension management and investments, as well as routine daily spending concerns. For some individuals, equipped with the knowledge to operate successfully, personal finance decisions flow from genuine understanding. For some other Britons, however, a financial knowledge gap leads to problems managing money. Mobilising Resources for Financial Education Maths and economics have long been a part of childhood education, but… read more >>