DIY Projects to Improve Your House This Spring

Getting on the property ladder is a significant milestone, especially with today’s pricey house market making it harder to climb aboard. Once you own a house, if you’re fortunate enough to put by a deposit and close on an affordable property, you want to protect your investment. House improvement projects not only protect your stake, but making renovations and updates can also add value to your property. DIY efforts, in particular, can transform interior spaces without substantial spending, and also increase kerb appeal at your home address.

With much to gain, spring welcomes house owners eager to conduct repairs and update their properties. Among the many projects slated for the season, DIY jobs represent a large share of the work. According to recent research conducted by home improvement specialist B&Q there are more than 400 million such projects planned for the upcoming year, so UK house owners are no stranger to the benefits of rolling up their sleeves for renovations and house updates. Although each DIY job is unique, several sought-after upgrades are found on many makeover lists.

Top DIY Jobs to Transform Your House

For DIY house projects on your spring agenda, the scale and scope of work may be wide or narrow, depending upon the age and condition of your home. If you’re like many Britons, your kitchen is the room crying loudest for help. Many of the B&Q research subjects identified their kitchen fittings and fixtures as tired, needing attention. New tiling is also wanted in many homes, as well as many subjects’ expressed desire to update paint colors, to be on trend.

Thirty-six per cent of those surveyed pointed to lack of time as the biggest reason for failing to clear their household upgrade to-do lists. Yet as spring sets in, many UK owners are prepared to buckle down, find funding, and take-on some of these popular DIY renovation projects.
Swap Cupboard Doors – Like other features found in your house, kitchen and bathroom cabinetry grow outdated, and stand out for the wrong reason. At the same time, most of the wear and tear on cupboards affects the doors. If your cabinetry is tired, it may be possible for you to replace only the doors, rather than making drastic changes to your existing layout. This accessible DIY effort can leave you with a modern, fresh, look, for a fraction of the cost of a full-scale redesign.

Touch-Up or Cover Tired Paintwork – Many home improvement projects are intimidating, but house owners have a long history of tackling DIY painting jobs. If your walls are not too far off, you may be able to get by with minor touch-up, but changing a room’s color with a full coat of fresh paint is a relatively easy way to make a big impact.

Update Knobs and Fixtures – The cost of major renovations quickly adds up, so some frugal owners take a pinpoint approach, targeting updates that provide the greatest return on investment. One way to save money, yet change the overall appearance of your home is to replace light fixtures, towel bars, door knobs, light switch covers, and other details. New accessories not only sparkle, compared to worn, used items, but when you buy matching groups, it ties together the whole house, making the details appear original.

Tend to Your Windows – There are many ways to treat windows, ranging from draperies to wooden blinds. If your window coverings aren’t holding up, replacing shades, blinds, curtains, or drapes can have a dramatic impact, updating your interior. Custom treatments may set you back, but affordable off-the-shelf varieties are also available, for a lower price. Before committing to a new look, be sure to evaluate how light enters your home at various times during the day, so you settle on an option that fits your lifestyle.

Deep Clean – Under ideal conditions, cleaning carries on regularly. However, work commitments and family obligations often take precedence, leaving housework on the back burner. Before getting too ambitious about renovations, consider the benefits of deep cleaning, which may be all that’s needed to revitalise some of your home’s tired features. Carpets a mess? Steam cleaning may restore your flooring’s lustre. Curtains looking drab? Laundering with an oxygen-based cleaner might bring the color back. Stained tile bringing down your look? Scouring and sealing can help spruce up tile and slow future fading.

Whether you’re an experienced DIY renovator, or you’re just getting started with residential updates, spring is a great time to complete the jobs you’ve been putting off all winter long. These and other creative project ideas can help you reap DIY rewards today.

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