Money Apps Bring the Advantages of Technology to Personal Finance

Efficient financial planning involves focused attention on the here-and-now, but it also accounts for your financial future. With so many details to follow and financial options to evaluate, you can use all the help you can get. Whether you are shopping for loans without credit check requirements, or simply budgeting for affordable household spending, web resources and modern mobile apps can help streamline the process, leading to better financial outcomes for you and your family.

Helpful Apps for Household Money Managers

Smartphones have worked their way into nearly every aspect of social and professional interaction, including personal finance. If you are a forward looking individual, always seeking better ways to use technology, mobile money apps may be a perfect fit, within your overall financial strategy. The following examples represent a few of the apps currently available for budgeting, financial planning, and account management.


This app, made available by Barclays, provides a straightforward method for reconciling your monthly expenses against your personal income. Using the app effectively starts with entering your monthly income. The app then helps you avoid overdrafts and excessive spending by allocating the funds in the best way possible. Squirrel divvies-up your salary to not only account for your bills, but also to put by savings and dedicate a share of your income for discretionary spending – allowing you to make the buys you want.

Can you spend the money in your current account? Squirrel takes away the guess work, making sure you’ve money on hand to pay bills and build savings. The service takes care of your finance automatically, without risk. Squirrel is authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority and your money is held in a Barclays account, furnishing the security you expect from one of the world’s largest banks. Using squirrel is simple, automated, and keeps your funds separate from your current account, so you’re not tempted to overspend. The app is made available for free, during an introductory trial period of three months. After that, you’ll pay a few pounds each month to continue using the budgeting app.

You Need a Budget (YNAB)

Flexible control without overspending. Sound too good to be true? This app helps make it a reality, assigning your earnings to budget categories. To use YNAB, start by connecting your accounts to the software, and then account for the money you make by splitting it into categories like food, travel, entertainment and other individual spending areas you assign.

Your YNAB budget counts on money you have today, rather than anticipated earnings, so the app automatically places you in the moment, protecting you from carelessly spending ahead of your salary. As you work through each monthly cycle, the flexible app allows you to move money from one budget category to another, giving you the freedom your lifestyle demands, without letting you overspend. A free, introductory offer grants access to the program, after which you’ll pay an annual fee to continue benefitting from the convenient budgeting app.

Money Dashboard

Household finances crosses over into various aspects of money management – from personal budgeting to tracking your pension performance. Money Dashboard brings many of your financial concerns together in one place, giving you a comprehensive platform from which to manage daily affairs and long-term financial considerations.

Organising your finances has never been easier. Money Dashboard keeps you on top of your outgoings, allowing you to administer credit card payments, savings goals, mortgage responsibilities, pension concerns and online accounts in a secure environment, controlled at your fingertips. The app tags your spending into categories and groups like transactions, adding an extra measure of defense against careless spending. Information gleaned from the app makes it easier for you to adjust your spending habits midstream, creating built-in accountability you can use to tighten-up your financial flow and rein-in bad spending habits.


Monese simplifies financial matters for those new to the UK. Since credit reports don’t cross borders, it can be difficult to get established in the UK. Monese enables you to easily set up a current account and set up online banking. The lift shaves time and guess work from the process, facilitating direct salary deposits into the app’s account – complete with common features such as contactless debit cards.

Whether you want to use mobile technology for budgeting, or need a straightforward platform for administering various money matters, there are a number of useful apps at your disposal. For the best results utilizing cutting-edge finance technology, match these and other apps to your needs and begin reaping the rewards of these secure money management aids.

Paul graduated in 2001 with a degree in Finance. Since then he has gone on to work for several of the UK's most well-known financial institutions.

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