Travel Savings and Airline Rules Protect Your Holiday Investment

Making holiday is a summer highlight, but budget constraints can limit travel and leisure options. Fortunately for cost-conscious families, creative money saving ideas can be used to make summer fun more affordable.

Travel delays and disruptions can upend your holiday budget, resulting in higher travel costs, problems with your accommodation, and unnecessary spending on incidentals. In many cases, you’re protected by laws, but it’s up to you to take certain steps, recovering losses related to airline slowdowns and cancellations.

If you’re eager to take part in the longstanding British summer holiday tradition, but you don’t have a lot of room in your budget for unanticipated spending, use travel savings tips to save money. And don’t let airline errors take a toll on your holiday fund.

Mind Your Credit and Debit Card Charges

When you make charges traveling abroad, credit card companies often impose premiums for the convenience of using cards outside the UK. As a result, relying on your everyday credit and debit cards can have a dramatic impact on the price you pay for holiday abroad. To avoid paying too much, get the facts well in advance of your departure date, and make appropriate adjustments.

There are three main ways credit providers impact travel costs. Non-sterling transaction fees apply when charges are made in the EU and in currency systems other than pounds. You may also be charged higher than normal cash withdrawal fees, for accessing accounts when you’re away from home.

Poor exchange rates can also undermine your spending power, when making credit charges abroad. If you anticipate any of these charges from your customary credit providers, you can sidestep some of the unnecessary spending by posting your holiday purchases to special travel credit cards, or by using prepaid cards.

Make a Flight Delay Compensation Claim

No matter how thorough you are making travel arrangements and finding the best travel deals, you’re still at the mercy of airlines and other holiday service providers. When flights are cancelled or boarding is delayed, it can create a domino effect, disrupting your holiday itinerary and adding expenses to your total travel tally. If you’re traveling in the EU or booked with a European airline, travel protection is in place, providing payments for extra expenses caused by your air travel provider.

If you’re pre-booked for travel and check-in at least 45 minutes ahead of your European departure, you may be eligible for payments to offset undue costs, resulting from airline errors. Under the Denied Boarding Regulation initiative airlines are held accountable when passengers are delayed. And travel compensation isn’t limited to the cost of a plane ticket.

When flights don’t depart on schedule or cancelations cause expensive ripples in your travel plans, compensation claims include the cost of meals, communications, ground travel expenses, and other incidentals. It’s easy enough to submit a claim online, so save your receipts and don’t let travel hiccups ruin your summer holiday.

Book in Advanced

Most holiday travelers book flights and accommodation well in advance of their departure dates. Making these arrangements ahead of time not only guarantees your place on a flight and your room at a hotel or resort, but it also results in better fares and room rates. There’s no question working out flights and stays weeks or months ahead of traveling yields savings, but these aren’t the only ways to save money with advanced booking.

Transport often represents a substantial share of your overall travel spending. In many cases, you can reduce transport costs by making arrangements before you travel. For savings you can bank on, shop around for the best available rates, and pre-book as much as you can before embarking.

Pre-arranging hotel transfer, car hire, taxi service, and even airport parking can help you reduce costs. And when you hire cars, purchase your own excess insurance cover ahead of time, saving substantial sums, compared to the cost of buying daily protection from the car company.

Advanced booking can also save you money on travel tours and excursions. If you’re familiar with your destination and have definite activities in mind for your trip, buying tickets ahead may be cheaper. And pre-arranging popular attractions ensures you don’t miss out.

Summer holiday is a bright spot at the end of the school year, bringing families and friends together for leisure activities. There’s too much at stake to allow excess costs and airline failures to interfere with your good times. Adopting frugal travel strategies can help keep holidays affordable, and when problems do arise, flight delay compensation protects your travel budget from airline shortfalls.

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