Don’t Let Scams and Travel Slowdowns Interfere With Summer Holiday

You’ve waited all year long for a summer break, and holiday finally looms on the horizon. Anticipating this well-deserved respite from your job and other day to day worries, the last thing you need are travel hiccups. Scams and personal missteps are some of the biggest offenders, so boosting awareness and covering all the possibilities can help you avoid trouble.

Travel Fraud

Opportunistic scammers target summer travelers. Despite your best efforts to see through illegitimate offers, some sophisticated scams are hard to spot – even by savvy consumers. The high level of competition within the travel industry creates a perfect environment for scam artists. Everyone wants to save money on travel, right? Criminals know this, so they exploit holiday planners’ appetite for travel deals, often making offers that are too good to be true.

Travel fraud is on the rise, growing by double digits last year. The consumer cost of each incident is also rising. Adopting realistic expectations can help you identify bogus travel deals, before money is on the line. Due diligence is your strongest defense, so avoid “instant” travel deals and offers prompting you to act fast, before the promotion ends. These scams rely on impulse reactions to deeply discounted travel goods and services. Taking time to confirm travel offers deflates these travel scams and protects you from “instant” financial losses.

Paying by credit card adds another layer of protection against travel scams, but disputes are sometimes limited to 60 days. If you’ve paid up front for a travel deal, far in advance, credit card protections may not be strong enough to recover money lost to travel scams. Dealing directly with individuals offering accommodation can also lead to problems. Booking through established providers such as Airbnb provides greater assurance you’re working with a legitimate home owner. And if you do run into problems, these professional lodging services typically offer money back guarantees.

Dealing With Costly Delays and Disruptions

In addition to the negative impacts of intentional scams, travel delays and airline service interruptions can also interfere with your travel timeline. Failure to board on time can cause you to miss connecting flights and sometimes results in lost accommodations. Correcting snags caused by late and canceled flights not only takes time away from your holiday, but straightening things out also often results in added expense. If you’re traveling within the EU or flying with an EU airline, travel compensation policies protect you from loses, resulting from airline errors.

Flight delay compensation remunerates travelers who lose time and money because their airline fails to deliver agreed upon (paid for) services. Delays, cancelations, and other travel disruptions beyond your control may qualify for payments covering the added costs. Because travel issues are not isolated, airline problems often grow into costly challenges. Missing a flight or boarding late due to your airline’s mistakes can interfere with the rest of your trip. For instance, a late flight can impact your travel itinerary, forcing you to change ground travel and accommodation. Even waiting at the airport can result in unnecessary expenses, such as communication charges, meals, and travel incidentals. Submitting an online compensation request helps inconvenienced travelers hold airlines accountable for these costs.

According to, you are entitled to reasonable payments when your airline falters. If they keep you waiting for more than two hours, they are obliged to provide food and drink, overnight accommodation as appropriate, and access to emails and phone service. If you’re delayed overnight, the airline is also responsible for ground transportation between the airport and your accommodation. Further payments are mandated, based upon the length of your delay and other factors, such as the distance to your destination. If the airline fails to provide vouchers accounting for these requirements, it’s up to you to collect your receipts and submit a compensation claim.

Travel scams and airline problems can put a damper on holiday fun. Vetting providers and staying on your toes while traveling can help you avoid becoming a victim. When your air travel plans run amuck, you may be entitled to compensation from the airline. Consider submitting a claim if your airline keeps you waiting longer than two hours and fails to provide the appropriate financial considerations.

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