It’s Never Too Late to Save Money on Your Upcoming Wedding

The wedding season is in high gear, as UK couples flock to the altar, the park, and other meaningful location for summer nuptials. If you’ve recently been through the experience or you’re currently elbow deep in wedding planning, the cost of putting together a memorable wedding day is not a mystery to you. From feeding friends and family to keeping everyone entertained on your special day, wedding costs quickly shoot through the roof for couples with high expectations.

Some cynical observers refer to the wedding business as a racket. Although the pessimistic viewpoint casts shade on a cherished tradition, working out wedding costs is enough to make some couples rethink traditional wedding spending. If you have a frugal budget, yet wish to properly commemorate the occasion, several savings strategies are available to help you make the most of your wedding money.

DJs or Downloads? – Wedding Entertainment on a Budget

One of the nice things about wedding entertainment and party planning, in general, is the freedom to go over the top, maintain a low-key approach, or settle anywhere in-between the two extremes. Wedding entertainment options include DJs, dance bands, and other types of live music. What better way to showcase talented friends and family members willing to contribute their time and skills to your wedding event?

If you’re not from a musical family and can’t revive your old college band for a wedding day reunion gig, you can still contribute, using modern technology. Rather than hiring out a DJ to get your guests on the dance floor, consider saving some cash by producing a Spotify playlist and/or enlisting the help of a music buff friend, to keep the music flowing.

DIY Flowers and Decorations

When money is no object, you can save time contracting all your wedding services from the venue. The convenience can help you stay focused on getting hitched, rather than worrying over details, but you’ll pay a hefty price for the luxury. Not only is it a pricey proposition, but having your venue in charge of decorating can also leave you with unexpected expense, as providers pull out all the stops. Various flexible loans are available for last minute expenses – even you’ve had bad credit. However, DIY d├ęcor adds a one-off dimension you can’t buy for any price.

Contributing time and talent doing your own decorating is rewarding in itself, and you’ll save considerable sums off the price of hiring it out. For frugal fun that makes your mates feel a part of the proceedings, find ways your friends and family members can help with flowers and decorations. Maybe there’s a floral designer in the family? Or a talented calligrapher, willing to letter your table placards?

Cut Costs on Catering Services

Culinary creations seem to cost more during the wedding season than meals at other times. Whether or not wedding food costs more than other fare (it does), catering a reasonably sized wedding easily costs thousands of pounds. When your wedding resources are limited or you’ve simply drawn a line in the sand, keeping expenses down, affordable catering alternatives drastically reduce the price of feeding guests.

To save on catering, start with a venue that allows guests to bring in food from outside vendors. You may still spend a fair share, contracting wedding fare with a favorite local restaurant, but you’re assured consistent high-quality food. For an even more cost-effective food alternative, take a DIY approach, enlisting friends and family members to contribute their culinary creativity.

Ceremonial Expense

Many would-be brides and grooms are not willing to compromise on wedding venues. If a religious wedding is in the cards, churches and other places of worship are the only suitable locations to perform faith-based ceremonies.

As opposed to an expensive church wedding, flexible couples without strong church affiliations may choose to save money on a civil wedding, held at a register office. And if you are in the process of selecting a chapel or church, avoiding Saturdays helps with affordability and availability.

Though you may have the best intentions keeping down wedding costs, expenses pile up quickly on the way to the alter. Whether you’re working with a strict budget, or simply prefer to start married life without a mountain of debt, these money-saving moves can help you keep costs under control. It’s never too late to save money on your upcoming wedding.

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An avid blogger and a huge football fan, Paul is here to guide you through the ins and outs of personal finance and perhaps save you some money in the process!

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