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Consumers Can Benefit from the Focus on “Financial Inclusion”

In recent years financial institutions and consumer advocacy groups alike have turned their focus upon “financial inclusion” or lack thereof. Those who are “financially excluded” include many people with low or unstable incomes, or those who have experienced a major upheaval in their lives. Single parents, widowed or single pensioners, migrants, and people suffering from long-term illnesses or disabilities may find themselves excluded, either by choice or otherwise, from banking benefits, credit, loans and insurance. Financial institutions clearly have a monetary stake in greater inclusion, but consumers can benefit too as banks and other institutions scramble over each other to find new ways to serve the under-served. Banks are hurting… read more >>

Budget Bedrock Builds Firm Financial Foundation

Each person’s financial outlook is unique, shaped by income level, spending choices and a host of individual money matters impacting financial health. In some households, earnings are consistent and adequate to meet expenses, pointing up savings and investments as principal concerns. For other families, keeping pace with day to day spending is a more urgent focus, leaving less emphasis on retirement planning and growing wealth. As you sort out cash flow conditions at home, stress your own priorities, but never lose sight of the big picture. Remember, effective financial planners share a common approach – regardless of income and resources at hand. For the best results, use budgets and discipline… read more >>

Cheap and Easy Seafood Lasagne

A while back, I was craving seafood, but also a lasagne at the same time. No, I am not pregnant–I made sure that I am forever done squirting babies out, thank you very much. And I was not high on weed, either. Not right then anyway, when I had the weird craving. So I had the cook whip me up a simple one for lunch, and what she did with it was lovely. Only took her a couple hours once she got back from the shops, so it can’t be that difficult. Though the cook was sweating a lot when she was thru, I think it is only because of… read more >>

The UK Housing Market: The Only Thing Certain is Uncertainty

There is nothing quite like reading predictions by economists to convince one that uncertainty is the only thing about which we can all be certain. This is especially true regarding predictions about the housing market and the direction it may (or may not) take in the coming year. Despite the sometimes confusing and contradictory information, though, it’s important to keep up with the developments in the market. Whether you’re looking to sell or buy property, or simply struggling to keep up with mortgage payments on your home, you may very well be affected by some of the changes (or lack thereof) in the months ahead. Interest in “Interesting Times” One… read more >>

Financial Fitness: Make This Your Best Year Ever

With a New Year on the horizon, many people are busy making resolutions that they may have every intention of keeping, vowing to eat better, lose weight, get healthier, make more money, save more money… you get the idea. For all too many people the resolutions are forgotten after a week or two, but it doesn’t have to be that way. All it takes to carry through on those resolutions is setting a realistic goal and committing to achieving it. Setting Realistic Goals Most of us try to start the new year by setting lofty goals for ourselves, and while this is indeed a noble effort, it is too often… read more >>