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Survey Shines a Light on British Motoring Habits

The convenience of personal transportations is enough to lure most UK families – even if sacrifices must be made to keep up with motoring expenses. A new set of data highlights how Britons use their cars. Not only does the survey result shine a light on the central role the family car plays in everyday life, but participants’ responses also help put a number on the true cost of keeping a car in the UK. Motoring Costs Climb to a Surprising Level British motorists currently navigate an expensive landscape, marked by a high car tax, pricey insurance, and rising fines across the country. Coupled with a spike in petrol prices,… read more >>

How to Shore Up Your Personal Finances in 2018

As each year comes to a close, people naturally take stock of their progress reaching personal goals. Financial concerns invariably come to the forefront, prompting many individuals to ask themselves, “How can I do a better job managing my money next year?” Kicking off 2018 on the right foot may require you to make financial adjustments, so the early part of the year is the perfect time to tighten-up your personal finances and establish good financial habits for the new year. Review Pensions and Investments Effectively managing money calls for long-range vision, as well as daily dexterity with cash flow. Unfortunately, savings and planning for retirement are often pushed to… read more >>

Take Control of Your Finances This Year

January represents a fresh start for Britons, following a festive spending season. As the calendar rolls over, all eyes turn to financial matters. In most households, the first order of business in the new year is clearing seasonal debt built-up during the holidays. While the first part of the year may indeed be a time to repair your finances, there are many months looming ahead in 2018. What are the next steps toward a prosperous new year? If you share spending habits with your mates and neighbors, many of whom overspent this year, it could take as long as six months for you to pay off your holiday balances. Although… read more >>

The Cost of Running a Car Goes Beyond Its Sales Price

Very few things in life cost more than a new car, so buying a set of wheels shouldn’t be taken lightly. From reviewing makes and models to selecting affordable financing, doing a little advanced research ensures reliable, affordable motoring. If you jump in without the knowledge and resources to follow-through, however, costly car commitments can quickly sour your financial flow. The key to avoiding trouble with your car loan is looking beyond the cost of closing your new car deal. The true cost of running a car includes its purchase price and the associated interest charges, but there is additional spending to account for when setting your motoring budget. Before… read more >>

Start the New Year with a Close Look at Your Finances

Professional advisors stress the importance of undergoing periodic financial review. Checking-in on various aspects of your finances can help you respond timely, when changes are needed, and to make the most of your investments and holdings. When interest rates favor a mortgage move, for instance, conducting regular financial assessments gives you the knowledge needed to act in your best interest. And when economic trends call for a shift in your investment strategy, it is periodic financial review that guides you to the best saving, pension, and securities strategies. Timing your strategic financial review is a matter of convenience. But what better time than the beginning of a new calendar year… read more >>