Sleek Personal Finance Apps Help Britons Manage Money

Keeping track of your income and outgoings is a substantial undertaking in and of itself, and basic money management is only the beginning. Personal financial responsibilities stretch beyond daily spending, you must also account for the month’s budget and plot a course toward your long-range financial goals. With so many different things to consider, people naturally lose track of their financial priorities, allowing details to fall between the cracks. Innocent omissions and insignificant errors don’t always have dire consequences, short-term loans can correct minor spending shortfalls, but regular mismanagement will eventually undermine your financial health. The stakes are high, so many consumers seek help heading off avoidable errors. In addition… read more >>

Estate Planning Includes a Look at Inheritance Tax

As if you don’t already have enough to worry about covering your day-to-day financial needs, you must also account for estate planning and inheritance issues, before departing. As well as concerns about your own estate, you may one day be involved in your mum or dad’s affairs, helping them prepare. In any case, the more information you have about estate planning, the better you’ll do getting ready for days ahead. Saga recently shared a group of recommendations for reducing Inheritance Tax. Whether you use one or all of the insightful tips to cut tax, the following steps and strategies may help ease your inheritance tax burden. Take No Action In… read more >>

UK Entrepreneurs Learn How to Put Personal Finance Skills to Work

Running your household is like managing a small company or overseeing a miniature economy. In the private sector, money comes in, bills require attention, and whatever’s left pays salaries or gets reinvested. Your household cash flow operates in a similar manner. In the government sector, financial managers at all levels are accountable to strict budgets, carving up the public financial pie. Like the nations and localities in which they live, individuals are also tasked with balancing earnings and expenditures, on a smaller scale. With so many similarities straddling personal and professional financial pursuits, it’s not surprising many personal finance skills directly assist business entrepreneurs. The Guardian recently explored how personal… read more >>

Mums and Dads Look to Universal Credit for Help with Child Care Expense

Universal Credit is a financial safety net designed to help UK families pay living expenses. The scheme helps pay child care costs, but it’s up to mums and dads to understand the benefits and make the most of universal credit. Buckling Under the Weight of Child Care Costs Child care is a major expense for UK families. New parents struggle adjusting and even experienced mums and dads have difficulty finding money to pay for proper care. When quick cash is needed, UK payday loans are available online, providing short-term financing for urgent child care spending. But child care is an ongoing expense; you can’t afford to scrape together last-minute child… read more >>

Proper Planning Eases Financial Worry With a Baby on the Way

Your hands are full preparing for a new baby. Not only must you address logistical challenges, finding room and time to properly care for a little one, but there are also widespread financial concerns brought on by a new baby in the family. Painting the baby’s room and picking out child-sized furniture are romanticised concerns soon-to-be mums and dads contemplate before welcoming new family members. It’s natural to embrace these significant family milestones, there’s more to preparing than choosing paint colors and buying a crib. In fact, your life’s about to change more than you’d imagine, with a new baby on the way; proper financial planning can help ease baby… read more >>