Personal Finance Podcasts Entertain and Inform

Knowledge and information are assets you can use to strengthen your financial life and set the stage for long-term prosperity. From books to trusted confidence shared between friends and family members, financial lessons come from diverse sources. Among them, several noted personal finance podcasts keep UK families on track, offering advice about saving and investing, as well as practical money management tips for daily life.

Whether you are double-checking your algebra or comparing online loans without credit checks, finance reference books and web resources provide places to conduct research and answer specific questions about money and finance. Podcasts provide an entertaining alternative for digesting financial facts and philosophies. The format is less academic than some traditional financial lessons, so well-executed podcasts are as interesting as they are informative.

If you’re a student of finance, looking for an enjoyable outlet for fulfilling your casual (or not so casual) curiosity about money, these podcasts are a fun way to ramp-up financial understanding, with an entertaining twist.

The Dave Ramsey Show

There’s no escaping the financial lessons shared by personal finance guru, Dave Ramsey. Why not embrace Mr. Ramsey’s time-tested wisdom, gleaning what you can from the prolific financial activist? His insightful content spans widespread personal finance issues, offering actionable solutions to some of life’s most vexing finance concerns. Timely lessons currently available from Dave include recent shows such as:

  • Don’t Listen to Financial Advice From Someone That Is Broke!
  • The Credit Card Is the Cigarette of the Financial World.
  • Becoming Debt-Free Feels Like Getting a Raise

Planet Money

Although National Public Radio is in the US, the organization puts forth Planet Money podcasts of value and interest to UK listeners. Discussing global issues ranging from economic impacts of climate change to the evolving consumer supply chain, informative NPR podcasts drill deeply into finance and economics, helping listeners understand how economic issues impact consumers across the world. From student loans to Bitcoin, Planet Money checks in on issues impacted Great Britain, and beyond.

Function with Anil Dash

Have you ever wondered how personal finance apps are changing our money habits? Episodes of Anil Dash’s Function explore these and other related finance phenomena. The tech-inspired podcast evaluates the way technology interacts with culture. To that end, Function makes contact with leading developers in the world of apps, games, and services as well as seeking feedback from culture experts and technology end-users.

Money Box

BBC Radio 4 puts forth an approachable personal finance podcast, touching on subjects ranging from renting and letting, to managing school holiday costs, without running out of money this summer. Do you have questions about car loan complaints, child care costs, or pension credits? Chances are good Money Box has put together a podcast package with the relevant details; simply download the episode in question and watch your financial I.Q. rise, whilst having a good time listening in on the BBC resource.

Cash Chats with Andy Webb

The Be Clever With Your Cash blog keeps up with strategies and suggestions for better managing your financial resources. Cash Chats podcast episodes pick up where the blog leaves off, covering diverse topics from freebies to investment opportunities. Host Andy Webb points listeners toward cinema savings and other deals, as well as exploring PPI refunds and your options, paying for a TV licence.

It’s up to you to manage the unique aspects of your personal finances, but that doesn’t mean you can’t download helpful podcasts, for a leg up. From experienced finance analysts, to regular folks drumming-up savings, podcasts introduce you to a diverse pool of people with some of the same financial concerns currently on your plate. Why not tap their perspectives for financial help, with an entertaining angle?

Paul graduated in 2001 with a degree in Finance. Since then he has gone on to work for several of the UK's most well-known financial institutions.

An avid blogger and a huge football fan, Paul is here to guide you through the ins and outs of personal finance and perhaps save you some money in the process!

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