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Is Your Household Spend Near the National Average?

Overall household spending accounts for a wide variety of expenses. And each family approaches spending differently. Though there are sound budgeting and money management principles guiding prosperity and financial success, the “right” way to spend money is not the same from household to household. As a result, it can be hard to generalise personal spending trends among UK consumers. Without taking people’s many differences into account, one helpful figure provides an interesting reference point. Comparing total household spending for each UK dwelling provides a baseline level to assess, which captures all the customary costs of maintaining a British household. From food and entertainment expense, to insurance, energy bills, communications costs,… read more >>

Get Proactive For Insurance Savings

Insurance cover protects policy owners and bystanders from accidental damage and loss. Cover is expensive, yet the stakes are too high to carry on without it. Strangely, though you invest substantial sums in comprehensive insurance cover, your hope is that it’s never used. This unique reality sets apart insurance spending from the other things you buy. How often do you pay for a sandwich that never gets eaten? When was the last time you brought home a new gadget, but never flipped it on? While you can’t eliminate insurance spending demands, there’s no reason to pay too much for cover. As seldom as you actually refer to your insurance cover,… read more >>

3 Money-Saving Moves for UK Millennials

The much maligned Millennial Generation is judged harshly by some financial critics. Not only does the group draw disapproval for its spending habits, but detractors also look down on Millennials’ saving success – or lack of it. The two financial concerns are closely related, so the spending pressure facing Millennials may actually be the root cause of the generation’s slow savings rate. Struggling with the high cost of rent, lingering student debt, and stagnant wage growth, Millennials are caught in a swirling storm of financial uncertainty. For many members of the generation, full-time work doesn’t guarantee enough income to regularly put by cash. Though these young workers risk falling behind… read more >>

The Winter’s on Its Way – Are Your Finances Ready?

Changing seasons bring fresh challenges and demands, as Britons put summer in the rear view and embrace the fall and winter to come. Even with proper focus, planning and preparing for shorter days and colder weather, it’s easy for details to fall through the cracks. Is your car ready for winter motoring demands? Are the kids set with cold weather gear? Will you have time to tend your flower beds and outdoor duties, before winter weather drives you indoors? Anticipating these questions and other seasonal concerns can help you stay on top of demands, before winter worry sets in. Just as your physical environment changes with the seasons, personal financial… read more >>

Are Holiday Travel Savings in Your Future?

Planning holiday travel can be a challenging process. And if you don’t have experience working out the details, it’s easy to pay too much for air travel, accommodation, and other holiday expenses. Fortunately for novice UK holidaymakers, seasoned travelers and bargain hunters have identified the best ways to reduce holiday travel costs, without interfering with family fun. If you’re primed for the best possible holiday, but also need to keep costs under control, these strategies can help you plan rewarding travel that doesn’t leave you broke. Get the Best Price on Airline Tickets It can be hard deciding when to buy airline tickets. On one hand, you want to secure… read more >>