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Londoners Use These Tricks to Keep Pace with Urban Spending

England’s much-talked-about inflation rate adds another challenge to family financial management. The Bank of England has bumped interest rates in an effort to curb rising costs. And the financial future includes the possibility of gradually easing inflation during the coming year. Even so, many working Britons are still trying to find their financial stride – particularly in urban areas. It’s widely known London is an expensive place to live, with an inadequate level of affordable housing and other costs higher than the national average. The median annual salary for Londoners approaches £35,000, but a substantial share of the population is doing its best to cover expenses with less money coming… read more >>

Affordable Travel Is Within Reach

Travel is your reward for staying on task throughout the year, so you naturally want trips to unfold as smoothly as possible – without incident. It’s also important to manage your spending while on holiday, so you’re not paying for travel all year long. Fortunately, there are things you can do to ensure trouble-free travel, without overspending on airfare, lodging, ground transportation, and other holiday expenses. Experts recently shared some of their favorite money-saving tips for an affordable holiday. Finding Travel Values Coordinating travel can be an intimidating undertaking. In fact, much of the planning was once left to professionals, skilled at securing the best travel values for paying clients…. read more >>

3 Ways to Clear Your Debt This Year

Unrestrained shopping can, of course, leave you with sizable debt. But even without falling victim to the lure of retail buys and other spending temptations, excessive debt can still become a problem. The good news for families starting the year in the hole: changing a few habits can turn things around. If your finances need a lift, use these tips to help clear personal debt this year. Changes Bring Savings Are you stuck in a negative cash flow pattern, leaving you with too much long-term debt? If so, changing a few of your financial habits may be all that’s needed to rein-in spending and find a sustainable budget. #1 –… read more >>

What Does the Future Hold for Your Family Finances?

Without the benefit of a crystal ball, predicting the future, you’re left making educated guesses about your personal finances. Even with a strong commitment to financial success, money management comes with a high level of uncertainty, influenced by circumstances beyond your control. As you work to maintain healthy cash flow and make financial plans for the future, the best you can hope for is accurate information and a little luck on your side. You never know exactly what is going to happen in the British economy and global financial markets, but things can change quickly. As a new year dawns, it’s important for you to stay informed about financial trends…. read more >>

5 Ways to Cut Costs in 2018

After the festive atmosphere clears and life returns to normal, Britons are left holding the tab for a brisk holiday spending season. The financial wake-up call can be enough to jostle otherwise indifferent money managers into action, restoring financial balance at home. The recovery process invariably ignites a call for money-saving opportunities to help offset the spending run-up suffered during the holiday season. If you need a boost paying down seasonal debt and want to take on the new year with a fresh frugal spirit, try the following money-saving tips for affordable living. Stick to a Weekly Allowance Payment technology makes it easier than ever to pay for goods and… read more >>