Staging a Successful Summer Holiday

If yours is like many UK households, summer holiday represents one of your most highly anticipated family events. The annual tradition still stands for British families with time and money to get away, so leisure Brits do everything they can to make the most of the relaxing break from everyday life. When family holiday isn’t in the cards, plenty of UK travelers make holiday with mates.

Whether you’re about to embark on a traditional family outing or blow of some steam with mates; you have several options, paying for summer travel. Your steady employment works in your favor, qualifying you for payday loans, put-forth by several top UK lenders. The online loans fund fast, or you can tap your personal reserves, if you’ve set aside holiday money in advance. Either way, there’s no reason to pay too much for travel services this summer, or miss a rewarding holiday, because you failed to work out your finances.

Save for Summer Holiday

Working out a travel budget is a good first step toward summer fun. How much can you afford to allocate to your trip? And how money can you realistically set aside each month? Equipped with a projected budget and a saving strategy, you’re ready to start funding summer holiday adventures.

If you’re serious about savings and stretching your holiday resources, open a dedicated travel savings account and make consistent contributions. Holiday money quickly adds up, even if deposits start small – the key is making regular deposits, so you’re always moving toward your goal. To keep your savings strategy on track, consider setting up a standing transfer order at your bank, automatically sending a portion of your paycheck into your holiday account.

Protect Your Cash

After saving for holiday, the last thing you want is to fall victim to a crime or scam. At the same time, you may be travelling abroad, where it’s wise to have some cash on hand to pay for incidentals, such as transport and meals.

When deciding how much cash to take on holiday, consider your needs immediately upon arrival, as well as other spending methods you’ll use while away. If you plan to utilise your cards whilst travelling, you’ll need less cash. For an extra measure of security, split up your travel cash before departing, stowing it in several places (wallet, money belt, purse, bag, etc.) That way, if you lose your day-to-day cash, backup money is available to keep your holiday in motion.

Get the Best Exchange Rate

UK holidaymakers are known to exchange cash at the airport, preparing for overseas travel. The convenient service provides the travel cash required, but you’ll pay a premium, compared to some other exchange options.

Bank customers may have access to commission free travel cash, so with proper planning, you can avoid poor airport exchange rates. For convenient access, it’s possible to place your order online, and then retrieve your travel money at a nearby bank branch. Delivery is also available, bringing travel cash directly to your front door.

Mind Card Charges

Try not to overlook the cost of using cards abroad – it isn’t the same as you’ll pay at home. In many cases, when paying on holiday, you’ll have the option to choose pounds or local currency for payment. Though pounds seems a natural choice, being your home currency, it’s usually better to handle charges with local currency. When selecting between the two currencies, the exchange rate charged on the transaction, as well as local add-on fees, make it more expensive to pay in pounds.

Accessing money at cashpoints also incurs charges whilst travelling overseas. Non-sterling transaction fees and foreign cash fees, for example – so it’s best to make the most of each transaction.

You can’t afford to let money problems interfere with summer holiday relaxation. For a trouble-free trip, work out your travel money in advance, saving for your getaway and making the most of your travel resources.

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