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Game Rules

Rules Of The Game

Our game is designed to be easy to understand and fun to play, though we still need some rules in place to ensure that it remains fair for everyone playing. We want the iPhone X to go to whoever is best at predicting football scores, not to whoever is best at breaking the rules. Please note that we do reserve the right to alter these rules at any time. Our decision will be final in the event of a dispute.

How The Game Is Scored

Every game will consist of a number of football fixtures which you will need to predict correctly. You must have your entries in before the first game starts, if you are late the game will be locked down and you won't be able to enter. You should predict the score based on 90 minutes plus injury time, any extra time or penalties will not be counted.

If any games are abandoned or cancelled we reserve the right to replace them. So if we feature 8 games and 2 don't play for any reason at all, and you predict the other 6 correctly we will give you 2 more to predict in the following week.


We will aim for 100% uptime but we cannot guarantee the game will be working 24/7. Please enter your scores in advance, in case hosting issues cause technical issues just before the games start. We take no responsibility for non-entries due to technical errors.

Who is Allowed To Play?

There are no regional restrictions on the game - anyone can play. If we can legally give you a prize you are eligible to win.

If you are under 18, please ask your parents permission before playing. Employees (and their families) of are excluded from playing and will not be eligible for any prizes.

The Main Prize

The star prize is an iPhone X. We reserve the right to substitute this for a suitable similar value replacement if required.

We will contact any winners within 3 days of a contest ending. You will then have 28 days to come forward and claim the prize. If you do not do so, the prize will be forfeited. Please ensure you receive emails from

In The Event of a Tie Break

If two or more entries have the same amount of correct results, we will choose the winner at random from these entries.

Use Valid Information For Your Account

Please make sure you use valid information when you create your account. We do not charge anyone to play, so its impractical for us to validate details when you sign up. We will validate information of the winner though, if you are then found to have signed up using fake details you will be disqualified and will not receive a prize. If you have already signed up with fake information please contact us to have this corrected.


The most important rule of the game is "1 account per person". We want everyone to have the same chance of winning. If you break this rule, you will be disqualified and any prizes won forfeited. You cannot make accounts for relatives or friends - if they want to play they need to create and manage their own account.

We will credit players with a bonus point if they have shared their game entry using the Facebook or Twitter share buttons. These shares need to be genuine, i.e. done through your 'real' social media accounts. You also need to leave the post live, you cannot share then delete it. If you win and have had the benefit of the 'get 1 wrong' via sharing we will verify that it was made and kept in place by your social media account. This may mean temporarily making your Facebook or Twitter account public so that we can check it was placed, and left live. Only main profiles are acceptable, please don't use a faked profile or one used solely for competition entries. If you don't already use Twitter or Facebook then please do not make an account solely to share this. We will consider an 'empty' or inactive profiles used to solely participate in competitions, as being fake. It is at our discretion as to what we deem acceptable. Feel free to contact us and ask if you are unsure. To qualify for the 'bonus point' your share needs to be in place BEFORE the first game starts. You can download the list of everyones entries and it will show you whether your share was recorded or not.


We will not sell or pass on your information. We will primarily use your email address to administer the game by sending updates out. We may occasionally send commercial offers alongside these updates. You can opt out of these emails at any time.


If there are any errors in adding scores, scoring games, fixtures being valid, etc then we reserve the right to take any action we feel necessary to correct that.


By entering the game you agree that we can use your details for publicity in the event that you win any prize. This could include name, location (town, not exact address), social media profiles photos, etc. This would be used on our own website, social media profiles, and both online/offline advertising. If you are under 16 this information would only be used with your parents permission.

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