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The Co-operative Bank ( is a commercial and retail bank based in Manchester, with branches spread across the UK. The bank has a long history of ethical policies and a commitment to local communities, with a focus on customer service and customer satisfaction. The Co-operative Bank provides customers with a range of financial services, including current accounts, savings accounts, loans, credit cards and mortgages. The Co-operative aims to make banking as easy and convenient as possible, allowing customers to manage their accounts online or in their local branch.

Britannia was incorporated into The Co-operative Bank in 2009, and their mortgages have been provided through the Co-operative ever since. Britannia is now a trading name of The Co-operative, and the brand will be phased out in the near future.

Customers can apply for a Co-operative or Britannia mortgage in their local Co-operative branch, or over the phone. Mortgage experts are on hand to provide advice and guidance about which mortgage would fit the customer’s financial circumstances, and to help them through the application process. The adviser can also assist customers with insurance plans to help protect the new property. The Co-operative Bank also provides a conveyancing service to assist customers with the legal procedures involved in buying a home.

The Co-operative offers special discount deals and offers for its existing current account holders, with £250 cash back available on completion of the mortgage for customers who hold a qualifying account.

The Co-operative Bank provides several mortgages for first time buyers customers with smaller deposit amounts available, with loan to value mortgages ranging up to 90%. These mortgages aim to help new homebuyers get onto the property ladder without having to save a substantial amount for a deposit.

The bank has a range fixed rate mortgages available at a variety of lengths, from two years up to ten years, with interest rates varying depending on the customer’s circumstances and the value of the property. Many of The Co-operative Bank’s fixed rate mortgages come with no added product fees.

Customers looking for a tracker mortgage will also find plenty on offer from The Co-operative, with Lifetime Tracker mortgages available at 60% or 75% maximum loan to value.

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We just wanted to thank the Co-operative Bank for the help and advice they gave us during our application for a small mortgage recently.

We wanted to do some home improvements on our house which included a small extension at the back which would give us a bigger kitchen and a nice en suite bathroom. It's what all the younger families in our street seemed to be doing with their properties and so we thought we would do the same.

After a nice long chat with the staff at our local branch we came away feeling very excited about the prospect of being able to borrow the money and before we knew it we were signing all the relevant paperwork. And while the builders are getting on with the bricklaying we are busy choosing our new en suite bathroom and its all thanks to the Co-operative Bank.

Review posted by Bill and Margaret T.

  • Customer Service
  • Flexibility
  • Ease Of Use
  • Value For Money

I already hold a Co-operative Bank current account and have done since I left school ten years ago. So they were my natural choice when I was looking for a mortgage to buy my first property.

The property I wanted to buy was only a small studio flat but as I didn't have much of a deposit, it was the most I could stretch to. But I didn't mind because at least it was getting me on to the property ladder.

The Co-operative bank offer fixed rate mortgages to suit people just like me and so I knew that I wouldn't be able to get a better mortgage deal anywhere else without having to compromise on something with regards to the terms and conditions, which you don't usually discover until you get to the 'small print' at the bottom of your contract.

I didn't have that worry with the Co-operative bank but I do have my mortgage from them. The purchase of my new studio flat is going ahead very shortly when the Estate agents and solicitors get their act together and do the job thy are being paid for.

Review posted by Dave

  • Customer Service
  • Flexibility
  • Ease Of Use
  • Value For Money

It has taken my husband and I hours to look through all the banks and building societies for the best possible options to borrow money to buy a house.

After all it will take us 25 years to pay it back, so if we can chose the right mortgage it can make a huge difference to our budget.

WE decided on Co-operative Bank, because they lay on the table all the different choices. Fixed interest rates or flexible. How much deposit to put down. How many years to pay it over.

They even gave the option of paying the loan off in a shorter period of time than we originally agreed to, and explained how that could benefit us.
In the end we decided on 35 years, as the re payments dropped drastically which means we will be under absolutely no pressure to live.

After all who wants to work like a slave to pay off a house quickly, but battle to "live".
I can recommend this bank. They were very fair. If more banks were this way, maybe less people would lose their homes.

Review posted by Sophie Maxwell

  • Customer Service
  • Flexibility
  • Ease Of Use
  • Value For Money