Sluggish Savings Rate Could Complicate a UK Recession

Consumer spending has provided a consistent boost to the economy during Brexit negotiations. The economic turmoil many predicted following the historic referendum vote to leave the European Union was mitigated, in part, by strong household spending. Consumer’s continued willingness to spend money has surprised analysts, prompting warnings about debt. As the country approaches a potentially sticky Brexit transition, perhaps with no formal deal in place to guide the changeover, another warning has come to light, foretelling probable complications, should the country fall into recession. Savings Rate Concerns Savings rate measures the amount of money households keep in reserve. The figure is important because personal savings are a first line of… read more >>

Trim Monthly Spending for Year-round Savings

Monthly expenditures have a way of rising, even when you don’t consciously increase spending. If you buy a new car, adding a monthly payment, you expect the new financial obligation to add to your cost of living. But how does spending get out of control, without making major purchases? The answer is found in your personal budget, highlighting potential saving opportunities. Where Does All My Money Go? Household expenses are relentless, eradicating a substantial share of your earnings, month after month. Add a family, and financial obligations grow exponentially, providing for your spouse and children. And if you bring personal transportation into the equation, the cost of staying on the… read more >>

Frugal Families Never Grow Tired of Supermarket Savings

When money is scarce, many people turn back to basics, focusing on fundamentals, rather than dwelling on things they can’t afford. Among the many basic comforts capturing their attention, providing healthy, affordable fare for the family becomes a top priority. From sourcing deals to preparing meals, mums and dads running households, as well as individuals, flat mates, and unwed couples, all appreciate good deals on tasty food. Supermarket savings appeal to almost everyone who has ever put food on the table; you don’t have to be a chronic coupon clipper to save money at the store. And you don’t have to trade delicious domestic dining for high grocery bills. Armed… read more >>

Are You Due For a Spending Slowdown?

Irrespective of your earnings, responsible spending is at the heart of healthy finances. Even with a comfortable household income flowing through your books each month, it is still possible to run out of money, before you’ve met all your financial obligations. Paying bills remains a top financial concern around the world, but beyond day-to-day basics, your financial goals may also include a new house, better car, or education for your children. Each of these reasonable ambitions is within reach, but only if you balance your financial flow, bringing-in at least as much money as you pay out each month. Responsible spending consistently totals less than your monthly earnings – any… read more >>

New Figures Reflect Consumer Price Relief Ahead of Brexit Departure

Just when observers thought they had a good read on the UK economy, important economic indicators may have them second-guessing conditions leading up to Brexit. Prolonged negotiations and Brexit uncertainty have led to economic instability, leaving many analysts unsure about the future of the UK economy – particularly what will happen following Brexit, which further complicates forecasts. Rising prices and stagnant wages have at times troubled onlookers, prompting UK consumers to dial-back spending amidst uncertainty. A new set of figures shows positive gains in some segments of the economy, providing a lift ahead of the historic departure. Inflationary Pressure Eases Consumer spending has filled a vital role during the run-up… read more >>