How to Build a Better Credit File

Like it or not, your credit history eventually takes on a life of its own. As long as you stay on the positive side of things, the fate of your credit file is in your hands, reflecting your good habits borrowing money, repaying debts, and managing revolving credit. Unfortunately, once your record includes negative entries, such as delinquent payments, default, foreclosure, and other credit inconsistencies, you quickly lose the advantages of a pristine credit file. Once damaged, it can be hard to repair your reputation. And the process takes a long time. Whether you’re just getting started establishing a positive credit rating, or you’ve been active in credit markets for… read more >>

Consumer Confidence Appears Shaky for 2019

Wide-ranging economic indicators flavour the way people think about money. As global and national conditions come home to roost in UK households, it colours residents’ feelings about their future financial prospects. When good news is present, optimism often spikes, making families feel positive and secure about days to come. But when negative economic news prevails, it can have the opposite effect, souring personal finance perspectives across the country. General financial sentiment among Britons is an important thing to consider, because it provides clues into how people are handling money and how their spending habits may look in the future. Studying prevailing conditions helps analysts identify trends and make predictions, but… read more >>

5 Places to Find Money for Your Seasonal Bills

Traveling during the Christmas break can leave you with a hefty pile of seasonal debt, heading into the new year. Although it’s expensive, the cost of travel is not the only financial hurdle Britons face during the festive season. Even if you don’t go abroad, staying in the home country for family celebrations can still results in high holiday spending. Christmas presents, festive events, and other holiday indulgences come with a price attached, usually exceeding the amount of cash on hand. As a result, you’re not alone if the early months of the new year are traditionally spent reconciling holiday debt. Unless you’re fortunate enough to pay as you go,… read more >>

Tourist Guide to The Algarve, Portugal

The Algarve is a one-of-a-kind tourist destination, and one of the most beautiful places in the world. Not only does it have a glimmering coastal strip that covers more than 95 miles, but it also combines everything from relaxing golf and ocean sports, with night clubs, beach vacations, and more. Combining a stunning natural environment with a heritage of picturesque coastal towns, the Algarve consists of a number of fisherman villages and natural areas. If you’re looking for beauty that you can’t find anywhere on earth, you’re sure to find plenty of camera-ready shots at the Algarve. For most, the location is considered to be a beach holiday-lover’s dream, with… read more >>

Finance Tips to Start the Year with Positive Momentum

It’s never a bad time to take responsibility for your finances, but the start of a new year presents a privileged opportunity to look backward and forward, at the same time. With the unique perspective, it may be possible to correct shortcomings and set your course for financial success in 2019. Did you reach savings goals for the prior year? Are your personal debts held at a manageable level? Has your income recently changed? Answering these and other relevant personal finance questions provides some of the information you need to steer your finances in the right direction. Didn’t save enough? Carving savings from your spending budget may help you redirect… read more >>