Make the Most of Summer Entertainment Opportunities

A lively selection of entertainment options make it easy for UK families to find summer fun. In fact, there is so much going on, eager leisure-seekers may be tempted to jump in to summer activities, without thinking things through. Not only can this result in missteps, but failing to work out the particulars can also cause you to overspend on summer entertainment.

If you’re ready to absorb the UK’s vibrant slate of summer recreation, without running out of cash, take the time to explore your options and make the most of each opportunity.

Enjoy Festivals for Less

Summer festivals lure countless Brits, drawing music lovers and outdoor enthusiasts to venues across the UK. Though the festivals often deliver a substantial entertainment value, attending top events can set you back a lot of money. A short-term loan from one of these payday lenders can help you cover festival costs, without adding to your credit card balance.

You may not be able to reduce the cost of tickets, but there are other ways to make festivals more affordable. Before you abandon the possibility of attending your favorite summer music events, consider these money saving tips for festivals, shared on the be clever with your cash website:

Book Travel Well Ahead of Event Dates – Whether you choose to take a bus or train, or hire a car, making travel arrangements in advance can help you keep festival costs as low as possible.

Don’t Be Caught Unprepared – Before embarking to your favorite festival, take inventory of travel necessities. If rain is a strong possibility, pack wellies and rain gear. With clear skies in the forecast, don’t forget to take along ample sun cream and warm weather clothing, such as shorts and a sun hat. Many of these items can be purchased at the venue, but you’ll overpay, buying them onsite.

Leave Valuables at Home – Festivals expose you and your belongings to various conditions, so your favorite clothes, jewelry, and electronics could be at risk. It’s a good idea to leave your best items at home, instead using serviceable replacements, you don’t mind losing or damaging.

Bring Food and Drinks – Festivals each have their own policies regarding food and beverage carry-ins. If it’s allowed, pack your own snacks and drinks, to avoid paying for the inconsistent, high-priced fare found at some events. If you’re prohibited from bringing your own meals, at least eat before you go.

Explore Cinema Memberships

Saving money on cinema sounds like a good idea, but is it worth the price of a cinema membership? You’ll have to work out the maths yourself, to determine whether or not you watch enough films to justify the cost.

As you assess your cinema habits, it’s important to keep in mind, a cinema membership limits you to a single cinema chain. This may not be a deal-breaker, as long as you’re flexible about the films you take in. But if you like more control over film choice and viewing times, a cinema membership might feel restrictive. In any case, you’ll probably need to attend three out of every four weeks to make substantial savings with a membership.

If you do invest in a membership, most grant unlimited access to 2-D films, but you might have to pay extra for 3-D films and IMAX presentations. Additional cheap movie deals are available from various sources. And if there is an independent cinema nearby, ticket prices may be lower than those charged by chains.

Films and festivals are two top sources of summer entertainment for you and your family. Use these tips to save money and squeeze the greatest possible value from your summer entertainment budget.

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