What’s the Best Summer Holiday Value for Britons?

As the summer holiday season ramps up, countless travel and leisure entertainment options court British families. At the same time, many UK households are on a strict budget this year. With seasonal holidays beckoning, these cost-conscious families are not only looking for satisfying summer entertainment, but also trying to squeeze maximum holiday value from their budgets.

Should British families with limited resources travel abroad? Or does a staycation present a more cost-effective alternative to travel outside the UK? Eliminating the cost of air travel and accommodation would seem to be an obvious solution, when travel resources are limited, but a recent report points up the cost of family holidays in the UK. Is it possible staying home for a UK holiday might actually cost you more than going abroad? The answer may be “yes,” according to some recent indicators.

Expensive Family Holidays

A recent report examined the cost of family holidays and returned surprising results about the cost of holiday in the UK. According to the report, a family holiday in the UK may cost you considerably more than spending your summer break in the EU. Among the holiday options explored by the research, Center Parcs in the EU seem to present a much better value when compared to the price of similar UK Parcs, during the May half-term. In fact, the report indicated a UK family could easily spend £1,400 more for a week’s stay in the home country, than at an EU Center Parc complex.

When evaluated for stays accommodating two adults and two children, even the UK’s cheapest Center Parc option costs at least £1,000 more than staying at a similar property in the Netherlands and France. Although Center arcs in the UK and those abroad are operated by different companies, they are frequently compared to one another. In the most recent analysis shared by travel expert FairFX, it appears British holidaymakers pay a financial penalty for making summer holiday in the home country – even when the price of air travel is removed from the tally. UK Center Parc representatives point to reinvestment in facilities and the high demand for the unique experience as causes contributing to the higher prices.

Protect Your Travel Investment Abroad

Though UK families may pay a premium for some local holiday experiences, there are some bright spots for those enjoying leisure breaks close to home. Theme parks, for instance, are more affordable in Britain than they are in some other countries. Visiting zoos, on the other hand, can set you back nearly twice as much in the UK as you’ll pay in other countries.

Holidaymakers with their sights set on travel abroad have a little more spending power than last year at this time. A slight strengthening of the pound provides better value for European travelers this year, giving UK families a little more incentive to make savings on an EU vacation. If you do embark on a European holiday, your airfare investment is protected by “Denied Boarding Regulation.” The initiative holds air travel providers accountable for delays, cancellations, and schedule changes that cost you money while on holiday.

Travel disruptions can snowball into bigger problems than lost time. What if a flight cancellation interferes with a connecting flight, to your final destination? Who’s responsible for the charges if a flight delay slows your arrival, resulting in higher costs for accommodation? Are you expected to absorb the cost of meals, communications, and other travel expenses – even when the airline is to blame for the added costs? According to regulations, holidaymakers that experience these and other travel inconveniences may be eligible to claim flight delay compensation. Successful claimants impacted by travel problems may qualify for £540 per person, to offset the additional costs rising from airline errors.

UK families have many different options to choose from for summer holiday. In an effort to save money, some cost-conscious holidaymakers choose to stay in the homeland, rather than traveling abroad. According to recent findings, holiday pricing at some EU destinations is actually lower than you’ll find in the UK. If you’re looking for the best summer holiday values, be sure to compare the cost of travelling to various locations, before making costly commitments.

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