Frugal Holiday Strategies Keep Air Travel Affordable

Holiday expenses explode during the consumer-charged fourth quarter, pushing Britons’ bills higher than they are at other times of year. From travel costs to the price of entertaining friends and family, the holiday season bears extraordinary spending that isn’t part of normal household budgets. The result for many UK families is a backlog of bills, which may not be fully paid until deep into the New Year. As Christmas approaches and holiday travel plans come together, a frugal approach can help you save money during the season. From savings you make at the airport, to bargains established before departing, there’s no reason to overspend this year. The money you save… read more >>

You Can Only Make Savings One Day at a Time

Massive one-time savings are always welcomed, but you have to spend a lot of money all at once to save a big chunk of cash. How often do you buy something so expensive that getting a good deal changes your financial outlook? Your house and car are among the priciest items in your stable of assets, and you probably don’t replace them very often. It’s definitely worthwhile saving money on these things when you can, but if you only focus on extra-large saving opportunities, you may be leaving money on the table. Though high-profile savings opportunities may spark your interest and attention, incremental, small-time savings are equally as important for… read more >>

Taxes and Expenses On the Up Next Year?

Brexit and other factors presently weigh heavily on the future of the economy. And with changing tides ahead, the ripple effect may reach right into your pocketbook. According to some observers, there’s no way UK residents will avoid higher taxation next year. Pointing to converging conditions, leaving little choice but raising revenue with new taxes, analysts don’t place the blame on Brexit uncertainty alone. Rather, a series of moves made by the government and an expensive spending climate for providing public services also point to higher taxes ahead. As you work out the details of your personal budget, it pays to take some of your cues from the government and… read more >>

Can the 50/20/30 Budget Help You Find Better Financial Balance?

UK consumers are responsible for wide-ranging financial demands. It’s easy to get lost in the details as you balance earnings and outgoings, and to become overwhelmed, keeping up with your complex financial life. Anything that simplifies your personal finances and yields productive outcomes is worth a look – particularly if you’re seeking better accountability and budget discipline. Sticking to the 50/20/30 budgeting rule is one way UK households take charge of their finances and allocate funds. It may not be the best strategy for every family, but adopting the straightforward concept takes the guess work out of money management, and may provide the financial balance you need at home. What… read more >>

You Can’t Control Brexit But You Can Still Take Steps to Prepare For It

Any number of outside forces can have an impact on personal finance, so moneywise Britons stay on top of things, hoping to avoid unexpected outcomes. Brexit isn’t making it any easier. UK families have anticipated the impact of the sweeping change for many months, striving to understand how their finances will be affected. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been much clarity along the way, leaving even the most engaged household money managers with questions and concerns. With so many details to work out in the historic deal, it isn’t surprising that stumbling blocks have left some problems unsolved. But that provides little solace for UK businesses and families, now forced to make… read more >>