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10 Ways Students Can Make Money on the Side

Many students are short of money, with loans not covering much more than fees and rent and with worries about paying them back as well. It is not possible to hold down a full-time job and do a full-time university course, but there are ways that you can make money still. There are many opportunities for part-time work available; some are more obvious than others. It can be great to have some extra money and below are a few ideas on how students could make extra money at the same time as studying.

Take Part in Research Studies

Many universities have research projects running and some are able to pay people to take part. It is worth enquiring as to whether there is any running in your university or indeed any nearby ones. You may find that you will be able to do some work helping out and get paid for it. These will vary a lot but could be a lot of fun and participants are usually able to ask for a copy of the results of the research once it is complete which could be very interesting as well. Some studies will pay more than others and the work will be ad hoc, but it can be a fun way to get more involved with your university at the same time as earning some extra money. Make sure that you approach all departments and not just the one that you are based in. You are likely to find that psychology is a department that is likely to need helpers and the experiments could be a lot of fun. Look out for notices on notice boards within departments as well as general notice boards to find out more. Some research work may not be paid but it can be wise to take part anyway as you will be able to let them know that you are available to help and there may be paid opportunities available in the future.

Marking or Lecturing Work

If you are post graduate student it is likely that you will be invited to do some teaching or marking. This will be from courses in your field of study and can pay high amounts of money, although the work will not usually be regular. It is worth making sure that the head of department knows that you are willing to work so that you are given the opportunity if it arises. You will be likely to have some training and then have a small batch of papers to mark. If you do a good job then you may be offered more and possibly even exam marking as well. If you are not a post graduate student, then it is likely that you will not be offered this sort of work, but it may be possible in your final year. It is always worth asking just in case, because you never know what might be offered to you. You may even be able to invigilate in exams within any subject area which could be another way of making money within the university. Ask in the general office to find out whether there are any opportunities like this or to find out where they may be advertised.

Research Assistant Work

It may be possible to help out staff members or PhD students with their research projects. They may need help with gathering data, running experiments or other work, which you can help them out with. They will be able to pay you an hourly rate, which could add up to quite a bit of money. It will not normally be regular work, but if it is in the subject that you are studying, it could lead to work in the future and will certainly look good on your CV. This could be available in all subjects as there will be researchers in all departments of the university. Make sure that the head of department knows that you are interested and make sure that you put as much effort in as possible in your studies to show that you are capable of doing this sort of work. If you can collect and analyse data well, then this will show that you have the right qualities for the job. You may find that this sort of work is normally only available to post graduate students or those in the final year of their degree, but it is always worth asking to show that you are keen as you never know what opportunities may crop up.

Work in student union bar / shop

It may be possible for you to find some work on the campus, perhaps working in the student bar or shop. This will mean that you will not be too far away from the facilities such as library and computers and of course near for when you need to attend classes. It can therefore be extremely convenient as you will not need to travel from university to work and vice versa and in between work and lectures you can use the onsite facilities. You are more likely to find that they are flexible employers too as they will understand that they have to fit around your timetable. There will be limited jobs doing this sort of thing, but it is worth asking to see if there are opportunities as you never know what might turn up. You may even find that there could be office work or librarian jobs that you could do part-time to fit around your course. These positions may be advertised in the local paper rather than internally within the university so look on local websites or at local papers to see whether any opportunities crop up. You may find that as a student, you will get an advantage over other applicants.

Part-time Shop Work

It can be possible to find part-time work which will fit around your classes. Shop work tends to be most flexible with regards to the hours that you can choose to work and how many hours you are expected to work in total. You may just be able to work weekends, which could fit easily around your course. You might also be able to pick up some night, late evenings or early mornings, which could pay better and are more likely to fit around the times that you have to be in university. You will also find that they are unlikely to need specific qualifications for these sorts of jobs and no experience either. This means that if you have not done a job before, this can be a great opportunity for you. It can be a good way of earning some extra money without being too taxing for you. It could be a good way to switch off from your course and to do something very different which could turn out to be a lot of fun for you.

Twilight Office Work

This is evening work, which would be regular and probably every weekday evening. It is possible that it would fit around university, although some do have evening classes, so you will have to check your timetable. It can be good to have a regular job, but evenings may mean that you cannot join in with some extra-curricular activities. The work is usually in offices and can be things like data entry or filing and so will not normally be too difficult mentally so will be a break from the university work that you are doing. It is worth finding out exactly what will be expected of you so that you can work out whether you think that you will be able to cope with it on top of your university work.

Night shift work

It may seem silly to do night shift and then a day at university but some courses are very sparse with regards to teaching content. It could be possible for you to work nights, do a few hours at university and then catch up with your sleep, fitting in your work and revision around it too. This will not suit everyone, but if you do not mind doing shift work and are confident you would get enough sleep to fit everything in, then it could work for you. You will need to do a course where there is very limited teaching time or do it part-time around the full-time job. Some courses only require 2-3 hours a day and so could easily be fitted around night work, but you would have to make sure that the hours you are expected to work would fit around the night shift work, allowing you to get a block of sleep. You may be able to find some work that is just weekend nights and this will easily fit around your course and you will have plenty of time to catch up on sleep during the weekend days.

Temporary Holiday Jobs

It can be easier to wait for the holidays to find a job. You should be able to pick up some temporary work for these periods, perhaps in your home town while staying with your parents. This will enable you to do full days and therefore get a decent amount of pay. You can send your CV off to temping agencies before the end of term so that you can line something up for when the holidays start. You will find that there will be a mix of factory and office work and some will just last a day or a few days to cover sickness and others could last for weeks or months. It will depend very much on the company that wants the worker and you can specify with the agency if you wish to do long term temp work or whether you do not mind doing odd days.

Sell books/resources

If you buy all of the books are resources for your course new, then it can be wise to sell them when you have finished with them. You may not want to do this, but it is unlikely that you will need them again and you could generate some income doing so. You can do even better if you buy them second hand and then sell them afterwards and you could find that you will make back the money that you spent. You may have other resources that you have bought as well that you can sell once you have finished with them in order to make back some money. It may not be a fortune, but it could be enough to help you cover the cost of some new books or other things that you need. You may even be able to sell laptops, phones and tablets if you decide to upgrade them or are lucky enough to be given new ones and make some extra money that way. You can choose to sell online or advertise on university notice boards. Often there are places where you can put posters advertising books and things for sale. Put them on the relevant departments notice board and you should easily be able to find some customers.

Freelance Work

It is easily possible to do freelance work to fit around your studies. There are many online companies where you can search for freelance work and there are many different areas that you can work in. Popular jobs are in writing, graphic design or programming but you will find that there are many other types of work that you can do as well. The great things is that you will be self-employed and so just take on the amount of work that you know that you will capable of doing without it having a negative impact on your studies. As you can do this from anywhere, it means that even when you return home for the holidays you can continue with it, should you want to and keep generating some income during the holidays. Once you get some regular customers, you may find that the work keeps coming in without you even looking and you will find it really easy to earn some extra money this way.

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