Brexit’s Lasting Impact on Travel is Still Unclear

Professional analysts and casual observers alike have for months weighed the potential impacts of the Brexit divorce. Since the referendum, changes have arisen across many sectors of the economy, and clues have also emerged, highlighting the ways consumers have altered their behaviour, following the vote. As Brexit nears, even more details are coming to light, including predictions about how the shift will impact post-Brexit travel outside and within the UK. One of the problems preventing precise conclusions about Brexit is the fluid nature of the negotiation process, leading up to the planned exit. Though progress has been made in many areas, a no-deal Brexit leaves lots of unanswered questions, with… read more >>

3 Best Moves You Can Make to Improve Your Financial Health

Your personal financial health is affected by a number of conditions. While some of these influences are within your control, others are driven by larger forces. You can’t control the national economy, for instance, or the base interest rate. And you can’t change pension rules, inflation, or the price of houses in your area. With so many financial matters out of bounds, beyond your scope of influence, you can’t afford not to exercise domain over the financial aspects of your life that you can control. Though you have to play the financial hand you’re dealt, to a certain extent, it’s still possible to shape your financial future. In fact, with… read more >>

Informative and Entertaining Personal Finance Podcasts

Personal financial management encompasses a wide variety of disciplines. Not only are home money managers in charge of budgeting, retirement planning, and meeting structured savings goals, but whoever’s in charge of household finances must also monitor the larger economy, in order to make prudent financial decisions. Covering all the angles is a tall order, but technology can help. Communications technology makes it easier than ever before to access information and sharpen your financial skills. Several worthy personal finance podcasts provide insight and entertainment focused on money concerns. Whether you have a casual interest in financial trends and economic issues, or you’re seeking answers about a particular finance concern, tuning-in to… read more >>

Are British Consumers Overwhelmed by Personal Finance Dilemmas?

Financial decision-making is fraught with worry. What if you make the wrong choice? In practice, you’re stuck with the consequences either way, so you may as well try to work it out and hope everything falls into place. Unfortunately for many Britons, making finance decisions is easier said than done, leading to a type of financial paralysis. You’re not alone if grappling with weighty monetary issues leaves you unable to act with conviction. Recent research suggests a substantial share of the population experiences difficulty making financial decisions. Personal Financial Paralysis If you’ve ever lingered too long over a financial decision, you may be a victim of financial paralysis. Occasional quandaries… read more >>

4 Timeless Lessons for Healthy Household Finances

Managing money isn’t always a straightforward process. Although learning the ins and outs of personal finance can help you navigate some of the financial irregularities that arise, not every household money manager is a skilled accountant. Most Britons recognise their limitations and rely on expert opinions, when it’s appropriate. Financial analysts use trade tools and personal experience to evaluate every aspect of the economy, so their insight is a valuable asset, helping you understand how larger economic forces may impact your personal financial outlook. The following recommendations are drawn from collective analysis, serving as a guide to better personal financial prospects. Always Spend Less Than You Earn Sometimes getting back… read more >>