Facing the Rising Cost of Getting Married in the UK

Some of life’s most noted milestones are also among the most expensive challenges people face. Completing your education, buying a house, raising a child, and other rewarding experiences call for large sums of money. And though you can share some of these expenses with your spouse, getting married is itself an expensive proposition.

There are lots of ways to approach nuptials, from low-key events for close family and friends, to high-profile affairs that draw hundreds of guests. In practice, most weddings fall somewhere in the middle, reflecting the values and preferences of the bride and groom.

Wedding Costs on the Rise

Whether or not you host a large number of wedding guests and treat them to a lavish celebration, your wedding budget should reasonably reflect what you can afford. However, the average cost of a UK wedding already tops £25,000 and according to experts the price for getting married is expected to surpass £30,000 within the next ten years.

Compared to an average UK salary of £27,000, the cost of getting married can leave you wondering where you’ll find the funds to finance your special day. Fortunately, these savings strategies can help you temper the cost of this expensive milestone.

Get Married in the Wintertime – Much like seasonal travel, the summer months are an expensive time to get married. Although the wintertime may not be your first choice for your wedding, you can save money by setting a date outside the prime wedding season. You may sacrifice the sun and warm weather associated with a summer wedding, but you’ll gain a cosier environment and a picturesque winter setting for taking photos.

Make a Wedding Budget – In general, financial success results from spending less than you earn. The same philosophy can help you balance your wedding budget. Rather than letting your dreams and desires drive your planning decisions, it makes sense to stick to an affordable budget. If last minute wedding expenses arise, a payday loan from one of these lenders can help you cover costs you didn’t anticipate.

Marry Outside London – It’s no secret London is one of the most expensive cities in the world, and the trend carries over to wedding costs. Unless it is a major inconvenience for your guests, getting married outside the capital city is a reasonable way to trim wedding expenses. However, if most of your family and friends live in London, the savings might not add-up. The money saved might end up spent on transport, instead of a London location, resulting in little or no net gain.

Hold Your Wedding on a Weekday – You may have a hard time drawing large numbers of guests to a weekday wedding, but if you’re planning a relatively small gathering, avoiding weekends can cut thousands of pounds from your wedding tally. Marrying during the week may also give you access to venues and wedding services that are fully booked for weekend events. If you have your heart set on a special location, but you don’t have time to reserve it well in advance, a weekday wedding can help you lock it down.

Have Some Help – The wedding industry is a massive profit generating enterprise. You can’t blame skilled bakers and designers for charging premium prices for wedding preparations, but you may be able to save money and add a personal touch at the same time.

Do you have creative friends who enjoy gardening and arranging flowers? Is your mum the best baker you’ve ever come across? Does a certain family member enjoy motoring? If any of these possibilities rings true, there is nothing wrong with enlisting help from loved ones that would like to contribute to your special day. Saving money on floral centerpieces, your wedding cake, and car hire are only three of the creative ways to involve friends and family members keen to save you cash.

The average price for a UK wedding is already high, and costs are expected to continue climbing. If you’re committed to your partner, but don’t want to start your relationship with substantial wedding debt, consider these and other money saving measures. With a steady financial plan to follow and frugal flexibility, you can plan an affordable wedding without sacrificing a memorable occasion.

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