Why You Need a Business Plan for Your Startup

When it comes to launching a new business, there are a lot of different things that you’ll need to consider, from how you’re going to source your funding, to what kind of customer you’re going to target. While it’s tempting to jump into action as quickly as possible, and start seeking out clients, you need to ensure you’re properly prepared first. A business plan might not be the most exciting thing you create when you’re designing the ideal company – but it is something that you’ll definitely need to keep you on the right track. Your business plan doesn’t just help to guide you in the right direction when you’re… read more >>

Use Affordable Upgrades to Transform Your House – Without Overspending

Your house represents a substantial investment, and the sales price you pay is just the beginning. Spending continues for as long as you own property, covering the cost of tax, finance, and insurance, as well as repairs, maintenance, and improvements. From major renovations to DIY projects, improving your home has advantages at selling time, and upgrades also improve your quality of life, whilst residing in the updated house. Experienced house renovators are familiar with a common phenomenon, occurring when home improvement projects get underway. Despite focusing on one area of the property, renovators share a tendency to expand their ambitions, resulting in sprawling projects, well beyond the scope of the… read more >>

Can You Prepare Your Finances for a No-Deal Brexit?

Brexit officials have examined various scenarios under which the UK’s departure from the European Union might unfold. Though some proposals have gained support, the departure date draws near, without a formal agreement in place. Prime Minister Boris Johnson appears committed to the established 31 October divorce date, whether or not terms are reached for the departure. Parliament, on the other hand, has already passed legislation that could delay Brexit until next year. With so many forces struggling to reach consensus, a no-deal Brexit remains a distinct possibility. What can you do to fortify your finances for a no-deal departure? What Does No-Deal Mean for the UK? Working out the details… read more >>

It’s Not Too Late to Save Money in Time for the Holidays

Fourth quarter marks the end of the year, but it also brings the brisk consumer spending season spanning October through December. Among the extraordinary costs incurred during this period, holiday spending leads the way, prompting many UK consumers to drain their banks accounts and then reach for plastic, to carry them through the holiday season. Holiday spending captures a wide range of expenses, from food and entertainment, to travel and presents for friends and family members. With so many demands pulling at fourth-quarter budgets, navigating the holiday spending landscape is challenging for cash-strapped British families – particularly those without substantial savings in reserve. The bad news for individuals unprepared for… read more >>

House Renovations That Add Substantial Value

There is more than one way to climb the property ladder. With any luck (and the help of a sizable loan), you’ll one day join the ranks of UK property owners. But what’s your next step, on the way up the ladder? Each case is unique – financial decision-making is highly personal, based-upon your personal preferences and financial goals. Your age, earnings, and mobility also play a role, shaping your possibilities for property ownership. Your first property purchase may indeed be your dream house, providing a life-long home. But if you intend to move one day – whether sooner or later, it’s important to look at your house as an… read more >>