Refurbished Gadgets and Other Tech Savings

Staying on the cutting edge of technology is an expensive endeavour. Makers continually update their product lines, so discarding last year’s technology, in favour of the latest and greatest tech goods, creates an unsustainable cycle for many cost-conscious Britons.

Even if you resolve to skip over the latest iPhone release, you may be tempted to replace your mobile long before the end of its useful life. If you’re lured by new technology, you’re not alone; countless UK consumers embrace tech advances, hoping to ride the wave of innovation, without drowning in a sea of tech-inspired debt.

Restraint and spending discipline are great starts, keeping technology costs in line, but what if you can’t effectively drown out the call for newfangled electronic gadgets and state of the art technology? Can you have your cake and eat it too, enjoying tech advances, without shattering your personal budget?

You may have to take a step back from the cutting edge, but responsible spending doesn’t necessarily exclude you from tempting tech treats. Refurbished gadgets and other tech savings can keep you in the game, without losing sight of your personal spending limits.

Only a Step Behind

If you want to communicate by way of the latest iPhone release, you’ll pay an astonishing retail price close to £1,000 (likely more for the next generation). Paying that kind of money for a mobile is a tall order for UK consumers of modest means, but others are willing and able to pay.

If you’re not among the select group of buyers with a big phone budget, you may choose to stretch your resources, utilising short-term financing to gain access to the latest technology, or explore refurbished versions to bring the cost down. Of course buying preowned models may leave you one step behind the latest technology, but will you really miss the new features, justifying the exorbitant pricing for freshly-released gadgetry? That bit is for you to decide, but it’s good to have serviceable options available at a lower price point.

The high cost of cutting edge technology isn’t reserved for mobile phones; you’ll also pay top prices for the newest tablets and laptops. Manufacturers commonly add new features to each new release, which may justify climbing tech prices, to a point. But some versions are only cosmetically different or laden with fresh user functions that don’t dramatically change the devices’ performance, compared to prior releases. In cases such as these, you may be able to satisfy your desire to upgrade, without straying too far from your budget.

Refurbished Advantages

Buying second hand is a great way to save money, but refurbished goods also have additional advantages. In many cases, items that have been returned by the original buyers make their way to the refurbished market, so they may not have been subject to much wear and tear. Sellers also evaluate refurbished items before their sold, making minor adjustments, as needed.

During refurbishing, a new case or packaging may be provided, creating a “like-new” appearance, and batteries may also be replaced, ensuring the refurbished items power-up, as you’d expect. Perhaps the most attractive benefit of buying refurbished technology, compared to regular second-hand items, is that sellers provide warranties, protecting your preowned investment.

Most electronic devices are available in the refurbished market, yielding as much as 50 per cent savings. When buying:

  • Make sure the item is sold with a warranty
  • Vet sellers, ensuring you’re working with a reputable organisation
  • Time your purchase to maximise savings, shortly after a new model hits store shelves
  • Closely evaluate the condition of the item
  • Consider shipping and other costs, in order to get the best deal on your refurbished purchase

Riding the wave of new technology keeps you in the latest gadgets, but you’ll pay a price for the privilege. Why not take a step back from the cutting edge, sourcing refurbished items for substantial savings?

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