How Will Brexit Affect Your Finances?

Brexit has dominated the news cycle for many months, yet it seems little progress has been made hammering out a deal. If anything, the twists and turns of the negotiating process have made probable outcomes even more unclear. While incremental strides have answered a few questions, each new wave of discussion seems to unearth fresh uncertainty for UK consumers, begging the question: “How will Brexit affect my personal finances?” What Has Taken Place So Far? If you find yourself in the dark about your post-Brexit prospects, you are not the only one. The overall economy reflects some of the confusion surrounding the EU departure, and individual UK families are feeling… read more >>

Make Frugal Money Moves to Start Saving Today

Even when you mind your money, spending has a way of going off track. When it does, finding frugal hacks is the best way to turn things around. Long-term savings can also help, such as changing your mortgage or moving to a cheaper flat, but it’s also good to have options when you need to save money now. Make Savings Straightaway If your cash flow is tight, you can always get fast funding online, whether you have good or bad credit, but fleshing out savings is another way to boost your finances when you need more money in the pipeline. Try these tips to make savings straightaway. Eat what you… read more >>

Does Personal Finance Worry Slow You Down?

Are you prone to worry about your finances? If so, you’re not alone; effectively managing your money is a tall order. From common everyday concerns to long range planning, personal finance covers a lot of territory. And just when you think things are under control, ready to coast, unexpected spending emergencies can throw you into a tailspin. As important as it may be to keep tabs on your household finances, it’s also essential to preserve your peace of mind, so the process of managing money matters doesn’t interfere with other aspects of your life. The results of a recent survey indicate personal financial worries may affect UK workers, undermining productivity… read more >>

Mixed Financial Indicators Prevail as Brexit Uncertainty Reigns

The UK economy is characterised by complex, interconnected relationships that ultimately weigh heavily on the cost and availability of consumer goods and credit products. As one segment of the economy moves in a particular direction, other aspects are impacted, resulting in a continually changing landscape, which can be hard to navigate. Add-in a number of unanswered Brexit questions, and sorting out the health and vitality of the UK economy is an even greater challenge. British consumers have faced ups and downs for months – some directly related to Brexit circumstances, and others resulting from general economic conditions. A mixed set of indicators point to higher shop prices and slowed house… read more >>

Refurbished Gadgets and Other Tech Savings

Staying on the cutting edge of technology is an expensive endeavour. Makers continually update their product lines, so discarding last year’s technology, in favour of the latest and greatest tech goods, creates an unsustainable cycle for many cost-conscious Britons. Even if you resolve to skip over the latest iPhone release, you may be tempted to replace your mobile long before the end of its useful life. If you’re lured by new technology, you’re not alone; countless UK consumers embrace tech advances, hoping to ride the wave of innovation, without drowning in a sea of tech-inspired debt. Restraint and spending discipline are great starts, keeping technology costs in line, but what… read more >>