Study Finds Britons Are Thinking About Holidays

Traveling is more than just a hobby. Getting away helps holidaymakers recharge their “batteries” and shed the stress of daily life. The well-known therapeutic effect of travel offsets work worries and other concerns that weigh heavily on modern employees. With the benefits of travel experiences fresh in their minds, it’s not surprising UK travelers returning from leisure breaks are quick to turn their attention toward their next holiday travel opportunity. A recent study highlights how Britons feel about traveling and shows just how fast holidaymakers begin looking ahead, once they’ve returned home from a leisure trip.

Maintaining Travel Priorities

Some UK residents are satisfied staying home for holiday, enjoying relaxing, local activities. As the staycation trend rolls onward, it also appears many Britons are focused on getting away. A recent study found that it only takes residents 37 days, on average, to start booking future travel plans, after returning home from holiday. The surprisingly short turnaround time between coming home from holiday and preparing for the next one illustrates Britons’ yearning for relaxing leisure experiences.

It is fair to say many people would like to travel more frequently. Unfortunately, financial demands, work obligations, and responsibilities at home can interfere with travel ambitions. Two-thousand Britons recently polled about their holiday habits said they enjoy four holidays per year, traveling abroad for at least one of the getaways. With more free time and money at their disposal, most of those surveyed indicated they would travel more often.

Regular getaways are so important to Brits that 15 per cent of survey participants indicated they’d never gone more than 6 months without booking a trip. On the other hand, 10 per cent stated they had gone at least five years without making holiday. About one in ten said they sometimes feel guilty taking trips when there are other things to pay for. Fortunately for holidaymakers booking air travel on European airlines, there are laws in place to protect their travel investments.

Under current regulations, which may change once the UK officially breaks from the EU, airlines that cause delays or cancellations must cover the cost of the disruption. If you’ve been prevented boarding a flight or held-up due to airline irregularities, just note your expenses and submit a claim for flight delay compensation.

Feeding the Need to Escape

Travel breaks energize holidaymakers, furnishing opportunities to escape daily demands. Among those surveyed, the highest number of respondents said work was the main thing they wanted to get away from when taking trips. Cleaning also ranked highly, with 25 per cent of those studied eager to enjoy time away from the chore. Escaping UK weather was also frequently cited as a reason for getting away. Combating exhaustion was another benefit of leisure travel identified by those polled.

When asked to single out the best thing about getting away, survey respondents stated that getting to eat out all the time and not having to cook were among their favorite aspects of holiday breaks. Cocktailing at lunchtime was another luxury many of the study participants admitted enjoying while on holiday.

Consider booking a holiday when you experience the following signs and symptoms that you need a break:

  • You feel slighted when looking at others’ holiday pictures on social media
  • Spend your free time watching travel programs and doing travel research online
  • The weather affects your mood
  • You’re not as positive about life as you usually are
  • Need a change of scenery
  • You feel tired or exhausted
  • Don’t have the same level of patience you once did

The pressures of daily living and a need for escape drive UK holidaymakers to make the most of getaways in the home country and abroad. And it appears the prospect of making holiday is never far from their thoughts. A recent study shows travelers typically wait less than 40 days after returning from a trip to begin planning their next round of holiday travel.

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