Timely Travel Tips for Holidaymakers

Holiday travel season is almost here, so UK families are working out their holiday plans. Whether you’re bound to visit mates in the EU, or sharing a luxury Christmas holiday with family members, there are many important details to account for, arranging holiday getaways. Though the process can be rewarding and even enjoyable for those who like travel planning, some people struggle with finance and other aspects of holidaymaking.

If you’re overwhelmed leading up to family holiday, or could use a few pointers about travel planning, these suggestions can help you keep costs down and arrange a relaxing getaway for your family.

Account for Brexit

Many questions still remain about the ways Brexit may influence travel abroad. As negotiations carry on, it’s important to hedge against some of the challenges a no deal Brexit could present for holidaymakers.

If you’re in the advance planning stages for 2019 travel, accounting for Brexit may help protect you from some of the uncertainty surrounding the deal. According to travel industry representatives, there is no need to panic over Brexit, but preparing isn’t a bad idea. For the ultimate assurance, travel professionals suggest holiday packages, which bundle flights, accommodation, and services for convenience. Under the terms of most of these deals, you’re protected from undue expense, should negotiations fail to yield a smooth Brexit transition.

Worst case travel scenarios from a no deal Brexit could include grounded flights and travel restrictions, but many observers believe the stakes are too high to allow Brexit to disrupt the industry. Booking refundable travel adds an extra layer of protection, insulating you from potential Brexit holiday pitfalls.

Heed Travel Advice

The British Government monitors travel conditions around the world, issuing advice about traveling to particular areas. Turning your back on travel warnings can put you and your travel investment at risk, so you should obtain the most recent advisories before making costly holiday commitments.

You can’t predict everything that could go wrong on holiday, but you can prepare for specific destinations, reducing the probability of experiencing difficulties. Consulting government resources can help protect you from terrorist attacks, as well as local street crime.

Holidaymakers are prime targets for crimes of opportunity. Unfamiliar surroundings and holiday distractions can leave travelers overwhelmed or inattentive, enabling thieves to commit street crimes. Most scams target cash and passports, so extra care is needed protecting these items. To avoid becoming a victim on holiday, don’t put all your valuables together, in one place. And carry a copy of your passport, which can be a big help, if the original’s stolen.

Personal items left in hire cars are a theft risk, so it’s best to remove all your valuables each time you park. At the very least, conceal items left behind and try to park in well-lit areas. When you’re away from your room, secure doors and windows, and use an in-room or hotel safe to protect valuables.

Understand Denied Boarding Regulation

Denied Boarding Regulation protects holidaymakers booked with EU airlines, as well as UK passengers traveling to the EU. The scheme holds airlines accountable for providing timely travel. That means delays and cancellations caused by your airline are not your responsibility.

Though you may be inconvenienced by travel slowdowns and schedule changes, Denied Boarding Regulation ensures you don’t lose money, due to airline failures. As long as you’re pre-booked and arrive at least 45 minutes prior to your scheduled departure time, the airline must deliver timely service, or compensate you for delays.

If you’re eligible for reimbursement, you can submit a Flight Delay Compensation claim online, detailing your experience and documenting related expenses. Once approved, payments cover costs such as communication fees, meals and beverages, accommodation, transport, and other related spending.

Winter holidays are on the horizon, so UK families are in full swing, working out travel details. With proper planning and these common sense travel tips, you’ll have no problem pulling off affordable, trouble-free travel, this season.

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