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Adjust Personal Planning When Your Life Changes

Life is anything but a series of unrelated events. On the contrary, each action causes a ripple effect, impacting various aspects of your life. Money matters, in particular, are far-reaching, influencing everything from where you work and live to when you retire. With so many things riding on your financial plan, it is essential to adjust your approach when your life changes. Life’s important milestones can have a drastic impact on your finances, changing your direction as well as your monetary outlook. Marriage, divorce, and professional changes, for example, can leave you in good stead or undercut your financial health. The key to managing these significant events is anticipating their… read more >>

UK Savings Lag as Household Emergency Funds Dwindle

The complex web of global economics continues to show mixed signals in the UK. On one hand, employment numbers remain solid, pointing to a well-employed workforce. Yet wages are stagnant and UK consumers have tallied a sizable amount of debt during a decade of recovery from the mortgage meltdown and subsequent economic collapse. UK housing trends are vexing, as house prices remain extremely high, particularly in the UK’s most popular urban areas. And while interest rates remain low for mortgage-seekers with enough deposit money to make a buy, the long period without a rate hike is also partially responsible for a troubling negative trend. Personal savings among UK residents has… read more >>

Britons Face Concerns Following National Elections

It goes without saying: Elections bring changes to government. Even when the prevailing power structure goes unchanged, reelection to a new term in government can prompt incumbent leaders to make policy shifts. And when the balance of power is substantially altered, the transformation can be dramatic, as newly elected officials exercise their power and preferences. These types of policy changes have an impact on the economy and public spending, which naturally affects Britons’ personal finances. As the fallout continues from the recent national elections, the financial impacts of its outcome are murky. On one hand, the incoming government coalition may not change direction on fiscal policy. Yet, at the same… read more >>

3 Money-Saving Tips for Reducing Your Motoring Costs

No matter how focused you are on affordable motoring, the cost of staying on the road quickly adds up to one of your most substantial monthly expenses. Car cover, principal payments, finance costs, and maintenance become your responsibility the minute you decide to keep personal transportation. Unless you are willing to give up the convenience of a personal car, these and other motoring costs can complicate your budget. Before you give up your motoring independence, consider making a few money saving moves, which may cut costs enough to keep you behind the wheel. Each person’s circumstances are unique, so choose the tactics that will help you most and start trimming… read more >>

Scores of Britons Share the Same Money Worries

Managing personal finance can make you feel as though you are alone, facing an uphill climb by yourself. Although finance is an individual experience, in truth, you are probably facing many of the same money management challenges as your neighbour. Your financial success hinges upon countless variables, each able to strengthen or undermine your prosperity and financial security. Your informed and disciplined actions are central to positive outcomes, but even the most astute money managers grapple with financial trials beyond their control. As you proceed with caution, measured worry can help keep you focused, but it is also important to recognize your limitations and simply do your best, reconciling finance… read more >>