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Sainsbury’s ( was the first of the major British supermarket chains to open its own bank – it has been offering financial services and products to its customers since 1997. Sainsbury’s Bank works in conjunction with the supermarket to maximise the savings its banking customers can make, allowing customers to collect bonus Nectar points and rewards from their financial products.


To be eligible for any of the personal loans from Sainsbury’s Bank, you must be between 18 and 80 years old, and under 83 when the loan is repaid in full. You need to have a permanent UK address and an account with a bank or building society. Customers also must prove that they are employed, self-employed, or hold a pension. You also won’t qualify for a personal loan from Sainsbury’s Bank if you have been declined credit in the month leading up to your loan application.


Sainsbury’s Bank has a range of personal loans that begin at £1,000 and reach a maximum of £25,000. The loans have varying interest rates depending on the size of the loan and a range of other factors, including the customer’s credit score and personal circumstances, and the duration of the loan.


Sainsbury’s customers looking for a personal loan from the bank can opt for either a Sainsbury’s Standard Loan or a Shopper Reward Loan. Both loans can be used for any personal expenditure you see fit, but the Shopper Reward Loan allows customers to get 5,000 bonus Nectar points and double Nectar points for the first two years of their loan. The Shopper Reward Loan has a slightly higher APR representative. The Standard Loan comes with an exclusive Price Promise guarantee. This guarantee promises that Sainsbury’s Bank will beat any rate offered by a competing bank on a like for like basis.

Customers can apply for a Sainsbury’s Bank personal loan online or by phone and receive an instant decision.


Sainsbury’s will transfer the money into your preferred account when they have received a signed copy of the loan agreement. With Sainsbury’s, customers have the option to pay back their loan amount early, and also can make overpayments in order to reduce their loan term. All the details about this can be found on their website among their comprehensive list of guides.