Student Budget Calculator

Balancing your budget as a student can be tricky, use our calculator to enter your income and expenses and we’ll help you track your budget so you know how much you’ve got to spend!

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How many weeks will you be studying for?
The standard academic year is 37 weeks

What you live on (Net Income)
1. Student allowance / accommodation benefit£
2. Part-time work (after tax)£
3. Student loan – living costs£
4. Scholarship / Bursary£
5. Savings from the holiday break (after tax)£
6. Family help£
7. Other net income£
Total net income during 37 weeks of study£

1. Course-related expenses£
Education spending sub-total£

Accommodation spending sub-total
1. Rent£
2. Flat setup costs (one off)£
Total Accommodation£

1. Electricity£
2. Gas£
3. Water£
4. Telephone (landline only)£
Utilities spending sub-total£

1. Car£
2. Bus/Train£
3. Other£
Transport spending sub-total£

1. Food shopping£
2. Other – bought lunches and takeaways£
Food spending sub-total£

1. Debt repayments£
2. Insurance£
3. Medical expenses – includes dentist£
4. Clothing£
5. Grooming – haircuts, makeup etc.£
6. New and replacement items – bikes, appliances, computer, repairs etc.£
7.Gifts – Birthday’s & Christmas£
8. Holidays£
9. Entertainment and recreation – includes alcohol, bars, movies, computer games and restaurants£
10. Cigarettes£
11. Newspaper and magazines£
12. Pets£
13. Satelitte TV£
14. Internet£
15. Mobile Phone£
Other spending sub-total£
Your income is £0.00 per week (income for the study period is £0.00).
You spend £0.00 per week (spending for the study period is £0.00).