Plan Ahead for Safe, Affordable Travel

As the summer travel season draws to a close, many UK holidaymakers are already looking ahead to next year’s travel possibilities. Aiming for affordable and safe travel experiences, some UK families are fine-tuning their approach, seeking ways to make future outings even more rewarding than past holidays. If you’re ready to raise the bar on your next holiday, these travel tips can help you cut costs, stay safe abroad, and protect your travel investment.

Check For Travel Advisories

Travel abroad can put you in harm’s way, so it’s important to research your destination, before embarking. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office provides travel advice for UK holidaymakers, outlining ways to avoid terrorism while abroad. For example, the Office advises travelers to remember that westerners are targets, so unprotected bars, restaurants, shops, and tourist sites are common locations where terrorist acts are carried out.

In some cases, British interests are specifically identified as targets, online, or through social media. Timely information can help you avoid areas where your nationality might work against you. It is now possible to input a particular destination on the government’s website, to receive detailed threat assessments for areas to which you’re traveling.

Work Out Essentials In Advance

Adventurers may like traveling without strict itineraries, but there are certain advantages to planning ahead. If you’re set on a particular destination, for example, advance planning is the best way to ensure access for your family. Without pre-booking, you may miss out on prime attractions and accommodation, settling for whatever’s left over – if anything. If you expect trouble-free travel, your holiday checklist should accommodate these advance preparations, at a minimum.

  • Pre-booked flights
  • Airport parking
  • Travel tours and packages
  • Tickets for attractions
  • Hotel or resort accommodations
  • Car Hire

Working out your trip ahead of time can help you save money off the cost of travel. Airlines, for instance, offer their best rates weeks to months before departure, so watching fares and buying right yields big savings on flights. Similarly, arranging parking and transport ahead of your holiday gives you access to special rates reserved for pre-booked customers.

Don’t Let Delays Ruin Your Travel Budget

You have too much money invested in family holiday to let airline missteps bleed your budget. If you’re slowed down by airline delays, the law is on your side. Flight delay compensation protects travelers from additional costs incurred when airlines fail to deliver services.
If you’re unable to board on time, due to airline slowdowns, the lost time can cause expensive ripples in your holiday plans. Costs resulting from missed connections, airport meals, communications, overnight accommodation, and other expenses add-up quickly, when airlines fail to deliver timely service. Under the consumer protections of the Denied Boarding Regulation initiative, air travel providers must compensate their customers for related costs, when flight delays result in additional travel expenses.

If you’re pre-booked for your flight and arrive at the airport well in advance of your departure time, the airline is obliged to provide timely travel. Weather-related delays and other events beyond the airline’s control are not eligible for compensation. But if you’re held-up due to airline shortcomings, you’re due reimbursement.

It’s easy to submit a flight delay compensation claim online. When you face travel slowdowns, it’s important to document the experience. Save all your receipts and note the timeline as it unfolds. Your compensation claim may include expenses such as airport meals, overnight accommodation, and the cost of connecting to the internet or communicating by phone, as well as money spent on ground transport and other related costs.

Worry-free holidays are within reach for savvy travelers, willing to plan ahead and follow through. Advanced bookings and research can help you work out a smooth holiday experience, before departing. And when slowdowns disrupt your travel itinerary, filing a flight delay compensation claim protects your travel investment.

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