Salvage Your Holiday When Travel Plans Fall Apart

Long gone are the days of breezing through airports and traveling on your own terms. The experience has grown more complicated, due in part to increased security challenges and airline policy shifts. As a result of these changes, worry-free travel may now require pre-planning, flexibility, and a little bit of luck on your side.

Despite you best efforts to orchestrate a smooth experience, travel hiccups are common. From weather delays to over-booked flights, there are plenty of things that can interfere with your travel flow. Unfortunately, many of these disruptions are beyond your control, and there isn’t always ample time to set things right, when your holiday starts unraveling. Despite these limitations, there are things you can do to improve your outlook, dealing head-on with travel problems. If holiday is on your horizon, pack these travel tips, in case the experience takes a turn for the worse.

Stay Proactive and Polite

In most cases, airlines and hospitality providers work hard to deliver relaxing and rewarding holidays. When problems arise, resort staff, ticket agents, and other service providers are your partners, resolving the issues. Not only is it essential to speak up as soon as possible, when irregularities occur, but you should also bring your best behavior, correcting travel problems.

Openly losing patience with airport staff, drivers, resort representatives, and other travel and hospitality professionals can work against you. Despite your frustration with travel, being reasonable might lead to a quicker solution.

Make a Record

When travel problems bubble-up, it’s a good idea to document the issue; you may need to prove your case later on, in order to recovery financial losses.

Problems with your accommodation? If so, take pictures to document the issue. Delayed by your airline? Save receipts and follow-through with a claim, if necessary. Didn’t receive the perks promised with a travel package? Consult with the organisers of the tour and show them how adverts made false promises. These steps may not solve your problems straight away, but an accurate record can help you plead your case for compensation, if you’re unable to settle informally.

Find Peace of Mind

Travel letdowns put you in an awkward position. Not only are you away from home when the problems arise, but the events are typically beyond your control. Your own ability to find peace with the circumstances goes a long way salvaging your holiday, regardless of how trying conditions may be. Family members may follow your lead, so it’s important to maintain a positive disposition, in the face of holiday challenges. Tapping your inner adventurer can help rally your children and travel partners to make the best of travel turmoil.

Follow Through With a Claim

Ideally, travel issues are settled on the spot, restoring your holiday, as planned. However, you may not be able to turn things around, despite a proactive approach with your hosts and travel providers. If your holiday was derailed, because you didn’t receive the service you paid for, you may be eligible to claim compensation, upon returning home.

One initiative, known as Denied Boarding Regulation, protects consumers when airlines don’t meet an acceptable standard. The initiative empowers travelers to file claims for compensation, when they lose money, due to airline errors. The law covers pre-booked EU flights and flights operated by EU-based airlines. To be eligible for compensation, you must also arrive at the departure airport at least 45 minutes ahead of your scheduled flight time.

Among the things covered by the consumer protection initiative, flight delay compensation claims can include the cost of accommodation, when an overnight stay is required, as well as reimbursement for communication and connectivity costs, food bills, and ground transport from the airport.

Thorough planning can help mitigate travel problems, but there are no guarantees, ensuring worry-free outings. When travel problems do arise, taking an even, proactive approach is the best way to work out a solution. And when your travel providers are unable to perform as expected, knowing your rights and claiming compensation can help restore money lost to holiday complications.

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