Depression and Debt Thought to be Linked

It’s no secret that money problems cause worry. Countless UK consumers struggle with financial challenges, adding stress and anxiety to their lives. But there appears to be a closer relationship between problem debt and mental health than was previously thought, according to recent analysis. The Money and Mental Health Policy Institute suggests money and mental health problems are strongly linked, citing a number of statistics from recently analysed data. Their research suggests some types of mental illness are more directly associated with mental health conditions, but that various forms of mental disease are closely linked to money and debt concerns. Problem Debt Prevalent Alongside Mental Illness A timely BBC article… read more >>

Money Saving Apps Help Users Bank Cash

How did your financial life get so complicated? If you think you’re alone, minding a full pot of financial worries, think again. UK consumers from all walks of life face similar finance and budgeting challenges. Tasked with daily spending responsibilities as well as long-range finance worries, Britons’ plates are full, tending to concerns such as their bank accounts, income and earnings, savings, investments, and household spending budgets, to name a few. Staying on top of things is a tall order, but UK families get the job done, with the help of finance resources that make it easier for them to manage money. From websites profiling multiple short-term lending alternatives, to… read more >>

Saying “I Do” Shouldn’t Mean Saying Goodbye to All Your Cash

As spring dawns each year, countless UK couples walk down the aisle, reaching important personal milestones and carrying on lasting wedding traditions. Among these time-honoured customs, it’s common for brides and grooms to host grand events for friends and family to join them celebrating their wedding vows. Despite their festive nature, or perhaps because of it, these gatherings can quickly grow expensive, by the time all the bills are paid and related spending is accounted for. Too many couples have learned hard financial lessons associated with overspending on lavish wedding affairs. But saying “I do” doesn’t have to be the same as saying “goodbye” to all your cash. With the… read more >>

A Small Emergency Fund is Better Than None At All

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it one-thousand times: It’s important to save money. While the notion is widely accepted, applying it to your finances may be more difficult than simply believing it’s a good idea. If you’re like many UK consumers, spending obligations pull at your paycheck from every direction, so setting aside savings often loses its place to other pressing priorities. In fact, the balance recently shifted to negative territory when UK consumer spending overshadowed earnings for the first time in decades. As a challenging household cash flow cycle continues, with no way to interrupt spending demands, you may even abandon the goal of building personal savings,… read more >>

How to Save Money on Spring House Renovations

As spring approaches, UK homeowners naturally turn their attention to projects around the house. From routine maintenance to repairs and renovations, the promise of warmer weather stirs the desire to upgrade and update house features. Whether you’re embarking on a major overhaul this year, or simply putting a better face on your house, with a few minor renovations, sticking to sound strategies can help you get the job done, on schedule, without unnecessary spending. Repair It Rather Than Replace It Many modern goods have limited useful life spans, so it’s often easier and more cost-effective to replace items, than it is to make needed repairs. However, when it comes to… read more >>