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My credit card was declined when I was trying to buy binders before going on a date on Friday. Readies to the rescue, I had the money in my account in an hour.


I didn't expect to be approved after other lenders turned me down. Readies managed to sort out a £500 loan which meant I had a lovely birthday weekend.


I'd definitely recommend your service. I was in major need of a short term loan and you guys came through - £750 in my hands in less than 30 minutes.


After being declined by Wonga I gave a go and what a difference. Thank you very much, £500 in my account quickly and my wife loved the weekend away!


Information About No Credit Check Payday Loans

If you've struggled with a poor credit history in the past, or you find that your financial situation is currently holding you back from getting the support you need, then you might want to avoid credit checks like the plague. In fact, you might have even started to look at things like "no credit check payday loans." The question is, what is a no credit check payday loan, and is it the right way forward for your finances?

In simple terms, a no credit check payday loan would seem to define a loan where your credit file remains untouched by the lender. Of course, depending on who you apply for a loan with, it's worth noting that the definition they use of a "no credit check" loan may differ.

Most payday loans will include at least some kind of credit check - at the very least, your loan provider will need to know that you are who you say you are. At the same time, your lender needs to know that they're not giving money to someone who's already bankrupt.

  • Who Can Use a No Credit Check Loan?
  • What is The Loan Application Process?
  • Borrowing Money Without Any Checks. Wise?
  • How Does a No Check Payday Loan Work?
  • Understanding How Lenders Evaluate Customers
  • Instant Payday Loans & How They Are Approved
  • Testimonials From Our Customers
  • How To Get a Payday Loan Today
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Not ready? Read on to see different kinds of credit checks with Payday Loans

Different Kinds of Credit Checks with Payday Loans

Most of the time, a no credit check payday loan doesn't mean that you're not going to have any checks performed into your account at all. Instead, it simply means that you're going to have a different kind of check before you can get your money. Most payday loans offer small amounts of money for a small amount of time to help you pay for something that you simply can't wait until your next pay to get. For instance, if you need to pay for an emergency repair to your car so you can get to work the next day.

Often, the features of a no credit check payday loan include:

  • No fingerprint of a credit check on your file: The people behind these loans are careful not to leave a mark on your file when they're searching through your history, this means that you won't have a reduced chance of getting a loan elsewhere if you apply with a different lender. Often, multiple marks for credit checks on your file can make it harder to get the money you need.
  • Small loan amounts and short terms: The amount of money you can borrow with a no credit check payday loan is limited, because the lender may see you as a higher risk. Some lenders will offer somewhere in the region of £2,000, but often the amount you can access will be less. Additionally, the risky nature of the loan means that you get less time to repay what you borrow.
  • Interest rates: The interest rates on no credit check payday loans are often higher than they are with mainstream loans because there's a greater amount of risk involved for the person providing the loan. However, if you do use the loan wisely, you shouldn't have too much trouble paying it back and avoiding problems with the interest rates.

What Makes a No Credit Check Payday Loan Different

So, how does a no credit check payday loan differ from a standard payday loan?

When you take out most kinds of loan, including the standard payday loan, the lender that you deal with will take a credit check out on you that examines your previous history with money. A credit check involves your lender contacting at least one of the credit reference agencies in the UK, such as Experian, or Equifax. When your lender contacts the credit agencies, they'll receive some important information about how you've handled credit in the past.

Most banks and lenders believe that the history of how you've managed your credit in the past is a good sign of how you're going to handle it in the future. In other words, if you've missed payments before, or you've had issues with County Court Judgements, for instance, you might not be accepted for a traditional loan. In the UK, there's currently no such think as a no credit check loan, but if there were, the lender would still need to check specific details, such as:

  • Your name - the name you put on your application would need to link back to details about you.
  • Your Address: You would need to give your address to comply with the UK anti money laundering and fraud laws. To make sure that your application is handled as well as possible, your current address details should match the details on your bank account.
  • Your monthly income: payday loans that wouldn’t have a credit check associated with them would need to be able to find out more about your ability to pay back the loan you borrow by examining your current income.
  • Employment history: Your employment history would be needed not to contact your employer, but to simply show that you have a strong and steady supply of income.

Why Does Everyone Have A Credit Score?

At this point, you might be wondering why there's such a thing as a credit score in the first place. The first thing you need to know is that your credit score is based on what you've done with money in the past, and how you've handled previous forms of credit. Generally, credit scores are put in place to help predict your future behaviour, by looking at the way you acted in the past.

Whenever a bank or building society gives you money, or a payday loan lender agrees to give you the cash you ask for, they're essentially trusting you to pay that money back. Some people are riskier investments than others, and the best way to determine how much risk you pose to a lender is to look at your credit score.

One thing to keep in mind is that you can always check your credit score yourself by looking at your information with one of the credit reference agencies. The credit reference agencies in the UK are Experian, Equifax, and CallCredit. These organisations are responsible for compiling information about your spending habits, and they supply that information to a lender when you apply for money. The information about your credit is gathered using information from the electoral roll, as well as information from other lenders that you've taken money out with, mortgage companies, mobile phone agencies and more.

Because the lenders you've worked with in the past might not necessarily send the same information to all three agencies, there's no universal credit score for someone in the UK. Each of the credit reference agencies that a lender speaks to in the UK can score you slightly differently depending on the information that they have about you.

How Can A Credit Rating or Credit History Affect You?

If you're looking into no credit check payday loans, then you probably already know how much a bad credit history can hold you back in life. However, let's look at the importance of credit ratings in a little more depth.

A credit rating translates into the amount of confidence a lender has in the ability of a borrower to pay back the cash that they take from them. Credit ratings and histories are a way to turn the confidence that lenders have in you into an easy-to-understand piece of information that can be shared with a wide range of loan providers at once. Because your credit rating is the number lenders use to decide whether to lend to you and what kind of interest rates you should get, it's an important part of the financial borrowing experience.

Importantly, credit checks aren't always the only part of the decision-making process for a lender. Some companies will also look at things like your job status, your current debt, or any expenses that you might be committed to right now.

Your bad credit can affect you in several different ways. For instance, lenders and licensed banks will always review credit whenever you request a loan - whether you're looking for a short-term solution like a payday loan, or you want a bigger cash advance like a mortgage. The realities of credit histories can be difficult to understand, but in most cases, if you don't have a good credit rating, then you'll find it's much harder to get approval for the money you need.

Importantly, it's not just lenders that take credit checks into consideration as you move through your life. Your credit history will also come into question if you attempt to rent a house or an apartment, or you decide you want to sign up for a pay-monthly mobile plan. Utility services can also check your credit rating to make sure that you're able to make payments on time each month, and an employer could look at your credit history simply to learn more about you. Crucially, your employer must ask for permission before looking at your credit history.

It's difficult to know for certain how any lender or individual will respond to your credit history. While some lenders will still be happy to offer you a payday loan regardless of bad credit, others will reject your application. However, due to the various ways that credit histories can be used, it's important to continuously work towar5ds achieving a good credit rating if you can.

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Payday Loans With No Credit ChecksAmount BorrowedInterest RateRepayable APRDirect Lender Bad Credit Accepted
Representative Example: Representative 89.7% APR, and a maximum APR of 91.2%. If you draw £50 against your credit line at 89.7% APR, it would be paid off in 6 months for a total of £60.
Representative Example: £400 loan for 113 days (4 instalments). Total: £597.48. Interest £197.48. Interest rate 255.5% pa (fixed). Repay £149.37 for 4 payments. Representative 939.5% APR.
Representative Example: Amount of credit £300 for 37 days. Interest £88.80. Interest rate 292% p.a. (fixed). Representative 1190% APR. Total amount repayable by one repayment of £388.80.
Representative Example: Borrowing £300 over 90 days, 3 x payments of £151.42, Total amount repaid: £454, Interest rate 292% (Fixed), Representative APR 1265%.
Representative Example: Borrow £250 for 3 months. Total repayment: £379.44 in 3 monthly payments of £126.48. Interest p.a: 292.25% (fixed). Representative 1255.66% APR.

What Makes Credit Checks So Important

As you may have seen when applying for loans in the past, the credit checking process can be incredibly rigorous. Credit checks are used by lenders to find out how much risk you pose to them if they decide to lend you money, and whether you're going to be able to make repayments on time. When you apply for a loan, your lender will pay a fee to access your credit information, and the following information may be presented to them:

  • Your electoral roll information - used to show that you currently live at the address you claim to live at.
  • Loan and credit card information, as well as mortgages that you may be paying for at present, or any ongoing accounts and overdrafts.
  • Details into how often or you have missed repayments on loans and credit cards, and any details on your history of bankruptcy or county court judgements.
  • Details of whether your identity has eve been stolen

Most credit checks will also look into the history of someone who you have a financial link with. This means that if you have a joint bank account with a partner or someone in your family, and that person has a bad credit history, then this will harm your credit rating too. Most lenders will assume that you are also responsible for paying the other person's bills as well as your own, which will make it harder for you to pay the money you owe back on time.

The information gained from your credit check will be used to determine a credit score ranging from 0 to 999. Some lenders automatically reject any applicant under a specific number. Importantly, any credit check carried out on you will come with a footprint that's left on your account. If you apply for a lot of loans in a specific period, you could harm your chances of being accepted for a loan.

Why Would Someone Want a No Credit Check Payday Loan?

Though different people look at credit checks in different ways, it's worth noting that they're not all bad - they can be very useful parts of your financial history. However, despite this, there are still many reasons why someone might want to access a no credit check payday loan. For example, just some reasons include:

  • A poor credit history: If you know that you've had problems with credit in the past, you may also know that it might be difficult for you to get the credit you need today. Credit problems can happen as a result of multiple payment defaults, county court judgements, individual voluntary agreements, bankruptcies, not being on the electoral roll, meeting the maximum limit on your credit card, or asking for multiple credit searches from a range of lenders.
  • A desire for privacy: It sounds strange, but some people feel very uncomfortable about the fact that a lender might look through their history to make decisions about their future. When you apply for a standard loan, a lender will conduct a deep analysis of your credit history, and a no credit check payday loan would eliminate this process.
  • Credit improvement: If you want to boost your credit status, then the last thing you want is more lenders leaving black marks on your credit history when they go searching for details about your past. Taking a loan out successfully without a credit check would also mean that you had a chance to show you could be sensible with your money by paying the cash you owe back on time.

The Potential Benefits of a No Credit Check Payday Loan

f you were able to get a no credit check payday loan in the UK, then there could be benefits to the process. For instance, the fact that you wouldn't have to wait for someone to apply for and receive credit information about you could mean that your applications are quicker and easier. However, it's worth noting that most payday loans are quick and easy to apply for anyway.

Additionally, you could benefit from a quicker decision, although there are a lot of credit checking payday loan providers that can offer instant decisions about your loan and quick transfers too. This is because payday loan providers know that their borrowers need access to the money they're asking for as quickly as possible - often to pay for an emergency.

A payday loan can be a very versatile solution for people who have bad credit ratings - regardless of whether it's a no credit check payday loan or not. Payday loans are designed to be versatile, and good for people with bad credit histories. Often, these loans can come with variable term lengths - although you will be expected to repay quickly.

The Changing Nature of Financial Conduct in the UK

One of the reasons that someone might prefer to apply for a no credit check payday loan is that they simply don't trust the banks that are offering them money anymore. After all, there has been a lot of problems with legislation and regulation in the past.

Unfortunately, the UK dictates that no lender should be able to offer a no credit check payday loan, as every lender needs to know something about the people that they're giving money too. The environment around short-term loans in the UK has changed drastically over recent years, and this is because the financial conduct authority wants to more to protect lenders.

For instance, there have been changes to the interest rates that lenders can charge, the times a loan can be refinanced, and the amount a lender can request a person to pay in fees if they default on a loan. Any organisation that fails to comply with the rules that are laid out by the financial authorities can be fined and ordered to pay compensation to customers who have not been treated fairly.

The strict regulatory environment is designed to make customers to feel better about the state of lending in the UK, and what they can expect when they apply for a loan with any provider. However, the nature of this high regulation also means that customers need to follow certain rules when applying for a payday loan - like agreeing to undergo a credit check.

How Can You Improve your Credit Score?

Taking out a no credit check payday loan would mean that no-one, but you have considered whether you're eligible to safely take out a loan and pay it back on time. Payday loans are designed to give you a small amount of money very quickly. This means it's important for you to make sure that you can afford your payday loan before you apply.

Crucially, you probably won't need a no credit check payday loan to be approved for a payday advance, as many companies can provide this money for people with bad or poor credit. However, if you're concerned about your credit situation, you can always look at improving your credit score a little bit a time. There are plenty of ways to boost a credit score that is in the fair or poor band with the credit agencies. For instance, aw simple solution is to speak to one of the credit reference agencies we mentioned above and ask to see your credit report.

By looking at your credit report, you can make sure that there are no mistakes in your history that could be damaging your score. If you find that there are mistakes present, like an issue with your address, or information about an unpaid bill that has been paid, then you can report them to the agency as quickly as possible. The agency will place the thing that you have told them about under investigation, which lenders will be able to see when they check your credit.

You can also make sure that you're registered on the electoral roll if you're not already on it, and make sure you're doing everything you can to stay on top of the bills you pay each month. Paying minimum payments each month and ensuring that you don't sign up for anything extra you can't afford will help your credit rating over time. Additionally, you can also think about removing any financial ties to people with poor credit ratings, as these individuals could be stopping your number from growing.

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How Do No Credit Check Loans Work? The Legal Side does not carry out any sort of credit check but the lenders that we partner with will run their own affordability checks on bad credit payday loans. We make the loan application process as simple as possible, we don't want your past financial history to be a barrier to borrowing today.Credit checks won't necessarily stop you borrowing, every case will be looked at on its own merits. We will collect information such as your address, salary and employment history.

A simpler option

Usually, there’s nothing simple about getting approved for a loan. A typical lender might require you to fill out an enormous number of forms detailing your credit history, income, employment history, and more. With many lenders, the process of applying for this type of loan can literally be completed in minutes. You’ll be surprised at how little effort it takes to find a lender that’s eager and willing to help you in your time of need.

Avoid the headaches and get on with your life. If you thought that taking out a loan was not an option for you because of your credit history, think again. Regardless of your past, you can be approved today for the loan you need and have loan funds quickly deposited into your account, but please be aware that no lender offers no credit check loans.

Compare No Credit Check Payday Loans?

Your credit history shouldn’t stand in the way of getting a fair deal on a loan when you need to borrow. Consumers looking for no credit check loans, need to understand that every lender will run credit checks but this is not necessarily going to stop you borrowing as they will take affordability into account. When you take out this type of loan, you don’t have to worry that you will be rejected because of the past. Instead, you can simply look forward to a healthy and stable financial future.

If you feel you need to look for a no credit check loan in the first place, you should use Equifax or Experian to see how bad your credit rating currently is. In the long term if you can improve your credit rating, you will become eligible to borrow money at better rates.

Getting the loan you need

How much money do you need? Taking out a loan from a lender that places more emphasis on affordability than on credit checks can instantly qualify you for a loan on the amount money you need. Your loan amount will in part be determined by your projected ability to repay, but you will typically have some flexibility in deciding on the amount. Not only will individual lenders give you options in regards to your loan amount, but you can comparison shop and see which lender offers you the amount you need to pay any bills or meet any expenses. Once you’ve been approved, you’ll soon be on your way. But you will have left the stress and pressure of dealing with unpaid bills behind.

1 Bad Credit Payday Loans

Don't despair if you know you have a bad credit rating - there are still payday loan options available to you. Many lenders will still consider taking you on as a customer if you can show suitable employment history and the ability to make repayments on the amount you'd like to borrow.You will still qualify for some loans with bad credit but will likely have to pay a higher rate of interest. If you successfully make the repayments on the loan, this should help improve your credit rating and will help you get access to more mainstream quick lending options later.

2 Benefits of Payday Loans With No Credit Check

Borrow from as little as £50 up to £1500
Repayment terms to suit you - up to 3 months
Cash can be transferred to you in fifteen minutes
Allows you to start repairing your credit history quickly
Loan decisions made instantly, no waiting

3 Payday Loans No Credit Check

A payday loan without a credit check may be a short term solution but longer term you may want to consider trying to improve your credit rating. With a better credit rating you will be able to access instant loans at lower rates of interest as you will be seen as lower risk by lenders.We do not carry out any credit check at all but the lenders we partner with will carry out their own checks. If they are happy with your employment status, wages and address they will consider lending to you regardless of your credit history. The most important factor is your ability to make the loan repayments.

4 Guaranteed Payday Loans

There are many adverts online offering you a bad credit payday loans that are guaranteed but no legitimate payday lenders will guarantee to give everyone a loan. There is a separate type of loan called a "guarantor loan" but that involves someone else co-signing the agreement with you. If you fail to make the repayments, the other person will become liable for them.

5 What Details Do We Need?

Any broker such as, or any direct lender, will need to collect the following information from you:


Lenders will need to make sure your address matches up to your bank card. This is a requirement of anti money laundering rules and to prevent fraud.If your address doesn't match up your application will be declined, so if you haven't kept your details up to date please update them with your bank before applying.


Information on how much you earn (along with outgoing expenses) will allow the lender to carry out affordability checks before lending you money. This is a legal requirement, lenders cannot issue loans that will too difficult for the borrower to pay back.

Employment History

Your employment history will also be used as part of the affordability checks and will help lenders decide whether to give you a payday loan. Generally, the longer you have worked somewhere, the lower risk you will be seen and the less likely a credit check will be required.

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The online form took about ten minutes to fill in. The money was in my bank within an hour. I'm really happy with the service, I would recommend them if you're stuck. Its not the cheapest place to borrow money but when you're looking at losing your job if you don't come up with some cash that day, it makes sense.

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I asked Emu for £300 but I filled in the forms wrong and they couldn't verify my info. Fair enough, that was my fault. So they emailed me and it was fixed and I had the money the same day anyway. Maybe the forms could be a little easier, or maybe it was just my fault I can't remember. I got the money so all good in the end :)

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I'm not happy with the vet but I would use emu again if the worst happened! Thanks for the help everyone. Next I will get some pet insurance too I think.

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Their forms were easy to use and I filled it all in online so it couldn't be easier really. I was concerned they were going to call my boss. They didn't phone my house or employer which was good as I didn't really want anyone to know I was using a payday loan company. I don't think they credit checked either. Handy as I probably wouldn't have passed.

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