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4 Things to Think About Before Buying Your Next Car

Aside from your house, the cars you buy are the most valuable investments made during your lifetime. In fact, transport is one of the most expensive spending obligations facing UK families. With the high cost of motoring weighing on your budget, it’s important to consider ownership expenses and other concerns, before buying your next car. Depreciation Making a good investment isn’t always the first thing on car buyers’ minds. Naturally, appearance and performance have most of your attention when you’re test driving cars, but it’s also a good time to think about the financial aspects of a new car purchase. Depreciation represents the value your car loses, from the day… read more >>

Timely Travel Tips for Holidaymakers

Holiday travel season is almost here, so UK families are working out their holiday plans. Whether you’re bound to visit mates in the EU, or sharing a luxury Christmas holiday with family members, there are many important details to account for, arranging holiday getaways. Though the process can be rewarding and even enjoyable for those who like travel planning, some people struggle with finance and other aspects of holidaymaking. If you’re overwhelmed leading up to family holiday, or could use a few pointers about travel planning, these suggestions can help you keep costs down and arrange a relaxing getaway for your family. Account for Brexit Many questions still remain about… read more >>

How to Save More Money Before You Turn 30

Saving is a sensitive finance topic many people prefer to avoid. Although putting by savings is a priority for most UK workers, the actual amount that makes it to the savings pot can be disappointing. For many British workers, that means paying bills each month, and then watching their savings goals fall apart. When money isn’t available to cover regular outgoings and whatever extra expenses pop up during the month, savings are often the first thing to suffer. Though finance is available from several short-term lenders – even for bad credit applicants, savers often tap their reserves when money’s tight. Financial challenges are to be expected, so the best ways… read more >>

Protect Your Investment with Home Improvements That Pay You Back

Houses are made of materials that deteriorate and mechanical systems that can fail at any time. As natural wear and tear breaks down buildings and their features, keeping up with repairs and maintenance is itself a tall order for UK home owners. In addition to the resources required to fix and replace worn and broken-down features, ambitious owners also look for ways to improve their homes, adding value and desirable upgrades. This type of home improvement goes above and beyond the cost of upkeep, adding spending demands outside the money needed to make repairs and conduct maintenance. Because home improvement investments can be substantial, the most cost-effective updates are those… read more >>

Gender and Finance – How Do UK Men and Women Spend Their Money?

Personal spending is shaped by countless influences. In some cases, necessity is all that’s required to drive a purchase; you need a roof over your head, so you’d better pay the rent. Under other circumstances, personal discretion and preference play greater roles, allowing you to weigh the costs and benefits of spending, before committing valuable resources. In still other cases, it may be your gender at work, exerting influence on personal spending choices. People approach financial decision-making in different ways. And personal money managers each have a different set of resources and responsibilities to manage. Despite the unique factors shaping our financial lives, observers often assign stereotypes, outlining expectations about… read more >>