How to Manage Your First Professional Salary

Earning your first professional salary is an important personal milestone. The prospect of a regular income, perhaps following a trip to uni, offers a financial reward for all the hard work leading up to your first career position. Along with the status and increased self-esteem arising from permanent, full-time employment, your evolving professional life also presents a number of financial quandaries, requiring your attention. How does your salary stack up against your monthly obligations? Are you starting your professional life with substantial student debt? What are your financial priorities, now that you’re bringing home a steady paycheck? Answering questions such as these can help you work out a personal spending… read more >>

Sensible Ways to Spend and Invest a Financial Windfall

Wouldn’t it be nice to come into a large sum of money to spend as you wish? While it’s probably not a strategy on which to hang your financial future; it could happen. Inheritance, winnings, and even a profit made from the sale of your house could one day leave you with a substantial sum of cash, all at once. After the celebration subsides, marking the financial windfall, you may be faced with a number of questions, working out the best ways to spend the money. Should you buy a new car? Treat your spouse to a luxury gift? Make holiday? Each case is unique, so your financial circumstances dictate… read more >>

Money Savings Tips and Tricks to Reduce Education Expense

Studying at university is challenging enough without financial concerns adding another layer of worry. Maintenance grants and other student finance can be a big help, but tuition fees are on the up and families don’t always have money in reserve to make up funding shortfalls for would-be uni students having a run at higher education. Whether you’re still on the sidelines, preparing to take the plunge, or actively working toward a college degree, money problems are not breaking news for uni students. On the contrary, college kids are used to living frugally whilst earning an education. And since you’re not the first to navigate financial challenges while you’re away at… read more >>

Is It Time to Talk With Your Partner About Money?

Maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner requires enough effort as it is; the last thing you need is another complication. Money matters aren’t necessarily a sticky subject for every couple, but financial affairs do often grow contentious between members of a loving couple. If a financial issue has risen to the top, or you simply need to clarify a few financial details, it may be time to have a heart to heart with your partner. No one looks forward to heavy personal interactions about sensitive subjects such as money. However, left without adequate attention, your household finances are vulnerable to inconsistencies that could leave you in financial distress. A… read more >>

Avoiding the High Price of Financial Fraud and Scams

Managing money is difficult enough; the last thing you need is another financial challenge. Unfortunately, scammers and financial opportunists have different ideas about your finances; dishonest fraudsters are always at work devising new strategies to exploit UK consumers. Financial scams and fraud are on the up, with creative new rip-offs coming to light every day. If money is at stake, you can be sure someone is scheming to take advantage of the situation, for ill-gotten gains. You may not be able to change human nature, but remaining mindful and diligent about financial scams can help protect you from scallywags. Deceptive Cons It is thought a substantial share of cybercrime goes… read more >>