Make Frugal Money Moves to Start Saving Today

Even when you mind your money, spending has a way of going off track. When it does, finding frugal hacks is the best way to turn things around. Long-term savings can also help, such as changing your mortgage or moving to a cheaper flat, but it’s also good to have options when you need to save money now.

Make Savings Straightaway

If your cash flow is tight, you can always get fast funding online, whether you have good or bad credit, but fleshing out savings is another way to boost your finances when you need more money in the pipeline. Try these tips to make savings straightaway.

  • Eat what you own – Your weekly shop can be enough to batter your budget, so why not take a break from the market, to make food savings at home? You obviously can’t go hungry for the week, but you may be able to work out a frugal family meal plan, without a trip to the supermarket. For rewarding results without sacrificing flavorful fare, start by taking inventory in your cupboards and fridge, then write out a meal plan for the week, using only what you have on hand.
  • Leave the car where it is – Each time you turn the key, motoring costs inflate your daily expense. You can save the cost of petrol and wear and tear by taking a walk, rather than driving to a nearby destination. Savings add up every time you keep the car at the kerb, so getting in the habit of walking can actually grow into a long-term savings strategy, for as long as you stick to it.
  • Pack your lunch – The cost of takeaway lunch whilst working every day rapidly rises to a substantial sum each month. Packing a lunch during the work week yields immediate savings, which you can apply to other personal spending needs. Over the course of a year, brown bag lunch discipline can save you hundreds – even thousands of pounds, compared to eating out or grabbing takeaway every day.
  • Get it on sale – Shopping convenience prompts UK consumers to fill the trolley with whatever’s on their mind. There’s a certain immediate satisfaction to be had from getting right to it, but shopping that way can also be an expensive approach. Whenever possible, you’ll save cash by watching for sales, and waiting until the time is right to land the best deals. It isn’t always a good idea to stockpile, when your cash flow is slow, but buying extra makes sense on items you know you’ll use again and again.
  • Use coupons and comparison sites – Coupons help save money at the market and using comparison sites ensures you don’t overpay for items purchased online. You’ll invest some time finding the best prices, but it’s worth it, making savings on almost everything you buy.
  • Conserve energy – There are many ways to trim energy spending, but two easy options stand out for year round savings. Rather than tumble dry all your washing, hang it instead. The practice saves cash and your dryer will last longer. During heating months, cutting back your thermostat is a good way to save money, but simply putting on a pullover can keep you from notching it up when you’re feeling a draught.
  • Commit to cash – Using your credit card places an artificial layer between you and your money. Rather than reaching for your card, try committing to cash spending. You’ll be less tempted to make impulse buys when money’s tight and making a physical exchange of currency every time you buy may also have long-term budgeting benefits.

Savings are always welcomed by cash-strapped UK consumers. When money’s tight or you need to find fast savings, these and other frugal moves can help you reduce spending today.

Paul graduated in 2001 with a degree in Finance. Since then he has gone on to work for several of the UK's most well-known financial institutions.

An avid blogger and a huge football fan, Paul is here to guide you through the ins and outs of personal finance and perhaps save you some money in the process!

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