Regional Savings for Liverpool Residents and Visitors

Regardless of where you live, saving money on the things you buy requires a bit of focus. In addition to sweeping measures, aimed at general expenses and recurring monthly outgoings, you can also make savings locally, taking advantage of the deals and discounts available where you live.

With dedication and follow-through, it’s possible to save money on everything from travel abroad to meals out. To start saving close to home, consider these tips for Liverpool residents and other Britons drawn to the area.

Score Independent Liverpool Discounts

Independent businesses offer unique goods and services, which may not be available elsewhere. There are plenty of other reasons to support local businesses – they are the lifeblood of your community and serve vital, regional economic functions. If you’re prone to patronize Liverpool vendors and establishments, an Independent Liverpool card is a great investment, furnishing savings on food, drink, retail, and other items. The card is yours for a paltry £15, so you can’t go wrong buying access to dozens of Liverpool deals. Better yet, the cards are also available, 2 for £20, which gives you and a friend a cheaper way to get the same discounts.

Buy an Annual Travel Pass Every Year

If your transport habits include regular rides on Arriva buses, buying an annual pass drastically reduces what you’ll pay, getting about. A monthly pass provides substantial savings, currently offered for just over £50, but paying ahead for an annual pass boost savings even higher. Compared to the daily rate of £4.40, buying yearly reduces transport costs by a tremendous margin. With an annual pass, the cost of transport works out to a little over £1.40 per day.

Get the Facts First

Liverpool residents draw funding from various sources. If you need a short-term loan, or any other type of financing, review these lending alternatives, before making commitments. You’ll save money on the cost of credit by getting the facts ahead of time. Paying timely and meeting other requirements set forth in your lending agreement also helps keep your lending costs as low as possible, protecting your credit rating at the same time.

Watch for Supermarket Markdowns

Yellow stickers can point to big savings at the supermarket. Each day, major food sellers work out which goods need to be quickly moved off store shelves. These products are then marked with yellow stickers, indicating substantial markdowns. The process doesn’t necessarily unfold like clockwork each day, but some stores maintain a fairly consistent schedule, marking yellow sticker specials. If you’re tuned-in to the timing, you can make big savings on items marked down for quick sale.

Entertain Your Family

Liverpool offers diverse entertainment options, and having fun in the city doesn’t need to set you back a sizable sum of money. From free walking tours, to the sights and sounds of the renowned World Museum, there’s something for everyone in Liverpool. The Albert Dock is among the most historic locations in Liverpool, furnishing access to museums, galleries, and other attractions. Admission is free for most of the fun, so a day trip with your family won’t wreck your summer budget.

Ride the Ferry Adults and older children pay to ride the Ferry across the Mersey, but children under age 5 can make the trip for free. If you’re looking for a deeper experience than the commuter ferry, consider taking a river cruise. The nearly hour-long jaunts furnish a unique perspective on Liverpool history, allowing you to explore the city’s past from the water, or disembark for a closer look.

Visit Charity Shops

Shoppers uncover tremendous bargains at charity shops, and finding them is half the fun. Merseyside bargain hunters have access to a number of excellent charity shops, nearby, so it’s easy to put together a day of rummaging for deals, at multiple locations.
Liverpool offers a vibrant landscape, ready for you to explore this summer. These are only a few of the ways your family can enjoy the sights and sounds of the noteworthy city, without spending too much.

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An avid blogger and a huge football fan, Paul is here to guide you through the ins and outs of personal finance and perhaps save you some money in the process!

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