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A Baby or a House – Do I Really Have to Choose?

Since the cost of living continues to rise all across the board, it will probably come as no great surprise that the cost of raising a child in the UK is higher than it has ever been. According to research released in February 2016 by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR), the cost of raising a child to age 21 has leapt to £230,000. That is more than the price of an average semi-detached house in Britain (as of January 2016 the average UK home cost £196,829). And this is based upon sending the child to state school. Sending the child to a private school will increase the… read more >>

Are You Paying Interest on Your Pants

The first time we get credit, or make a credit card purchase, it’s a great experience. We feel at last like part of an elite club of card holders. This is because plastic is a status symbol, and you can see it everywhere you go. Credit card adverts always show happy people joyously using their cards to have the good things in life. However, what those advertisements don’t show is the downward financial spiral the interest schemes trick many people into. Take the example of a pair of pants. You might spend £100 on a designer pair of jeans, and then get that discounted by perhaps 10%, so you’ll think… read more >>