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How to Save Money on Your Spring Wedding

Walking down the aisle on your way to matrimony is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so every bride and groom want to create memorable wedding experiences for themselves and their guests. Whether you host hundreds of friends and associates, or hold the number of attendees to a select sampling of family members, pulling off a glitch-free wedding day is a tall order. On top of planning and arranging venues, caterers, and entertainment, you have to sort out wedding costs and find a way to foot the bill, which can be the biggest challenge of all for struggling young couples. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to cut costs and save money… read more >>

Part 2: Moving House? Consider the Costs and Save Money on Your Move

There’s more to moving house than boxing up your belongings and changing your address of record; it’s actually a massive undertaking, full of daunting details and treacherous territory. What if the loan doesn’t go through? Will the kids like their new school? How much is the whole mess going to cost, when all is said and done? Questions such as these weigh heavily on moving families, making the process one of life’s most worrisome events. If you’re eager to ease into life at your new location, without spending too much moving house, advanced research and financial planning can help you answer questions and work things out, without turning your move… read more >>

Part 1: Moving House? Consider the Costs and Save Money on Your Move

Moving house is consistently regarded as one of life’s major milestones, often wrought with worry and angst. It’s a substantial undertaking, so the scope of packing up and changing locations is itself intimidating for UK families, preparing for a big change. Transferring property and arranging transport for personal possessions are only two of the many details to account for when moving house; there may also be employment and logistics issues, timing concerns, and other obstacles to overcome. The process naturally becomes overwhelming, at times, and if it isn’t already challenging enough to orchestrate a smooth move, you must also consider the high price of moving house and do your best… read more >>

You Can’t Hide From Debt But Someone Might be Hiding Debt From You

Economic tides come in and go out like ocean currents, so it’s hard to predict finance outcomes, from one day to the next. On the subject of personal debt, for example, analysts interpret economic signs and signals on display in the UK, and then issue assessments that don’t always agree with one another. When conditions shift, even slightly, observers’ opinions about the future of personal debt in the UK also change, leaning-in to the economic news of the day. Amidst this overflowing stream of prognostication, a new detail has come to light, adding another twist to the story of UK consumer debt. According to recent research UK consumers are not… read more >>

Self-Employment Tips for Effective Financial Management

The expansion of the global economy and advances in communication have changed the landscape for UK workers. Responding to the ever-evolving employment marketplace, many people have turned toward self-employment, launching small businesses or taking part in the gig economy. This new wave of entrepreneurs makes for a dynamic work force, but running a small business can also present challenges for inexperienced owners facing unfamiliar commercial dilemmas. Fortunately for budding business owners with questions about commercial finance, many successful ventures have endured, leaving a trail of tips for effective management. If you expect your small business to grow and prosper in 2019, it pays to develop a sound financial skill set,… read more >>