How to Save Money on Your Spring Wedding

Walking down the aisle on your way to matrimony is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so every bride and groom want to create memorable wedding experiences for themselves and their guests. Whether you host hundreds of friends and associates, or hold the number of attendees to a select sampling of family members, pulling off a glitch-free wedding day is a tall order.

On top of planning and arranging venues, caterers, and entertainment, you have to sort out wedding costs and find a way to foot the bill, which can be the biggest challenge of all for struggling young couples. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to cut costs and save money on your spring wedding.

Getting Married for Less

Each year countless UK couples set about making preparations for spring weddings. Except for cases in which money is not a concern, most brides and grooms want events that live up to expectations, without crushing costs. Though finding the right balance can be a challenge, happy couples emerge year-after-year, successfully orchestrating memorable events, without going deep into debt. A few strategies for keeping down costs include the following ideas for affordable nuptials.

Set Limits – Much like spending limits you set at home, wedding costs should also be held within reason. Each case is unique, so it’s hard to put a standard price on a “good” wedding; planning and spending ultimately come down to what a given couple can afford.

Are mum and dad contributing toward wedding expenses? Have you put by money in advance, to offset spending on your wedding day? How do your finances look, in general, aside from the cost of funding your wedding? Answering questions such as these helps shape your wedding budget and can make it easier to prioritise things you can’t live without, versus wedding-day wishes you’re willing to sacrifice for the sake of an affordable event.

Negotiate the Best Price – Like some other service businesses, the wedding industry operates on a sliding price scale, offering room for savings. Peak dates, for example, are priced considerably higher than off times, so you can save a substantial sum just by avoiding the most coveted wedding dates during the year. From catering companies to dance DJs, providers charge a premium for wedding services, because they understand their place in a competitive market.

In order to book event spaces and keep their calendars full throughout the year, wedding professionals are often willing to haggle over prices. Without offending them, it’s ok to ask entertainers, food service providers, florists, and other wedding hires to work with you, establishing charges you can afford. If they won’t budge on pricing, another way to get more for your money is asking providers to include additional services, without raising their quotes.

Accept Help if it Saves Money – Friends and family understand the high cost of making a memorable wedding day, so many are willing to offer help, keeping costs down. You want your guests to have a good time, so shouldn’t burden them with too much responsibility on the big day. However, when they are eager to help and show off their skills, close friends and family members can save you money by taking over duties such as:

  • Arranging flowers
  • Providing rides
  • Taking pictures
  • Preparing wedding-day desserts
  • Serving as hosts and MCs for wedding events
  • Furnishing music or DJ entertainment

Research Your Options and Shop Around – Comparing prices is a must if you expect to save money on your wedding. Busy service providers are not quick to discount their prices, but UK companies hungry for wedding business may be willing to extend better deals. You don’t want to invite problems, just to save a few pounds, so whoever you hire should have documented experience and a history of positive client reviews.

Funding choices can drive wedding costs higher, so it’s important to utilise the right type of financing to pay for your big day. Double-digit credit card interest payments add a substantial burden, on top of the price of wedding expenses, so taking a personal loan may provide a more cost-effective alternative, when funding nuptials. Helpful web resources showcase multiple lender profiles, enabling you to work out the best loan for your needs and to secure funding online, without waiting for results from an extensive credit check.

Without a watchful eye to keep spending in line, wedding costs quickly climb beyond what many couples can afford. If your eyes have grown larger than your pocketbook, planning your spring wedding, take these steps to reduce the price of your special day.

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