Survey Shines a Light on British Motoring Habits

The convenience of personal transportations is enough to lure most UK families – even if sacrifices must be made to keep up with motoring expenses. A new set of data highlights how Britons use their cars. Not only does the survey result shine a light on the central role the family car plays in everyday life, but participants’ responses also help put a number on the true cost of keeping a car in the UK.

Motoring Costs Climb to a Surprising Level

British motorists currently navigate an expensive landscape, marked by a high car tax, pricey insurance, and rising fines across the country. Coupled with a spike in petrol prices, the price of running a car continues to surge for Britons. As costly as the privilege of motoring may seem from week to week, looking at the total lifetime cost of motoring may be shocking enough to swear you off the expense of keeping a car and on to a more affordable transportation alternatives.

Each car owner has their own habits, but a recent survey conducted through brought some interesting British motoring trends to the surface. While some of the habits reported by UK motorists don’t actually push individual motoring costs higher, the information adds details to the already interesting profile of the typical British car owner. Among other things, the research uncovered sometimes surprising facts and figures about UK motoring. According to the survey:

– The average British car owner will visit the drive thru more than 2000 times during a lifetime of motoring.
– Britons each travel 166 miles per week in their cars, on average. Over the course of a lifetime, the total average distance traveled by car is more than 500,000 miles for each Brit.
– Most motorists spend around 7 hours in their cars each week.
– The average person is likely to drink upwards of 7000 cups of coffee and eat close to 5000 sandwiches in his or her car.

The financial burden of running a car includes wide-ranging costs. On top of buying the right model and selecting the best lender for your car loan, you’ll pay for insurance, maintenance, parking, and car taxes.

As a regular daily driver you’ll ultimately pay a hefty price for the convenience of keeping a car, including the following spending totals gleaned from the study.

– The average family car is valued at around £12,000 and ownership works out to around 1.6 cars per family. The substantial investment figure represents only cars on the road at a given time. Considering how many cars you’re likely to own during your driving career, it is easy see how car payments become a substantial drain on your lifetime earnings.
– Over time, it is thought each person spends around £70,000 on petrol. Combined with the cost of repairs, the sum easily covers the price of a UK home.
– Total spending on MOTs and servicing approaches £40,000 for lifetime motorists.
– Parking expenses average more than £9,400 for each UK motorist.
– At £436 per year, insurance spending for each car owner grows to a substantial sum during decades on the road.
– Taxes and tolls are easy to overlook, but you might pay as much as £7,500 meeting your lifetime obligation.
– Motoring offences and parking fines add to the total cost of motoring for offenders.

In all, it is thought the lifetime price tag for personal transportation may average as much as £168,000 per UK motorist. The staggering sum is more than enough to buy a nice house, bringing into perspective the price of motoring. Unless you are ready to give up access to your car, however, you’ll join most other Britons paying for this expensive lifelong convenience.

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