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Solving Debt Dilemmas

Lots of different spending commitments place demands on your personal earnings, so finding funds for all your bills and expenses can be challenging. In practice, most UK families lean on loans, credit cards, and other forms of financing to keep up with spending demands. As cash flow ebbs and expands, over time, successful household money managers find balance, keeping debt levels within affordable limits. At times, however, financial pressure builds, leading to excess debt, which can be hard to sort out. If you’re experiencing a bout with problem debt, timely action can help you bring the burden under control, before matters get worse. Whether you’re on the cusp of a… read more >>

The Widening Divide Between Personal Earnings and Debt

Whether you’re studying broad trends or looking closely at your own finances, assessing the debt to earnings ratio is an important part of the big picture. When economists track these trends, they examine how fast salaries are rising, compared to debt increases across the country. Banks, building societies and other stakeholders furnish the data, which is then broken down into an easily digested summary of economic health. Once the facts are in, analysts interpret the figures, injecting their own opinions and beliefs about the way things will unfold in the future. The summary snapshots created by professional prognosticators provide a general reference about economic health. Do earnings outpace inflation? Are… read more >>

Stop Losing Sleep Over Money Worries

If you’re losing sleep over the debts you racked up during the holidays, or the possibility that you might lose your job, or any other prospective threat to your financial well-being, you’re not alone. You’re also far from helpless, no matter how dismal your situation might seem right now. Coming clean about the “D” word One in four Brits claim that they are losing sleep over debts. And according to a study by Norton Finance, one in five people are feeling pressure from their family to keep on top of their finances, so they try to hide the extent of the problem when they fall short. A surprising number, especially… read more >>

There’s More Than One Way to Conquer Problem Debt

There is no getting around it: Britain is on a borrowing binge, and credit card debt continues to climb. Alas, every binge is followed by a painful hangover, and if you’re suffering the agonies of problem debt, you’re not alone. Fortunately there is a cure for what ails you. We’ve been spending like there’s no tomorrow Christmas debt is the gift that keeps on giving, well into the following year in all too many cases. But in 2016 credit card debt hit a record high well in advance of the 2016 shopping season. Households in Britain hold a total of £66.2 billion in credit card debt as of December 2016,… read more >>

Extreme Debt Management: Choose Wisely to Avoid Making Things Worse

Many people learn the hard way that it is much easier to get into debt than to get out of it. Fortunately, when personal debt gets out of hand there are numerous options available to fix the problem. The bad news is that there are no quick or easy fixes, despite what you may sometimes see in the adverts that promise to make your debts go away almost overnight. Here are some possibilities to consider when trying to figure out the best way out of your debt disaster. DMP, IVA or DRO? Oftentimes people who are having debt problems turn to lenders who offer various types of debt consolidation loans…. read more >>