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20 Easy and Well-paid Part Time Jobs

Finding work these days is not easy and finding part-time work can be even harder. If you want a job that is easy, well-paid and part-time then you may have a hard job finding anything. However this list of suggestions should help to get you started.

Freelance Work

Many people do jobs on a freelance basis. This is very flexible and means that they can just do the hours that they want. Many jobs can be done like this such as photography, writing, design, programming etc. Whatever skills you have you should be able to find a freelance job that will suit you. As you will be self-employed you can dictate how much you want to be paid and how many hours you wish to work. There are many websites now where you can pick up freelance work without even having to leave the house or have an interview. You will just need to make sure that you have a CV prepared and you can point your potential employer towards some examples of your work.

Temp Work

Temporary work can be a good way to get odd days of work. There are many job agencies on the high street that can help secure positions like this. Often the jobs are for a few days to cover someone if they are unwell. They can be as easy as covering a phone or reception desk or just helping an office get back on top of the filing or other simple jobs. They are low stress as you will not be expected to hold any responsibility because you are with a company for such a short amount of time and they can pay quite reasonably considering. For some you will not even need previous office experience.

Supermarket / Shop

Working in a shop or supermarket usually allows you to have fairly flexible hours. You will be able to ask to work at certain times and see whether they can accommodate you. Although shop and supermarket work is not really well paid, it tends to be easy work. It may be possible for you to do night shifts at 24 hour shops or to stack shelves out of hours and get a higher rate of pay that way. Places will vary in the hours that they need to cover and how much they are prepared to pay, so it is worth doing some research.


Cleaning is something that most people are capable of doing which means that it is a good choice for anyone who is prepared to work hard. If you do personal cleaning then you will be able to negotiate your own hours and work as much as you like as well as charge what you want. You may want to consider insurance though, just in case you damage any belongings while you are cleaning. Alternatively you can work through a cleaning company, the pay will be lower but they will be able to find you jobs and sort out the necessary insurance.


There is a big demand for carers these days. This is not just for people working in care homes but also for those working in people’s homes. If you work through an agency or at a care home, you are unlikely to be paid as much as you would if you work for an individual. They will choose what to pay you and as there is no agency taking a cut then it is likely that you will be better off. There are many people who need care in their own homes and are happy to employ someone to do it outside of an agency. This can be hard work, but it is not skilled and can be well paid.

Teaching Assistant

A teaching assistant usually works within school hours or less. This can be a really good job for someone with children who are at school who wants to work around this. You will need to study first though and do volunteer work for a while before you can get paid work. However, if you like being with children it can be a good opportunity and the courses are sometimes funded so you may not have to pay to study. It is sometimes possible to work as dinner lady while training to earn some money on top of the volunteer work and this work experience could lead to a job.

Night Shifts

Night work tends to be better paid than day work and there are many opportunities for it. You will need to be happy to work in the night and confident that you will be able to concentrate fully at night and catch up with your sleep in the day. You may be able to find driving, factory or other work at night and many may offer part time hours.

Buying and Selling

If you like selling things online then buying and selling things could suit you. You will have to have space to store stock and be prepared to invest in it initially. Research where there are gaps in the market, find stock to fit it and then sell. You can easily sell online using your own website, other websites or auction sites. You can spend as much or as little time working as you wish and can make a good amount of money as long as you find a gap in the market and set your prices right.

Selling Your Crafts

If you are artistic then you could try making money selling art or crafts that you make. If you already produce pieces then you could consider selling them to generate some income. It can be possible to make a lot of money from pieces if you make a big effort. Obviously things that take more time to produce will be able to be sold at higher prices. You can sell items online or consider having a market stall or even pop-up shop to see how well things sell that way. Consider what sort of person will buy the things that you produce and whether it is better to sell locally or online.

Twilight Office Work

Some offices offer part time evening positions. These jobs often involve filing or doing work left behind in the day. You would normally work a few hours per day and get paid a decent amount for it. Experience of office work would probably be needed but it could be worth going for anyway. This work is often easier than a full time office job as the limited hours mean that you are less likely to be given much responsibility and you may even not have that much work to do. You are less likely to be disturbed by phones ringing as well because most people would call during office hours.

Job Share Office Work

Many more people are job sharing these days. It is a way of working part time but completing a full time role. Many companies are more open to it as well and so it can be worth looking for. Often the job share roles are in offices, but you could find them in other places as well. You will need to be able to be happy to share your responsibilities with someone else but it could mean that you are spreading the burden of a role and therefore that you find it much easier.

Job Share Teacher

Although a teacher has school holidays off work, they still put in a lot of hours during school days as well as preparing in the holidays. This means that it can be a demanding job and many teachers choose to work part time. This could be two or three days a week or just mornings or afternoons. If you have a teaching qualification then this could be an ideal opportunity for you. If you have a degree but no teaching qualification then it takes just a year to get a teaching qualification which will enable you to apply for this sort of job.

College Lecturer

Lecturing does not need a teaching qualification and therefore is open to anyone with a degree or relevant qualifications and experience. You will need to have relevant qualifications and often a degree in the subject you are teaching. You may have all of the material prepared for you and just have to turn up and teach it, which makes the job pretty easy. Alternatively you may decide to design your own course at a local college and this will take a lot more work but once set up could be something you teach year after year.


You do need qualifications to be a childminder and you will have checks as well. However, it can be a job that fits well around your own children. You could choose to have older children before and after school or younger ones during the day. If you are self-employed it will be up to you. You may rather work in a nursery or breakfast or after school club but things will be less flexible and you may be expected to do holiday work.


Telesales may have a bad reputation but it may not be as bad as you think. You may be able to work part time at home. You can work for charities trying to get donations, as a head hunter or doing market research. The job can fit around other things and be something that could potentially pay well for you. Even if you do not like people who phone you trying to sell things, do not rule this job out as you can use all of those bad callers as a model to base yourself on and make sure that you do the job better than them.


Many people think that catalogue work is not good. You will deliver catalogues and then process customer’s orders and earn commission on sales. However, if you work hard then you could make a lot of money from them. Some people hold parties, deliver to their family of friends and build up a good network of interested customers. It may become a good money maker for you and can easily be done part time. You will need to be patient though as it will take a while to find all of your potential customers.

Street Fundraising/Surveys

Companies sometimes want people to work for them on the street either getting people to donate to charities or doing surveys. This work can be tiring and you may get cold and wet outside. You will need to be the type of person that is happy chatting to others and can cope with those that are not interested and could even be rude. However, it is not normally full time work and can pay a good rate. It may be worth seeing whether there are any jobs like this in your local area.


Tutoring can be a great way to earn extra money, particularly if you have been a teacher in the past or have teaching experience. Often tutors will also earn extra money by marking exam papers as well. You may prefer the idea of working one on one than teaching a whole class anyway. You will need to research the going rate locally to find out what to charge, but by advertising your services in the local paper you should soon find that you get some interested students and hopefully your reputation will spread.

Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor

There are many jobs available for fitness instructors. If you enjoy going to the gym and know a lot about working out then this sort of job could be good for you. You will need to make sure that you get the right training and look into insurance as you will be teaching people how to exercise and there is always a risk of injury. This job can fit around as many hours as you want to give it. You can negotiate training times with your clients to suit you and them.

Waiting/Bar Work

This sort of work is usually later in the day either lunch times or evenings. It can be a difficult job as you have to be kind to the customers all of the time even if they are not kind to you. You will be on your feet as well. However, on top of your wages there is a chance of earning tips as well. In the UK people do not tend to tip that well, but even small tips can add up to make the job worth considering.

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