Coming to Terms with Brexit’s Impact on Complex Financial Relationships

Residents of the UK made their voices heard, electing to leave the EU. But as the changeover approaches, there are still many questions about the new face of finances – at home and across Europe. Until some of these complex issues are resolved, Britons remain at a disadvantage, wondering how Brexit will actually impact their personal finances. Since the vote to leave the EU, Brexit concerns have lingered in the background, influencing financial outcomes in the UK. The economy has actually fared better than many experts might have expected, showing some of the same positive signs shared by other countries recovering from the global financial crisis, now a decade behind… read more >>

Now’s the Perfect Time to Put By Cash for Next Years Festivities

There’s no question; December is one of the most expensive months of the year. With the holiday festivities in the rear view and a new year dawning, now may be the perfect time to start preparing for the next go ’round. If the upcoming season seems very distant, and you think prepping now is getting ahead of yourself, consider the alternatives. Are you grappling with post-holiday debt, working to catch-up after a brisk spending season? Is it a familiar pattern, leaving you in a financial hole year after year? If so, getting a jump on some of the inevitable year-end expenses could put you in a better position when the… read more >>

UK Trends That Could Influence Your Financial Future

The more control you have over your finances, the better chance you have of coming out on top. But with so many outside influences shaping financial outcomes, it can be difficult staying on course. Fortunately, financial advisers and experts are busy studying trends, passing-on their informed observations. Following months of uncertainty, fueled in part by Brexit and the general global economic climate, Britons are poised for a successful new year, wondering what it will bring to their financial lives. Although it’s hard to predict the future, some of the possibilities are outlined below. Where Are Your Finances Headed? A complex stew of economic and social influences impacts financial prosperity and… read more >>

Expert Tips for Holidaymakers

Traveling is more complicated than it once was. Gone are the days of packing as much as you want (without fees), stretching out in your roomy airplane seat, and breezing through the airport on the way to your gate. Security concerns, profit-oriented providers, and other modern travel realities have significantly altered the experience for holidaymakers. Although the playing field has changed, it is still possible to orchestrate rewarding travel, without interfering with a pleasurable holiday. Organisation, research, and proper planning will all help you sort through travel options, bag the best deals, and embark on a safe, rewarding holiday. ABTA Shares Travel Advice With so many things to consider, setting… read more >>

Londoners Use These Tricks to Keep Pace with Urban Spending

England’s much-talked-about inflation rate adds another challenge to family financial management. The Bank of England has bumped interest rates in an effort to curb rising costs. And the financial future includes the possibility of gradually easing inflation during the coming year. Even so, many working Britons are still trying to find their financial stride – particularly in urban areas. It’s widely known London is an expensive place to live, with an inadequate level of affordable housing and other costs higher than the national average. The median annual salary for Londoners approaches £35,000, but a substantial share of the population is doing its best to cover expenses with less money coming… read more >>