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For Small Business Owners, These Are Both the Worst and the Best of Times

Every year since 2013, in the run-up to the Christmas holidays, the UK has celebrated Small Business Saturday, which has been described as sort of a Black Friday for Britain’s independent businesses. (In 2016 it fell on 3 December.) It’s a fine idea as far as it goes, for small businesses are the heart of many communities and the backbone of the economy. In a very real sense every day is Small Business Day. However, apart from the fact that there are thousands of non-retail and other small enterprises that don’t or can’t participate in Small Business Saturday, it takes far more than an annual one-day promotional event to keep… read more >>

Driving is About to Become More Expensive, But You Can Keep Costs Down

As you probably know, the costs of purchasing, driving, and maintaining a car are some of the most significant expenses UK consumers face, second only to the purchase of the home. The purchase price – staggering though it might be – is only the beginning. And driving is about to become even more costly for millions of motorists. However, careful planning and prudent shopping can help you keep those costs down as much as possible. Consider all of your expenses The ideal time to begin saving money on motoring is before you even start shopping for your car. Buying a car can be an emotionally-driven experience, but you will need… read more >>

Empty Nest or Empty Bank Account? Helping Your Kids Without Hurting Yourself

If you’re a parent of (1) an adult child who has yet to leave home; (2) a child who has left home but is still coming to you for financial help; or (3) one who left home but has since come back… you’re not alone. In the tough economic times we’ve weathered in Britain for the past few years, millions of young adults have found it profoundly difficult to make it on their own. The phenomenon of grown kids moving back home is especially common and has been for years, to the point where there’s a name for it: “the boomerang generation”. There are many reasons that young adults continue… read more >>

Even in Hard Times, Poverty Is Not a Life Sentence

Though it sounds like a cruel joke, the fact is that being poor in the UK can be very expensive. Even though the economy is supposedly in recovery, many families and individuals still aren’t feeling that recovery. However, according to an Office for National Statistics (ONS) report released in May of 2016, people who fall below the poverty line in Britain have a greater chance of seeing their fortunes improve than in any other major European country. So there’s that. Still, a closer look at the true costs of being poor in Britain is in order, as well as a glimpse of some ways that the income-challenged can cut costs… read more >>

Is It Time To Boost Your Financial Health?

Millions of folks the world over make New Years resolutions, vowing to quit smoking, lose weight, get healthier, become a better person… the list goes on. But one of the best resolutions you can make (no matter what time of year it may be) is to sort out your personal finances. Give your finances a thorough checkup While those other resolutions might be quite noble, and might help you get healthier and improve your outlook on life, resolving to improve your financial health and actually carrying through on that resolution will go a long way toward eliminating stress in your life, and could actually provide you with greater freedom to… read more >>