Easy Ways to Save on Summer Holiday Travel

It’s no secret, inflationary pressure is eroding your buying power. As the price of goods and services continues to rise, the only way to maintain the same level of spending strength is cutting costs. This isn’t good news for holiday travelers, embarking on summer excursions.

If you’ve committed to a travel budget within your means, but rising costs are putting your summer plans in jeopardy, you may need to adjust your approach to this year’s holiday. With discipline and flexibility, you should be able to find enough savings to enjoy holiday travel without making substantial sacrifices. The following money saving travel strategies are only a few of the ways you can bring down costs this season.

Save on UK Rail Fares

Transportation represents a substantial share of your holiday budget, so reducing travel costs is a big step in the right direction. If you plan to spend time on the rails this season, reduce the expense can help free money for other holiday spending needs.

The average price of rail travel in the UK has risen by nearly 25% since 2011. And the complicated fare schedules for various routes can make it hard to interpret the most economical fares. If you are serious about saving money on travel, take the time to plan your rail needs in advance. The cheapest tickets come out 12 or more weeks ahead of departure times, so getting an early start can save substantial sums. Even if your plans don’t come together until days before your holiday starts, booking ahead can still save you money.

The days and times you choose to ride the rails has a lot to do with the price you pay for travel. You can save money by avoiding peak travel times, which include standard Monday through Friday business hours. Off-Peak and even Super Off-Peak ticketing options are available for travelers with enough flexibility in their schedules to take advantage of the deals. Multiply the savings by the number of family members traveling and these low fares can really make a difference to your bottom line.

Railcards furnish additional savings, offering special promotions for individuals and families. Railcard plans like Two Together and Family & Friends extend valuable discounts that quickly pay for the cost of buying the cards. For as little at £30 annually, travelers can save up to 60 per cent on children’s fares and as much as 30 per cent on adult tickets. Additional group savings may also be available from rail companies.

If airport train options are part of your planning this season, compare express and standard routes for savings. And like other rail travel, try to book airport trains well ahead of travel dates, which can cut costs by more than 60 per cent.

Pay Less for Air Travel

Much like advanced booking on rail cars, setting-up your flights far ahead of departure dates can save you money. But this isn’t the only way to maximise your air travel budget. To cut holiday travel costs, you should also sign up for travel notifications from your favorite airlines. Not only will they contact you directly when offering reduced fares, but competitive airlines are also known to furnish special online vouchers and savings coupons to your inbox.

Off-peak travel is another money saving option for air travelers with flexible itineraries. And when you don’t mind a slightly longer travel path, an indirect travel route may prove worth the savings, when compared to direct full-fare alternatives. Additional money-savings moves for air travelers:

Track Flights – Various travel services such as Google flights and Kayak make it easy to keep tabs on changing air fares. Especially when travel dates are flexible, monitoring rising and falling fares gives you the inside track on the best available rates.

Don’t Delay – Once you’ve found a favorable fare don’t waste any time booking the discounted ticket. The best deals don’t last long and with so many resources connecting consumers with the flights they need, countless would-be travelers become aware of the deals at the same time you do. Don’t forget that if your flights have a delay of over 3 hours, you will be entitled to compensation.

Use Benefits – Frequent flyers have long been rewarded for logging trips with airlines. You typically don’t save money until you redeem the benefits, so check your airline accounts before flyer – you may qualify for a free flight or reduced air fare.

Whether you need discounted plane tickets or savings on rail travel, sticking to these easy travel tips can cut the cost of your next holiday.

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