Help and Hope for Frustrated Uni Graduates

“I’ve graduated from university – when does my life begin?” That’s a question being asked by hundreds of thousands of young Britons who are existing in a postgraduate limbo, and doing so at an age when previous generations were already making their mark in the “real world”. The inability to secure a good job at a living wage is a problem for an increasing number of recent (and not-so-recent) graduates in the UK. And young people who can’t find sustainable employment very often have to put off moving into their own place, much less actually purchasing a home. If they are able to move into a cheap flat they often… read more >>

It’s Time to Get Realistic About Personal Debt

Personal debt in and of itself is not a bad thing. But some people regard debt almost as if it is a mortal sin. On the other hand, there are those who are entirely too casual about debt. Both attitudes are unrealistic and counterproductive to reaching your financial goals. Sensible attitudes and actions regarding debt are essential for sound money management. Like it or not, we’re a nation of debtors In March 2017, MoneySuperMarket reported that British consumer debt has now reached £240 billion. The report noted that 73 percent of UK adults admitted they currently have some form of unsecured borrowing, in the form of a personal loan, bank… read more >>

Proven Tools Build Financial Success

From your time in school, you’re probably familiar with the way information is presented and knowledge is driven home. It usually boils-down to a straightforward formula. Most often, theory is explored first, before practical applications illustrate how the theoretical information carries-over to real-life situations. A personal trainer, for instance, might learn foundations of health science, before actually training clients. And a teacher of any sort would certainly build an extensive scope of understanding, before going to work in a classroom. In these and other cases, knowledge is applied and leads to positive outcomes. But what happens when personal practices don’t follow along with proven theories for success? Unfortunately, many Britons… read more >>

New Challenges for Pensioners and Retirement Savers

If there ever was an era when retirement offered people a chance to finally take it easy and just enjoy life, that time is long past for millions of pensioners and for savers who are approaching retirement. Money is a significant issue for many if not most retirees, who are learning the hard way that a retirement isn’t likely to be carefree if there’s no way to fund it. As the government and employers scramble to cover the needs of the growing numbers of ageing Britons, we can expect to see shakeups in the systems that previous generations took for granted. Keeping apprised of the latest developments can help you… read more >>

Solving Common Financial Problems

Personal finance accounts for spending, saving, investing, and other monetary concerns. With such a diverse scope of responsibilities, family financial managers commonly run into challenges. Some obstacles arise due to external forces, calling-on money managers to react on their feet. Other difficulties are self-imposed, resulting from reckless spending and other financial improprieties. In either case, the consequences are very real for those impacted by money problems. Fortunately for Britons grappling with financial ill-effects, nearly every monetary issue can be overcome, using time-tested solutions. The process may take time and require sacrifices. And since financial failure has varying degrees, some holes are simply harder than others to climb from. Still, armed… read more >>