Steering Clear of Financial Fraud and Scams

Fraudsters don’t seem to take a day off, so scams are on the up, catching some unsuspecting Britons off guard. It isn’t a question of whether or not you’ll be exposed to some type of fraudulent activity, rather when it will happen – and more importantly, how you choose to respond when the time comes. Falling victim to a financial scam can have catastrophic consequences, rippling beyond a one-time financial loss. In addition to conning you out of your money, scams may also result in credit damage. Restoring your credit rating after financial fraud costs time and investment, adding to the worry caused by finance scams. Despite consumer warnings and… read more >>

How to Save Money Whilst Doing Your Part for the Environment

Personal values provide the basis for wide-ranging human behaviour. Consumers committed to equitable labor practices, for example, may choose to buy their coffee from a particular vendor, because that seller shares the same commitment to fair trade. In another example of the way individual concerns guide outcomes, parents may decide to send their children to an educational institution that embodies or reflects their social or religious values. At the same as values and preferences shape human decision-making, money also weighs heavily on personal outcomes. Despite their commitment to various causes and individual values, financial realities commonly mitigate personal behaviour, prompting people to make decisions reflecting what they can afford. When… read more >>

4 Ways to Boost Your Savings

Comprehensive money management requires attention on several fronts. Not only are you responsible for monthly money matters – bills and recurring payments, but you must also account for savings, investments, and unexpected expenses. Consistently tending to all your financial responsibilities requires discipline and commitment to your long-term financial health, as well as the ability to establish and execute priorities. Personal financial resources are limited, so you must identify spending priorities and effectively allocate your income. Unfortunately, when spending demands don’t leave you with an adequate financial surplus; savings may suffer. Small loans are a valuable resource, providing quick cash for unexpected expenses and short-term spending shortfalls. Paired with a well-funded… read more >>

Sluggish Savings Rate Could Complicate a UK Recession

Consumer spending has provided a consistent boost to the economy during Brexit negotiations. The economic turmoil many predicted following the historic referendum vote to leave the European Union was mitigated, in part, by strong household spending. Consumer’s continued willingness to spend money has surprised analysts, prompting warnings about debt. As the country approaches a potentially sticky Brexit transition, perhaps with no formal deal in place to guide the changeover, another warning has come to light, foretelling probable complications, should the country fall into recession. Savings Rate Concerns Savings rate measures the amount of money households keep in reserve. The figure is important because personal savings are a first line of… read more >>

Trim Monthly Spending for Year-round Savings

Monthly expenditures have a way of rising, even when you don’t consciously increase spending. If you buy a new car, adding a monthly payment, you expect the new financial obligation to add to your cost of living. But how does spending get out of control, without making major purchases? The answer is found in your personal budget, highlighting potential saving opportunities. Where Does All My Money Go? Household expenses are relentless, eradicating a substantial share of your earnings, month after month. Add a family, and financial obligations grow exponentially, providing for your spouse and children. And if you bring personal transportation into the equation, the cost of staying on the… read more >>