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Looking For a Few Ways to Save on Tax?

Everyone wants to do their part, paying fair tax. But unless money is no object, most people would rather not overpay. The overwhelming problem facing many taxpayers, however, is lack of insight and understanding about tax obligations. Tax matters can grow complex, particularly for citizens without a background in accounting and money management. Professional help may be in order, if you’re tax circumstances warrant extra help, but there are also steps you can take to pay less tax. From meeting tax deadlines to claiming proper deductions, consider the following moves you can make to save on tax. Confirm Your Tax Code Your tax code reflects how much HMRC will take… read more >>

Learning to Live Beneath Your Means

Your financial flow doesn’t always unfold in a straight line; peaks and valleys are a natural feature on the personal finance landscape. While plenty of peaks are an encouraging trend, too many valleys can be a sign of fundamental money mismanagement. The steadfast formula for effective personal financial management is consistently spending less money than you bring in. Ups and downs aside, your outgoings should ultimately balance with your income, ideally leaving a surplus to invest and put by for the future. As long as the scales settle in your favour, there’s no cause for alarm, but if negative imbalance consistently drags down your finances, you must be living outside… read more >>

Tips for Selling Your House This Summer

Summer is the season of holiday junkets and leisure home-grown fun, but for some families, the warm weather months may also include moving house. Moving is a massive undertaking, even when you’re not traveling a long way from your present dwelling. The process of planning, funding, and executing a trouble-free move is full of challenges, which may include selling your house, before moving on to your next address. You can’t control the housing market or create a buyer out of thin air, but you can take steps to attract interest and speed up your house sale this summer. From easy DIY upgrades, to promotion and staging, the more time and… read more >>

Consumer Confidence Slips as Summer Spending Sets In

You don’t need national polling data to assess your own finances, but the information does provide a reference point, measuring your financial health against a broader backdrop. In the current context, your personal finances may cause worry. Recent data suggests you’re not the only one concerned about your financial future; it appears overall consumer confidence is down, amidst rising worry over personal finance. Consumer sentiment provides valuable clues into the health of the economy, helping analysts recognise personal finance trends. Are shoppers turning out to retail stores? How much do families plan to spend on summer holiday this year? Do workers feel a sense of job security? Answers to these… read more >>

Mid-year Finance Tips for a Strong Finish in 2019

A new year typically sparks greater attention to important things that may not have gotten the focus they deserved during the prior year. Fitness, both financial and physical, often comes into view at the start of the year, prompting awareness and action, devised to improve physical and financial health. Despite good intention, by the middle of the year, resolve may be lacking and efforts to prop up your finances may have fallen by the wayside. If you’ve lost track of your financial flow, it may be time to buckle down for a mid-year monetary review. A close look at your mid-year finances can help put things back in perspective and… read more >>