Travel Tips for Frugal Flyers

There’s nothing more deflating than enjoying a family holiday, only to return home to face your overspend. It is much better to plot a frugal course and enjoy the memory, as much as the actual trip. Not only will your finances recovery faster after time away from work and other obligations, but saving money on holiday travel might also make it easier for you to carve out cash for your next trip. That means an affordable, well-planned holiday may enable you to make more frequent getaways – without facing financial turmoil.

If you’re convinced you can do better, saving on holiday, start with one of the biggest pieces of your travel budget: airfare. Use the following tips to fly for less and protect your travel investment.

Timing Has a Profound Impact on Travel Costs

It may seem as though travel pricing is arbitrary, but a number of things actually influence the cost of airline tickets, room nights, and travel services. Among them, timing has a significant impact on what you’ll pay for travel. For instance, the month, date, day of the week and time of day you fly can all influence the price of a plane ticket. If you’re serious about saving money on your next holiday, timing your flight right can help keep more money in your pocket.

Travel sites give you a big advantage, seeking cheap flights. You can use these websites and other resources to compare the cost of flights side by side and book travel. They are particularly helpful for travelers with flexible schedules, able to construct their itineraries for maximum savings. Flying on weekdays, for example, rather than on weekends, opens-up affordable flight alternatives for air travelers. And when your destination or departure locations aren’t set in stone, it may be possible to drastically slash the cost of flying, just by switching airports. Using travel apps can also yield big savings for flexible travelers.

Seasonal variations also impact the cost of flying. As a rule, traveling to prime destinations during peak seasons will cost the most. If the cost of flights is an important factor, avoid departing to coveted destinations near the start of school summer holidays. Likewise during the Christmas holiday season and cold weather months, in general; expect to pay more for flights when flying from the UK to warm-weather destinations, during these peak periods.

For savings you can bank on, postpone your summer holiday until September, when flights are cheaper. And depart for your winter trip well after the first of the year, when prices begin to dip.

Creative Booking Can Help You Save Money

You don’t want to add unnecessary hurdles when planning a holiday, but a little flexibility can go a long way, saving you money on the cost of travel. Direct round-trip flights are often the fastest and least complicated ways to get where you are going, but there are other, less expensive, ways to fly.

An indirect flight plan may call for a change of planes or a stop in another city, but the price of indirect fares make these roundabout bookings attractive to cash conscious travelers. Depending upon your destination and the other pieces of your holiday itinerary it may also be possible to mix and match airlines, in order to get the best deals on flights.

Your May Have a Legitimate Claim for Compensation

After planning an affordable trip and following through with precision, travel delays are a big let-down. More than that, late flights and slowdowns can cause ripple effects, impacting your other travel arrangements. If you fall victim to a substantial delay, caused by your air carrier; you may be entitled to compensation.

According to Denied Boarding Regulations, travelers across Europe can file claims when their itinerary is interrupted by flight delays. Flight delay compensation doesn’t always apply, and Brexit will eventually change regulations. But there’s no reason for you to suffer losses at the hands of air travel providers. If you’ve experienced problems, use this popular resource to learn about flight delay compensation and file your claim.

A successful travel experience includes flights and services you can afford. When it’s time to take to the skies, advanced planning can help you land the best air travel deals. And if your travel schedule is interrupted by airline failures, it’s easy to protect your investment with a flight compensation claim.

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