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5 Things That Affect the Price of Car Cover

Motoring costs include your car’s purchase price and the associated finance fees, but that’s only a small piece of your overall motoring budget. You’re also responsible for the cost of repairs and maintenance, as well as insurance premiums, protecting you from expensive property damage and personal injury. With a wide scope of motoring costs to account for, it’s important to make savings whenever possible; carefully considering your insurance cover can lead you to better rates and help reduce your overall transport expense. Complex Cost Calculations Insurance companies use complex algorithms to analyse risk and set their pricing structures. Each case is unique, and the formulas they use rely on detailed… read more >>

Financial Challenges Worry Most UK Families

Britons have plenty of things to worry about. From the weather to the economy, there’s no shortage of details for people to fret. You’re not alone, feeling anxious for the future, so don’t worry that you’re worried – especially about money matters. Of the many different concerns UK residents get worked up about, financial worries are almost always near the top of the list. It’s hard to accurately generalise about personal finance. It’s highly individualised, and uniquely shaped by each person’s priorities and ambitions. People’s access to resources is not equal either; some people have enough money to stave off financial worries. For many UK workers, however, concerns about cash… read more >>

Wrap Up the Year With a Personal Finance Review

Time seems to move faster as each year comes to a close. One minute you’re preparing for fall weather, and the next thing you know you’re staring down New Year’s Eve. The holiday hustle and bustle is likely to blame; Britons are typically on the move during the season, spending less time on day-to-day matters. As quickly as it passes, the end of the year represents an opportunity to reset. The symbolic refresh offered by a new year is a significant milestone for individuals and business, looking forward to better days ahead. With New Year’s resolutions and other positive commitments in mind, many Britons turn over the year’s final calendar… read more >>

Take Simple Steps to Avoid High Car Repair Bills

The cost of motoring represents a major annual expense for UK families. Compared to the price of other household expenses, transport ranks near the top of the list for personal spending. Alternate forms of travel help some commuters find relief from high motoring costs, but families committed to keeping a car can’t skirt the high price of personal transportation. It’s easy to take your car for granted, as long as it functions properly and carries you to your daily destinations. But when things take a turn for the worse, and your car needs repairs, the cost of fixing it may present financial challenges. Do you have an emergency fund to… read more >>

Smart Credit Management Takes a Bite Out of Personal Debt

Managing money isn’t a task you complete and then move on to the next thing. On the contrary, keeping your finances in order is a lifelong endeavor, requiring your continued attention and active participation. Because you’re in it for the long haul and many of your most pressing financial concerns are long-range affairs, it pays to look at the big picture, as well as managing daily details. The most effective money managers adopt consistent, positive financial habits to keep their finances healthy. Among them, cost-effective debt management is one key to finding financial good health. Though it’s a natural part of your financial evolution, enabling you to reach your lifestyle… read more >>