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Drafty (https://drafty.co.uk) are a trading name of Lending Stream LLC – a popular US based payday loan provider. However, the Drafty.co.uk is entirely aimed at the UK payday loan market.

As you’d expect from such reputable backers, Drafty are well regarded in the industry and their product offerings are also extremely competitive. At the time of writing, they offer short term loans for up to £3,000 which makes them one of the industry leaders in terms of maxim loan amounts offered. They’re also fully regulated by the FCA and comply to all data protection laws.


First and foremost, should you wish to apply for a short term loan with Drafty, you’ll need a monthly employment income of at least £1250. You will also need to have a UK bank account (with debit card), permanently reside in the UK and be 18 or over. You will also need to have a verifiable mobile phone number and e-mail address.

Unfortunately for the self employed, Drafty does not cater for this sector. You must be in regular employment only.


Drafty operate more like a credit card than a traditional loan. They use the term credit line which basically gives you access to an amount from £200 to £3,000 based on your criteria and the interest/repayment structure is tiered based on how you manage your account.

Whilst this might sound a little grey, all of the information is presented to you in a clear and easy to understand format and there are no hidden fees or charges associated with any of the products they offer.


Should you wish to move ahead with a credit line from Drafty and assuming you meet all the criteria, all you’ll need to do is apply via their website. The application process differs slightly from that of a regular payday loan but all of the information required of you is pretty much the same.

Assuming your application was successful your credit line will be opened and you’ll be free to use the funds as you see fit.


Repayments are taken periodically and the amount taken is determined by your usage, similar to a credit card. The more you spend, the more you’ll need to pay back once interested is added on etc.

12 Reviews of Drafty have been submitted - read the latest 3 below

I needed some extra money because my cousins party was coming up and I had no money to pay for a new dress of to pay for drinks. I didn't not want to go the party because I hardly ever get out the house and I wanted to enjoy myself.

I have to say Im pleasantly surprised and happy with the loan that I took out with drafty. I though it would be super expensive and I wasn't sure I would get accepted.

The staff were really nice and talked me through the whole thing as I was a little unsure what to do as I don't have much experience with payday loans.

Review posted by Debbie

  • Customer Service
  • Flexibility
  • Ease Of Use
  • Value For Money

Lately I have been getting sick of eating frozen greggs food from Iceland but I never have enough money to buy good food as Im in a low paid job and my rent is through the roof.

I usually take out loans from drafty when I can't make my wages stretch enough. Drafty is great as well as before my washing machine broke and I needed it fixed fast. I took out a loan for that and everything was great.

I will use drafty again in the future because they are the best payday lender that I have dealt with and you can take up to £3000 out with them.

Review posted by FatDave

  • Customer Service
  • Flexibility
  • Ease Of Use
  • Value For Money

Im into my third and final year of uni and I can honestly say it was the biggest waste of time ever. It cost me a fortune and It was horrible.

Luckily I had a job whilst I was in uni and that meant I could take out a loan to pay for everything that I needed.

My parents aren't that well off and I am the first on in my family to go to university so I could get money off of them. Home Bargains doesn't pay well and I needed more money to survive so a loan was great.

Review posted by Jonathan Price

  • Customer Service
  • Flexibility
  • Ease Of Use
  • Value For Money