Tips for Planning a Milestone Birthday Celebration

Every birthday is special, and they’re always cause for celebration. However, there are a few meaningful years in our lives that demand a much larger party than the rest. These milestone birthdays mark crucial turning points in our lives most of the time.

For instance, when a child turns 13 and enters the teenager years for the first time, that’s a pretty big deal. When an adult hits the age of 30, we all celebrate them moving to the next stage of adulthood, which usually means kids, marriage, and a home of their own. Planning a milestone birthday party also means taking on a lot more pressure, so how can you make sure you get it right?

The following tips will help.

Make it Funny

Milestone celebrations can be a time to reflect on the momentous things that you’ve accomplished in your life. If you’re turning thirty and planning on starting a family, that’s a big deal. However, thinking about the future is rarely as much fun as its made out to be. Instead, why not have a bit of lightheartedness in your party by taking a humorous approach.

Since we all know that people turning 21 are still incredibly young, it can be fun to give them a party that celebrates them going “over the hill.” During this party, make sure that you ask your friends to bring gag gifts intended to tease the person that the party is for about their age. For instance, you could have them bring Zimmer frames, or dress in clothes of mourning.

Celebrate the Accomplishments

If the person you’re throwing your party for is unlikely to appreciate jokes about their age, why not make the party more meaningful instead? You can look back on some of the things that your friend or family member has done up until this point. If you are struggling for gift ideas, sites like are always a good place to start. They have categories for every type of present you could think of.

For instance, one of the best ways to celebrate an eighteenth birthday party is to embarrass the person it’s for by bringing attention to their old baby pictures and how much they’ve grown. You can take the same approach when celebrating someone’s fifties, looking at how far they’ve come with each decade. Remember, the aim is to have some fun while pointing out how much the person has accomplished over the years.

Pick a Fun Theme

Themes are one of the easiest ways to simplify your party planning strategy. When you’ve got a theme, you’ll find that choosing everything from gifts, to food and drink options and even decorations is a lot more straightforward.

For instance, if you’re celebrating someone’s 60th and you want to draw attention to how far that person has come over the years, a good theme might be to have everyone dress in the style of the era that person was born in. For instance, you could have a 70s party where everyone dresses in psychedelic clothing, and you all eat cakes that are baked in tie-dye colours.

Make the Gifts Age Themed

A bracelet with a charm on, or a set of wine glasses saying “Happy 18th” can be an excellent memento for a milestone birthday. Although you don’t have to choose a gift that highlight’s the person’s age for it to be special, this is a fantastic way to give them something to remember the day by if it was a really special moment for them.

There are tons of different gifts out there to choose from, from t-shirts and hats to golf clubs that have been embossed with your friend or family member’s birthdate. Try to think about what would mean something to the person that you’re celebrating, and choose the gift based on that.

Choose the Music Carefully

Finally, music is one of the biggest things that makes parties into a great event. Make sure that you have your playlist planned in advance. If you’ve got a theme already, that will help with choosing the music. For instance, if your theme is the eighties, then you could choose all the top hits from that era. On the other hand, if you’re going for an “over the hill” theme, you could pick comedy music that talks about age.

One particularly fun way to get creative with music is to find the top hit of the year for every year your friend or family member has been alive, on the day that they were born. You can find lists that will help you with this on the web. This will give the person a great insight into their musical history.

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