Global Trends Show an Even World Economy

UK financial trends don’t exist in a vacuum. On the contrary, global economics are at work influencing the health of every national system, including financial prospects for UK residents. While things happening close to home are important concerns, taking a broader view can be enlightening. In today’s environment, citizens facing inflation and stagnant salaries might be surprised by observers viewing the current state of global economic balance as ideal, in many ways. But that’s exactly the way some economists are weighing-in, according to a recent piece by Harvey Jones at Express. Using the familiar story about a young girl named Goldilocks to draw a comparison; the article highlights global economic… read more >>

Add More Income for Help Balancing Your Financial Equation

Turning the last page on the calendar is a symbolic move, prompting people to examine their lives and the progress made during the year. As the prior year falls into the past, forward-looking Britons often use the milestone to take inventory and plot their courses for the new year. In addition to assessing personal progress in other areas, financial matters are naturally in the forefront as people take stock and prepare for the coming months. For many families, the process includes a close look at personal spending. It’s no secret, buying power is down for Britons, as sterling languishes under the pressure of inflation. In order to keep cash flowing… read more >>

Holiday Season Savings for Cash Conscious Families

The most festive season of the year is on the horizon, and with it comes a storm of holiday shopping and entertaining. For those with deep pockets, the season is a time to spoil friends and family, bestowing presets and good times. But for others, facing challenges, the prospect of holiday travel and entertaining can be an intimidating financial hurdle. Not to mention finding funds for Christmas and Boxing Day presents, which add another layer to seasonal spending pressure. Whether you plan to celebrate quietly at home or pull out all the stops for joyous gatherings and seasonal travel, keeping a close watch on Christmas outgoings can help keep you… read more >>

Sound Advice for Car Buyers

Personal transportation is sometimes taken for granted, but a close look at the costs of motoring show it’s too expensive to be taken lightly. The cost of buying your car is only the beginning; a gateway to a series of related expenses. Once you’ve driven off the car dealer’s lot, you’ll face taxes, the rising cost of car insurance cover, volatile fuel prices and a number of additional motoring expenses. The total amount of money devoted to the privilege of keeping a car has caused some families to reconsider their attitudes. But even those committed to a new car purchase can save money, sticking to a handful of proven car… read more >>

Life Hacks Lead to Affordable Living

If you are like many other Britons, something inside continually challenges you to make improvements to your life. This shared drive sparks creative individuals to focus on particular habits and find the best, most efficient ways to conduct life’s “business”. Whether it’s a faster route to the office or a new way to make pie, people want to improve upon the status quo, leading to “better” behavior. Although it’s nothing new, the phenomenon has taken on a modern moniker, bringing self-improvement into the 21st century. Even if you haven’t yet adopted “life hacks” into your lexicon, you’ve no doubt engaged in the practice. Life hacks essentially represent shortcuts to some… read more >>