Food Pooling For Busy Mums – Save Time and Money

Your household food spend is probably near the top of the list, representing one of your most costly spending categories. Not only is it a never-ending expense you must contend with week after week, but it’s also easy to overspend on food, because perishable items frequently go off before they are eaten, ending up in the rubbish. In addition to the cost of putting food on the table, feeding your family also takes time, which may be in short supply.

What if you could save money off your supermarket spend and put in less time in the kitchen, without sacrificing healthy meals for your family?

If the possibility sounds too good to be true, think again. Food sharing or “pooling” may provide the answer you’ve been looking for, keeping healthful, delicious fare on your family table, without crushing your household budget or eating up all your spare time.

How Does it Work?

Food share or food pooling brings together busy mums and dads looking for ways to cut costs and efficiently provide meals for their families. In practice, they share meals over the course of the working week, reducing the number of times members of the group cook during the week. Ideally, participating in a food sharing group means you’ll only have to prepare one evening meal each working week, whilst the others in the pool provide family suppers on the other nights.

Food sharing clubs benefit busy families in more ways than one. You’ll appreciate these advantages of banding together with like-minded mums in a well-organised food pooling group.

  • Make Savings on Meals – When you need help meeting monthly expenses, fast funding is available online. And adopting a bulk approach, crafting culinary creations for multiple families, creates an economy of scale, resulting in lower meal costs per head.
  • Spend Less Time in the Kitchen – The difference between cooking supper 4 or 5 times each week, compared to making the meal only once a week, provides tremendous relief for overstretched mums and dads.
  • No Worries – With so many concerns weighing heavily on your consciousness, worry about keeping your family fed can add stress and anxiety to an already heavy load. Pooling with others to provide nutritious meals spreads the burden across multiple households, easing worry for everyone in the food sharing group.
  • Fewer Trips to the Supermarket – Weekly meal planning and sharing food make it easier to prepare for your shop, resulting in a more efficient weekly flow.

Things to Think About

There aren’t many downsides to food pooling, but you should know what you’re getting into, before making a commitment to participate. Pros and cons of joining a food share club include these considerations.

Meals That Easily Scale – Cooking for a larger group doesn’t add much extra work, but it isn’t exactly the same as preparing meals for a few people. To make the most of food sharing you’ll need recipes you can easily scale to feed more than one family. After working with other members of the group a while, you’ll each have a better idea what everyone likes to eat, which can help you plan future meals.

Microwavable Containers – Food sharing works best when all the members of a group live near one another. You’ll be delivering meals on your night, so microwavable containers are helpful, ensuring everyone gets a hot meal.

Freeze It – Busy lifestyles don’t always allow families to gather for dinner, so you may have uneaten meals left over during the working week. If food’s delivered that doesn’t get eaten, simply freeze it and enjoy it at the weekend.

Reduce Waste – If you’re committed to sustainability and want to be a good environmental steward, joining a food sharing club is a great way to reduce waste at home. A set food pooling schedule results in fewer leftovers, which often end up in rubbish. And you’ll be less tempted to overbuy at the supermarket, knowing your evening meals are covered during the week.

Welcome to the Group – It doesn’t take much to expand a recipe to accommodate another family or individual. Why not welcome other locals into your group?

Sharing meal prepping duties with other families in your neighborhood is a good way to make friends and provide evening meals for your family. Joining a food pooling group can also lead to substantial savings. By participating in a well-organised club, you’ll spend less time in the kitchen, whilst still ensuring your family stays well fed.

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