Saving Resources Help You Keep More Money in Your Pocket

With so many money matters to mind, a helping hand is always welcome, managing your personal finances. Several worthy financial apps furnish exactly that, presenting crafty ways to stay on track. If you’re not making the most of financial technology, you might be making things harder than they should be, when easier alternatives are available.

If you’re committed to cutting costs and making the most of your purchase power, these apps and online resources can help you find savings around every corner.


Food sellers are in the business of influencing consumer spending habits. From store display strategies to customer reward programs, supermarket operators work hard to gain an edge in a highly competitive marketplace. And they are good at it. As a food shopper, it’s up to you to discern what’s a good deal and what isn’t.

It’s often hard to remember the details of your most recent shop, much less recall the price you’re accustomed to paying for a particular item. The MySupermarket app can help you remove the guess work, furnishing a reference for comparing prices. The platform enables users to quickly find the best price on individual items or a whole list of products. Downloading the app also makes it possible to scan products on the shelf and check prices in real time. Personalised vouchers are also available for MySupermarket users, adding further value to this handy consumer app.

Loan Comparison Resources

Websites like Readies furnish tools for comparing financial products. These valuable resources enable you to compare interest rates and finance terms from various lenders, without bouncing around the Web to each lender’s site. If you’re shopping for a payday loan, for example, multiple lending sources can be viewed side-by-side, giving you a chance to weigh the benefits of each type of financing and select the best loan for your short-term needs.


Loyalty programs can be a source of savings, but toting cards and vouchers is a hassle. Stocard provides a digital alternative, enabling users to store their loyalty card information in a virtual wallet. Instead of fumbling through their pockets and purses for savings vouchers at each shopping location, Stocard users simply present the appropriate barcode to the cashier, and loyalty points are automatically forwarded to the proper account.

ATM Hunter

Keeping up with the cost of living is enough of a challenge, without having to pay fees for access to your cash. Changes to the widespread Link ATM network might compound the problem, perhaps reducing the number of free ATMs in the coming year. ATM Hunter can help you avoid superfluous spending, by directing you to free ATMs when you need them. If proposed changes set in, free ATM access to cash might become scarce, so the useful app could prove to be an even bigger help than it is today.


Comprehensive budgeting apps help you manage various aspects of your financial life. Using the helpful platforms can prevent you from spending money you don’t have and create realistic budgets, based upon particular individual criteria.

One such useful tool, called Pennies, enables you to set parameters, such as pay periods, so you can track your finances during specific periods. Once you’ve established spending limits in Pennies, the app uses a color-coded system to show how close you are to overspending in each category. These color changes make it easy to track your money at a glance.

Voucher Sites

Several different voucher websites and mobile apps make it easier for you to find deals on many of the things you buy. Resources such as Vouchercloud and HotUKDeals guide you to discount codes and vouchers for savings on goods and services found in your area.
Financial technology turns your PC and mobile phone into money saving tools. With the help of apps and online resources, it is possible to keep a watchful eye over your finances and reduce your spending in 2018.

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