Tips for Selling Your House This Summer

Summer is the season of holiday junkets and leisure home-grown fun, but for some families, the warm weather months may also include moving house. Moving is a massive undertaking, even when you’re not traveling a long way from your present dwelling. The process of planning, funding, and executing a trouble-free move is full of challenges, which may include selling your house, before moving on to your next address.

You can’t control the housing market or create a buyer out of thin air, but you can take steps to attract interest and speed up your house sale this summer. From easy DIY upgrades, to promotion and staging, the more time and effort you invest in selling your house, the better you’ll fare, closing a timely deal.

If you’re moving house and need a smooth transition, use these tips to attract interest and sell your house without delay.

Spread the Word

Word of mouth is a powerful tool, particularly in today’s hyper-connected environment. Social media and other channels bring people together on multiple platforms, furnishing opportunities to share. Though you may have a professional working on your house sale, you can also contribute to the marketing effort, by promoting your property among friends, neighbors, business associates, and acquaintances. You may find a buyer up the street that loves the neighborhood, as well as your home’s features.

Increase Kerb Appeal

You only have one chance to make a first impression, so it’s important to make a powerful statement with kerb appeal. In many cases, you can dramatically improve the “drive-by” appeal of your house, just by making a few DIY upgrades to its exterior.

An online loan can help you with project money between paychecks, without waiting for a lengthy credit check. Consider these accessible improvements, when it’s time to put your best foot forward with buyers.

  • Landscaping – A few well-placed shrubberies make all the difference in the world. Cutting back overgrown vegetation and adding a few pots of colorful flowers also helps spruce up your presentation.
  • Touch-up Paint – You may not have the time or budget to repaint your whole house, but touching up problem areas may be within easy reach. Adding a splash of color such as an eye-drawing entry door, can also stir interest.
  • Repairs – The last thing you want greeting prospective buyers is a glaring deficiency. If you don’t do anything else to your house exterior, at least make needed repairs, before inviting showings.

Declutter Before Showing

One of the biggest mistakes leading to slow house sales may be presenting an overfilled home. Prospective buyers are interested in the building, not your belongings, so it’s important to give them the best possible look at your property. Ideally, your house shows without a lot of clutter, but also instills a welcoming, homey impression.

For wide appeal, to buyers of different sorts, try to strike an appealing balance with your home’s contents. You want potential home buyers to be able to envision their own possessions, replacing yours.

Spend Some Time in the Kitchen

Your kitchen is probably the most-used room in the house, so it deserves your attention, when the time comes to sell your home. While major kitchen renovation can be expensive, refacing cabinets or updating fixtures can help appearances, without adding substantial expense.

At the very minimum, deep cleaning is in order, rolling-back some of the obvious kitchen wear and tear. And if you’re selling in a slow market, it may be worth investing in new appliances, even if you don’t recovery the investment with a higher sales price.

Moving house is a substantial summer project, requiring personal and financial investment, and close attention to detail. Though you can’t change market conditions or conjure a buyer with sheer willpower, you can take these and other steps to help sell your house this summer.

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